Ruth's Basics of Breathing with Trees.

* review cycle of breath with trees in scientific terms (oxygen and co2 exchange). could put this in Climate Change context
* everybody turn to something green. blade of grass, single branch of tree, whole tree or bush, forest itself.
* focus on breath while you breathe. you may bring your consciousness to the in-oxygen out-carbon dioxide exchange cycle or you may just put that in the back of your awareness while you stay present with this green photosynthesizing being.
* do this for 5-7 minutes
* return to circle. share any epiphanies or insights (if little time can first do a sharing in pairs and then a few in circle otherwise can be quite an interesting sharing that follows).

PLUS: I often ask people to first join with a partner and identify a question they are looking for insight or wisdom into. something they need support on or anything that comes to mind. Then when they turn to the tree or whatever they've selected, they can float this question and see if any insight comes to them. Results can be amazing!

During the 'meditation' participants shouldn't worry about whether they are doing it 'right', however it works out for them is fine. just spend the time with the tree. don't worry about thoughts that might come and go. just stay as present as you can with the tree.

You can also discuss our diminished sense of connection and relationship with nature. We have much more developed relationships with other human beings, with technology, with consumerism, addiction and so on. When it comes to spending time with nature and learning about nature, we may find ourselves shutting down, fleeing mentally etc. This exercise is an opportunity to begin to learn a bit more about this and to give a little time to this vital and fundamental relationship which underlies all others.