To the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and girlfriends of Byron shire

If, like us, you are stunned that John Howard is taking us to war; if you are angry that George Bush is rallying our forces to attack another country?s citizens; to kill, maim and violently torture its men, women, children, little tiny babies, birds and animals; if you are feeling the anguish of this prospect, fearful of its consequences yet powerless over its inevitability, we urge you to join us in a protest action that will show this Government exactly how you feel.

In recent weeks, a group of American women ? mothers, school teachers, shop assistants, lawyers, couriers, actresses , hippies and housewives ? joined forces, took off their clothes and lay down in a paddock to spell out their protest. Their naked female bodies, arranged in letters that spelt out "NO WAR" made a powerful picture to present to their president and the world. We are planning a similar action in the Byron Shire next week and invite you, whoever you are, to join us.

As women, we generally do not understand the blinding need to kill and control. We do not endorse bullying. We are ashamed of the gladiator mentality of the men we have mistakenly put our trust in. Our overwhelming desire, if acknowledged, is to nurture, protect and love. Our responsibility is to say so.


1. Because it attracts attention. We need the male-dominated political parties of Australia to hear us. They are unlikely to listen unless we get their attention.

2. Because of its powerful symbolism. Stripped bare of any clothing or adornment that label and separate us, we become united as a single entity. We are simply female human beings who, in this moment in time, want one thing ? PEACE.

3. Because although it's difficult, it makes a powerful statement. For some free-spirited Nimbin babies, this might not mean a lot, but for most of us it is at best an uncomfortable idea and at worst, absolutely excruciating. Many of us have already signed petitions which have their value, but how useful does that really make us feel? Do you ask yourself ? "what more can I do?" "How much of a sacrifice am I willing to make?" If nakedness is uncomfortable and embarrassing for us, think how uncomfortable and embarrassing the pictures of Iraqi citizens or Australian soldiers blown to smithereens will be.


We urge you, we encourage you, join in, disrobe and show them we are willing to go to any lengths to have our feelings respected.

WHEN 8.30a.m. Saturday 8th February, 2003

WHERE Go to Federal Hall and follow the signs

WHAT TO BRING A sarong; sunscreen and a willing heart

A great big NO WAR  across a hill in Federal. We have a female photographer for the shoot. And the possibility of a hang glider to fly over and do some shots too.depending on the weather.

These will be forwarded to our Paparazzi peacenik Peter Carrette, who Loves the idea and will use his contacts to ensure our words get into the press.
We have started the ball rolling for a similar event to take place in the heart of Sydney business area by a covert group of stout hearted naked ladies.
Hopefully this idea will snowball across Australian communities and the world community.

As we said in the letter, this whole disrobing thing feels very uncomfortable for most of us - Im way up the list -  Thankfully mistress of the undress Mandy Nolan
has offered to help some of us wimps by her good heart and humour. :) God love Mandy Nolan.

Please turn up on the day , but if you cannot please please forward this message on to your female contacts to encourage them to attend. to encourage them to forward the letter onto more friends.

All my love for now, take care.  Grace Knight