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Dear Reader Dec 2004

Welcome to December’s edition of The Great Turning Times. If you’re new to this publication, let me explain what it is about. The starting point is an imaginary future four hundred years from now, in a time line where humans managed to develop a life sustaining society. Ecological catastrophe averted, social justice no longer just an ideal, humans managed to create a society that was beautiful and flourishing. How did this happen?

What we’re using here is the psychological tool of imaginary hindsight. You first identify the goal you want to reach (in this case a sustainable future). Then from that imagined point of success, you look back in time and notice how it was done. Research has shown that this technique can lead to more effective planning and decision making. So looking back from a sustainable future of 400 years in the future, how did it happen? The beginning of 21st century was a crucial turning point. Global warming had started to become obvious and people began to wake up to the way that they were destroying their world. Individuals, groups and organisations increasingly focused their attention on taking the steps necessary to allow the flourishing of life to continue. This was The Great Turning, and if you’re reading this, it is likely that you were/are part of it.

There are three dimensions to this shift. First is the saying No to the old destructive ways. This is where activism, protest and campaigns are necessary. Second is investment/involvement in positive alternatives, both in individual lifestyle and collective organisation. Third is the deep level shift in values, ways of looking at things, psychology and spirituality. This newsletter is about initiatives, events and resources that promote this Great Turning. Focused mainly on what’s happening in the UK, it can be thought of as a running commentary on the changes (positive and negative) as they occur and also advance notice of events you might be interested in.

Best wishes

Chris Johnstone
The Great Turning Times.

If you like this email newsletter, please do pass it on. If it has been forwarded to you and you’d like it regularly, email me with SUBSCRIBE in the subject header. If you want to stop receiving it, please email me with “REMOVE” as a subject header.

It comes out four times a year, with editions in September, December, March and June. Copy date for entries is last day of month before next edition. Please let me know of events, news, resources etc that you would like included. Please also keep entries short, ideally about 100-200 words.
(1.) It was Joanna Macy who coined the phrase ‘The Great Turning’ to describe the story of change required in our times. An article by her about this is viewable at
There is more material on her website at http://www.joannamacy.net
Here’s the latest news about her visit to the UK in May 2005

Sat May 7th, 6pm – there will be a public talk at the University of Bath
Please see details at http://www.bath.ac.uk/carpp/shortcourse/JoannaMacy.htm
This website also gives details of a 3 day workshop May 4th – 6th at Hawkwood College in Stroud.
This has been set up by and for the Centre for Action Research, but they will take some outside applicants. Contact Patricia Gaya for details: pnppcg@bath.ac.uk .

May 15th – 22nd – seven day intensive workshop at Monkton Wyld Court in Dorset.
Cost £450 (concs. £350) Full board, or limited number of camping places at £395 (concs £295).
Contact Alex Wildwood for booking information. Email alex@wildwood.org.uk or phone 01453-836566

All of the workshops are likely to be oversubscribed, so do make contact soon if you’re interested.
We’ve already had many more enquiries about the Monkton Wyld workshop than we have places. We will be setting up a waiting list for this, and if the interest is strong, we will invite Joanna back for another year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(2) If you’d like some good news, the extract below is from the web site at http://www.projectflamingo.com/


An ecologist studying flamingos on Kenya ’s Lake Nakuru has noticed an interesting phenomenon. Every year, when the time comes for migration, a few flamingos start the process by taking off from the lake. Since none of the others take any notice, they soon turn round and come back.

The next day they try again. This time a few others straggle along with them but, again, the vast majority just carry on with business as usual, so the pioneers return to the lake. This trend continues for a few days. Each time a few more birds join in but, since the thousands of others still take no notice, the migration plan is aborted.

Finally, one day, the same few birds take off again. This time however, the tiny increment to their number - maybe just one extra flamingo - is enough to tip the balance. The whole flock takes flight. The migration begins.

If we apply this concept to our current predicament, it gives rise to an immediate sense of empowerment. Rather than dismissing a small action - ‘what difference will it make?’ - or the role of the individual - ‘what can I do about it?’ - we see that change is actually always propelled by the individual, or that a small action can be an instrumental part of the significant changes that arise through complex processes.

Seen from that perspective, we are the ones with the power - the power to cast ripples into the pond and become active nodes within a global network; the power to make positive change into a contagious impulse; the power to help build the sort of world we want for our children.

The Web of Hope launches Project Flamingo

During this seven year campaign, we will be offering an evolving series of guidelines, or ‘toolkits’, which outline seven steps you can take to integrate these Hopes within your family, business or community life.

As Buckminster Fuller once said: ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.’

The Web of Hope Resource is about making that new model visible.

Project Flamingo is about how we lift that new model into the mainstream.

The Web of Hope is a UK based environmental charity which has just launched its new website and a campaign for individual action: Project Flamingo. the website has recently doubled in size making it the online resource for positive change solutions. believing the time is right for a fresh positive environmentalism The Web of Hope focuses on the amazing solutions that already exist and encourages engagement form as wide a range of people as possible. , The Web of Hope highlights initiatives, projects, mechanisms and technologies which can help us make the shift to just and sustainable societies. Through this website, a series of publications and various educational road-shows, The Web of Hope provides a dynamic and ever-expanding platform for positive action.

By adapting or replicating these ‘blueprints for another world’ within our own lives - be it at a family, community, business or governance level - we can collectively become the change we want to see. So please check out the site, get involved, spread the word and help the Web to grow!
Matt Mellen Researcher
07811 205 510 The Web of Hope
UK charity no.1101462
matt@thewebofhope.com www.thewebofhope.com
(3) A Celebratory Evening with Rt. Hon. Prof. Wangari Maathai in London
Africa’s First Woman Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

What We are Doing to the Earth, We are Doing to Ourselves

Thursday 16th December, St Mary’s Church, Marylebone (nearest tubes Marylebone and Baker Street)
£10 suggested donation on the door
6:30pm Welcome drinks, music & exhibitions
7:00pm Prof. Wangari Maathai
8:00pm Questions & discussion
8:30pm Book signing, refreshments, music and dancing
(4) Another source of inspiration is available at www.big-picture.tv

Big Picture TV (www.big-picture.tv) is an online TV channel that broadcasts video on demand (VOD) over the web. We stream short clips of interviews with some of the world’s renowned pioneers in Sustainable Development and from the environmental, social justice and peace movements. The site aims to fill the information gap where mainstream media all too often fails consumers of news. It also hopes to inspire people with positive solution-oriented content – again moving away from the negative bias prevalent in so much of today’s mainstream press. By offering global leaders in these inter-related fields a fully independent web-based media platform where they can express their concerns and ideas unhindered we aim to help make the bigger picture a clearer one for the world’s online community.

Since it began in March 2004, we have produced over 65 short clips, each ranging from 4-8 minutes in length. The thrust of the material illustrates that not only is another world possible, it is already on its way. An example might be that many of the technologies needed to reduce dependence on fossil fuels are already in the market place. The organic food sector has experienced sustained growth for well over a decade now, during which time more and more people everywhere have awoken to the looming problems posed by agri-business practices such as monoculture, seed patenting and GM. The peace march on February 15th 2003 saw the largest gathering of people in the name of peace ever, and that was before the war in Iraq had even started. These trends belie a fundamental shift in consciousness – one that Big Picture intends to help catalyze further.

Big Picture TV streams short talking heads of global leaders in sustainable development and from the environment and social justice movements. Examples of the diverse issues addressed include the benefits of organic food, techniques for resolving conflict and the future of oil. Robert Thurman, for example, Professor of Indo-Tibetan studies at Columbia University (and father of actress Uma Thurman) talks about ethics. Ela Gandhi (granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi) speaks about the need for diversity in the world and Neale Donald Walsch addresses the concept of religion and ecology. Other speakers include Jane Goodall (Primatologist), Michael Meacher MP (former Environment Minister, UK), Robert Muller (former Under-Secretary General at the United Nations) and Ervin Laszlo (Systems Theorist and President of the Club of Budapest). Watch these and other visionary leaders discuss cutting-edge ideas relating to sustainability. How are we to live? What might a more sustainable future look like? What difference can one person make? These questions, among many others, are examined by academics, politicians, philosophers, religious leaders, businessmen, activists, scientists and journalists. All clips are free. They do not require downloading and you do not need a broadband connection to watch them (although picture quality is enhanced should you have one). Transcripts are also available.
(5) From The New Economics Foundation

"nef (the new economics foundation) has developed a unique way for small groups to grapple with public policy issues. Its a conversation game called Democs. No speakers, no experts are needed - it's all on the cards and in the kit. It works best for 6 people over 2 hours, but it's flexible. It can be done with or without a facilitator, although it works better with one. It can be used in public meetings or around the kitchen table. It gives people facts and issues to play with, but leaves them to make up their own mind.

We have developed two versions on climate change. One is currently being used by the Herefordshire Partnership as an aid to developing a climate change strategy for the county. The other is a national version that pays more attention to the systemic, spiritual and evolutionary dimensions of climate change. This version is a prototype that we are testing. We are encouraged that people are often picking out the evolutionary/spiritual cards as important to them in discussing climate change. But they could be improved. We would be particularly keen to get feedback from trials with people involved with deep ecology at this stage. Expressing an idea from evolutionary dynamics in 30 words is tough and you may have valuable insight to contribute. If there are 5 - 8 of you we can supply a kit or a kit plus facilitator. If there are fewer we may be able to llink you to others we know of. Contact Perry Walker if you are interested: Perry.Walker@newconomics.org or 01531 637223. "

See www.neweconomics.org <http://www.neweconomics.org> for further details.
(6) Low impact living courses - Course Title: Low-impact living
Date: 21-23 January 2005
Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire
Cost: £180 high-waged, £150 waged, and £120 unwages/student
Discounts for 'Friends of LILI'. All meals and accommodation included

Course outline:
This course is a general introduction to low-impact living. Find out if you are ready to provide your own housing from natural materials, renewable energy, carbon-neutral road fuel, organic food, solar hot water, and to deal with your own waste to provide useful compost. Basic information from all our courses will be introduced, as well as discussions on how we can live more cheaply, happily and in harmony with nature.

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is dedicated to helping protect the global environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life. Contact us to find out more about our courses, manuals, information sheets, products and presentations.
LILI, Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3LZ
(01296) 714184 web: www.lowimpact.org <http://www.lowimpact.org>
(7) Reconnections workshops
Reconnections workshops extend the family systems work of Bert Hellinger to ecology. Participants are invited to describe briefly their burning issues, some of which will be constellated. Members of the group are chosen to represent aspects of the system. Constellations enable us to open the doors of our perceptions and listen to the natural world, allowing reconnection to take place and releasing us from left brain debate.
January 9th Hawkwood College Stroud; January 16th Central London; February 5th PCSR conference Midlands; February 19th Bristol. For further information contact Zita Cox Email zita@dsl.pipex.com
(8) Eco-psychology newsletters
I’ve recently discovered two email newsletters on this topic that are well worth subscribing to. Here’s the first, which comes out monthly.


“Healing our relationship with nature” …“Ecopsychology in Action!” … “Psychotherapy as if the Whole Earth Mattered” …

© Oct 2004

Editor: Linda Buzzell-Saltzman, M.A., M.F.T.

Founder, The International Association for Ecotherapy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California
To subscribe, email linda at lbuzzell@aol.com
(9) Here’s the second, which comes out weekly - MoonLetter: Exploring ecopsychology

Many people have come to the conclusion that many of society’s ills stem from our disconnection with Nature. The very idea that we are separate from Nature (e.g. ‘going back to Nature’, ‘enjoying Nature’) reflects our misunderstanding about Nature. We are Nature, too: not just the animals and the trees and the oceans. We are Nature, and yet we barely understand what that means, the interconnection between cycles of the Earth and the Moon, the cycles within us.

Before artificial light, before mechanical clocks, our time was measured by the Sun and the Moon. And the stars. Scientists were also astrologists. Much of what we’ve learned today about astronomy is thanks to the careful observations of astrologists in the past. Now that we no longer ‘believe’ in astrology, is this progress? Not entirely. Our bodies are tricked into thinking days are longer than they really are – that they need less sleep than they really do.

All of these feelings of dis-ease: mental, physical, spiritual – what can we do to listen to our bodies, explore their rhythms and re-connect to the cycles of Nature on a bigger scale?

MoonLetter is a free weekly letter to you that explores the wider field of ‘ecopsychology’, how by understanding these interconnections and how we are part of Nature, we can take the pain and grief we feel for the state of the world and turn it into energy for change, activist energy. MoonLetters include a brief discussion on an ecopsychology topic, and tips for re-connecting/uncovering-our-connection to Nature. They are e-mailed on each of the quarter phases of the Moon.

I invite you to explore my site at http://www.mymoonster.com and to see a recent MoonLetter at http://www.mymoonster.com/moonletter/NEW.html .
You can also see the last edition of The Great Turning Times at http://www.mymoonster.com/moonletter/great_turning.html
(10) Deep Ecology online course from Naropa Institute – here’s details.
Deep Ecology in Context is an online course running from 10 January through 4 May, 2005. The "context" of this course is paradigm change. That is, the transformation of the Western worldview to an expanded and deepened perspective that encompasses the interdependence of human psychology, economics and social change within Nature and the environmental crises we now face. Subjects covered include indigenous views, ecological literacy, living systems thinking, ecofeminism, ecopsychology, ecospirituality, neo-luddism, bioregionalism, voluntary simplicity, and activism. The course description and information on registering can be found at <http://www.naropa.edu/distance/courses/ENV520e.htm>
(11) Co-operative Intelligence on the web!
The attachment on Sustainability sent with this newsletter came from the team at the co-operative intelligence website. Check it out at www.cooperativeintelligence.org
(12) Gaia Theory For Beginners – a one day course with Chris Johnstone
Sat 26th February 2005 9.30am - 4.30pm Cost £22 (concs available)
at Bristol University Public Programmes Office, 8-10 Berkeley Sq, Bristol BS8

Gaia Theory proposes that the Earth is more than just a dead lump of rock that we happen to live on. Rather it can be viewed as a single living system, or ‘super-organism’, that we are part of. This course introduces the science behind Gaia Theory but also explores what it might mean for us in the fields of psychology, ecology and spirituality.

To book, please phone Public Programmes Office on 928 7153 or 928 7165
or email Sandra Powell at sandra.powell@bris.ac.uk
(13) If you’d like to find out more about Gaia Theory, check out the websites at
(14) Ecopsychology conference – Making the Sea Change (see attachment)
Keynote speaker – Mary-jayne Rust.

Saturday February 5th 2005

Leamington Spa Town Hall
Leamington Spa
Registration and Coffee 9.30
Conference 10-4.30
Contact Details Vanessa Anderson Tel 01926 313058 Email vanessa@andersons-uk.fsbusiness.co.uk Address: Mill View, Golf Lane, Whitnash, Leamington Spa, CV31 2PY
(15) For more on ecopsychology, check out the website at www.ecopsychology.org
(16) Other courses with Chris Johnstone (for info email: dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk)
Positive Psychology Sat 12th February 10am - 4pm Cost £20
at Bristol University Public Programmes Office, 8-10 Berkeley Sq, Bristol BS8

Are you interested in how to promote increased happiness, good relationships and positive qualities in yourself and others? This is the the focus of the emerging movement within Psychology known as Positive Psychology. This day school will introduce key ideas and research findings of this approach, while also inviting participants to try out strategies designed to cultivate joyful living.

To book, please phone Public Programmes Office on 928 7153 or 928 7165
or email Sandra Powell at sandra.powell@bris.ac.uk
The Psychology of Personal Power Friday 11th - Sunday 13th March
Residential weekend course at Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DT
Cost (inc. full board) £162 - £198 (depending on poshness of room!)

This weekend course offers tools and practices to develop inner strength, clarity of focus, deepened determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. We will draw on a range of psychological approaches to clarifying vision and improving effectiveness.

To book, please phone Dillington House 01460 258613
Further information on their website at www.dillington.co.uk
The Psychology of Personal Power Saturdays 4th and 18th June Cost £45

Non-residential course over two linked dayschools. Details as above.
at Bristol University Public Programmes Office, 8-10 Berkeley Sq, Bristol BS8
To book, please phone Public Programmes Office on 928 7153 or 928 7165
or email Sandra Powell at sandra.powell@bris.ac.uk
The Work that Reconnects September 9th – 11th 2005
With Kathleen Sullivan and Chris Johnstone
Residential weekend workshop at Monkton Wyld Court, Dorset
Offering deep ecology/despair and empowerment processes
To deepen our power to respond to global issues.
For details, email Chris on dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk
The Work That Reconnects September 17th – 24th
“Finding our power to respond to planetary crisis whilst living a life of joy”
Week long residential workshop at Cortijo Romero in Spain
With Kathleen Sullivan and Chris Johnstone
Combining personal renewal with empowerment for positive change.
For details, see website at www.cortijo-romero.co.uk
Kathleen and Chris are both long time students of Joanna Macy and have been facilitating this work for over a decade.
(17) Going Carbon Neutral
If you’re concerned about the carbon emissions of travelling abroad, you can work out how much CO2 is produced by using the calculator on the website at http://www.futureforests.com
A whole new approach to economics is emerging out of counting the carbon cost as well as the money one when making decisions about what we do. FutureForests suggest tree planting as a way of offsetting emissions, and tell how you much this will cost for each journey taken.
For another approach, see the website at worldlandtrust.org They offer you the opportunity to offset emissions by buying rainforest as a way of protecting it. £25 buys you an acre, which can absorb 500kg of carbon dioxide in a year – about as much as emitted from a return flight between Bristol to Malaga.
(18) for other measures on reducing carbon emissions, see the FOE website at
For campaign information, see the Rising Tide site at http://www.risingtide.org.uk
(19) Regenco & the Earth Mystery Initiation School programme 2005:

The Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self-healing:
A powerful way of reconnecting to Life, clarifying purpose and honouring transitions. The form of Quest we offer is a supported solo 3-4days in a wild land setting often fasting, with careful preparation and integration time before and after.
In 2005 Quests will be offered in May, July and September.

In May there will also begin the first part of a month long experiential training in this work, rites of passage and associated practices for those already with some experience of this and/or associated work.

For further information and comprehensive handbook for those interested in participating, contact Jeremy Thres (details at end).
WalkAbout - in beautiful locations in Devon.

Initiatory style journeys primarily (though not exclusively) for young adults.

Walks in beautiful locations varying in length from two to ten days, offering a practical introduction and/or deepening into tools supporting healthy enquiry into ourselves, change and our relationship with the world around us. Tools offered range from Council (a form which supports healthy group communication), low impact camping skills and bushcraft, navigation tools for inner and outer worlds, to initiatory style exercises and story, supporting us to learn from the Land we are walking.

Dates for 2005 + likely locations: April 2005 three days (Dartmoor), May (Coast) 3 days, July, 6 days Dartmoor, August, September 10 days (Moor to Sea).
Willow & Working Wood Project at Epona
1st weekend of each month starting December and running through the coming year (January will be second weekend). Opportunity to participate in practical project creating a willow/withy bed, poetry walk, plant up a ride and share soup and hearty work in a beautiful location (Epona near Chagford Devon). Phone for details prior to each weekend. 01647 432840/281217
Re-Sourcing - Support for the well being of Health Care Professionals.
Those in the frontline of working with people or the environment whether as educators, activists, youth, social, hospice or hospital workers. Working primarily with the regenerative powers of Listening and Nature, offering time honoured and fresh tools and structures to support people individually and collectively in their healing and to feel more Re-Sourced for their Life and work.
Vipassana & Earth Medicine
April 4th -7th following on from the success of last years retreat, these 3 experiential days will engage with the Common Ground of these two teachings. Gidleigh Village Hall (max numbers 10)
Occasionally we offer placements for self-reliant volunteers.
For all of the above contact Regenco & the Earth Mystery Initiation School (EMIS)’s Coordinator: Jeremy Thres 01647 432840 Langaford/Epona, North Bovey, Devon TQ13 8RH ojl1@onetel.com
(20) Nick St Clair has let me know about his web site at www.ecotort.gn.apc.org
(21) Handy tip from Go Mad 2 (Go Make A Difference), the updated handy book full of 500 daily ways to save the planet
- if you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, don’t just throw it away. In the UK we use 15 million bottles a day, of which only 3% are recycled. Recycling just one plastic bottle can save enough energy to light a 60 watt light bulb for 6 hours. For info on plastic recycling, phone 0800 435 576
(22) Tired of junk mail and want to save trees?
You can remove yourself from junk mailing lists by contacting the mailing preference service
At www.mpsonline.org.uk or phone 0845 7034599

If you want to stop junk phone calls (ie uninvited commercial calls) you can remove your number from the list they use by contact the telephone preference service at www.tps.online.org.uk
Or phone 0845 0700707. It takes about a month to work, and a few still get through after this, but not nearly so many.
(24) Strategic campaigning course – Jan 17th-18th 2005, Edinburgh
-see the ‘short flyer.doc’ sent as an attachment.
For info strategiccampaigning@creatingconnections.org or telephone: 0845 458 3211
(25) If you want another good reason to get involved in campaigning, here’s one

US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution

Pollution has been linked to about 200 different diseases, ranging from cerebral palsy to testicular atrophy, as well as more than 37 kinds of cancer, startling US research shows.
Source: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/environment/story.jsp?story=582743
(26) Information about Joanna Macy’s Oxford talk and workshop
Here’s a note from Andy Taylor, who is co-ordinating this.

“Essentially this is the plan:

1. A planning meeting at 43 St Giles, Oxford on Weds Dec 22nd, 6pm.

2. A talk by Joanna at a large venue in central Oxford on Monday May 9th
(probably 6-8pm but we'd like to hear if that is a good time for people
coming via London).
The talk is likely to highlight climate change but should be of interest to all.
(The provisional title is "Facing Climate Change and Other Great Adventures".)

3. A 2 day despair/empowerment workshop May 10th-11th.
(probably 9.30am Tuesday - 5pm Wednesday but I'd like to hear if these are
good times for people coming from outside Oxford)
I would be especially glad to have people participating in this workshop to whom
the following applies:

- are activists (Joanna hasn't defined activist!)
- are working on climate change

- keen to support others to share the Work That Reconnects,
or organise a despair/empowerment group

This workshop may get booked up by March, and booking should open in February.
I want to find away to ensure that those who can make the most of this opportunity
can get to the training, and would be particularly interested to hear
if people have ideas about this. At the moment the only thing that is sure is that
Joanna wants "activists". Also, she would like to get straight into the work and not
spend anytime on convincing people about the value of groupwork or
The Work That Reconnects, so bookings will be open only to people who are clear
about what attending the workshop will bring to them. Initially we will ask people to read
the first 5 chapters of "Coming Back to Life" before booking, and it can take a while to
get a copy from local bookshops so it may be worth trying the internet.

(You can register interest by emailing reconnect@andy-taylor.org, but keep
an eye out for full details in this newsletter, as registering interest does not
give priority.)

Cost will probably be on a contribution basis, although I imagine it should be possible for
most peope to raise at least £50-100 through Quaker meetings, gigs etc. (Joanna is asking
for costs only and wants contributions to support the work.)


Andy Ray Taylor
(27) Deepening Inner Resources - The Art of Living Part 1 Course
Earlier in the year I mentioned a course I’d been on in yoga based breathing techniques, that was also linked to a philosophy of compassionate action and positive psychology. There will be another introductory course in Bristol in January 2005. Recommended!

(28) The Gaia Coach Institute
“Starting from the belief that deep change comes from deeply vibrant people, we offer courses on personal renewal and effectiveness on a farm in the beautiful Black Mountains of Wales. For info
contact Stephen at Stephen@gaiacoach.co.uk or see web site at www.gaiacoach.co.uk
(29) Request - Seeking practitioners for research and network building

WANTED for quick email survey; people who work supporting people to do any of the following: eco-therapy, deep ecology, rites of passage, ceremony, outdoor adventure & discovery, wilderness skills, vision quests, environmental education, or any kind of personal development activity relating with the environment.

Mel McCree is currently conducting PhD action research into outdoor ‘coming of age’ music & ceremony projects with young people becoming adults.

“ I am constructing a national database of current work in the UK & beyond, as important emerging practices with positive societal & ecological implications. For example, reducing anti-social behaviour in young people, increasing ecological awareness & skills, increasing music making, promoting earth based spirituality, community building.

I hope that a network of practitioners could grow from this. It could be especially useful for skill-sharing and promoting our work. I’m keen to find out from others who may be doing similar research too, so we can help each other”.

Please contact her if you are interested in doing the survey or want to find out more.
melskidoo@bigfoot.com or +44 7970 748042
(30) That’s it for this time! I’m delighted that there is so much here to tell you about. However, what this means is that I’m limited for space, so please if you have something to send me for next edition (copydate end of Feb for early march release), please keep entries short (ideally 100-200 words).
With you in this Great Turning Adventure - Chrisxxx (email dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk)