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Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2003
Subject: Deep Ecology News March 2003


Dear Deep Ecology People,                           March 2003

Here's your new edition of the UK Experiential Deep Ecology Network email
newsletter. If you're new to this email, then point one includes information
about what it is. Please do pass it on to anyone else you think might be
interested in it. If you don't want to receive it anymore, just send me an
email with REMOVE in the subject header. If you've been forwarded this email
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With you in this great Gaian adventure!

Chris Johnstone
For the UK Experiential Deep Ecology Network.

(1.) About this email newsletter.
I'm aiming for this to come out every three months, with the aim of keeping
people in touch with what's happening with Deep Ecology workshops in the UK.
I also like to add in some information resources relevant to the cultural
shift towards sustainability. This is a short newsy email circular, with the
idea being that if it is easy for me to produce then it is more likely to
happen regularly and on time.

If you are running any Deep Ecology workshops or related events in the UK
that you'd like people to know about, please send me an email with the
details. I aim for this newsletter to come out in early March, June,
September and December, with the copy date being the first day of those

If you're wondering quite what Deep Ecology workshops are, I've a brief
article called "What is Deep Ecology?" that is viewable at the Green Fuse
web site at:
I can also send you this as an email text file.
2) Northern Ecospychology Group
Have been meeting in between Yorkshire and the Midlands every other
month on a Sunday since December 2002 . They share feelings, ideas, skills
and are planning to go for walks. They are a mixed bunch from young to not
so young, activists, therapists, students and teachers ( about 18 people on
the list).
Their next meeting (3rd) will be in Leeds at the Meanwood City Farm. If you
are interested to join them, please contact Helene Fletcher on tel: 0113 216
85 79 or e-mail:
3) Rainbow World Intensive facilitator training, May 5-8 (4 full days).
Leader-Teacher-Eldership-Inner-Outerwork for groups and organisations.
Amy and Arny Mindell in London, Cecil Sharp House. Cost: £275/£269.
contact David Clark or  Stanya Studentova 020 8297
Extract from the program: "We will include some or all of the following
-Sustainability Theory, in principle and practice.
-Elementary and advanced multi-level awareness work.
-What the Universe wants from you.
-Shamanism and Oracles in group work.
-Access to your immortal powers.
-Your inner leadership,elder,allies and immortal self."
To find out more about worldwork and process Orientated Psychology (POP)  : and
4) Fertile Ground: Processwork as Ecospychology, May 24-25.
Mark O'connell in Devon. Cost: £135/£115 ( if booked before 24th April).
Contact: Mo Ostler 01823 4000241,
Extract from the program:"Spring is a time of intense growth, abundance and
fertility in nature.We would like to use this time to deepen our experience
of and our relationship with nature as "fertile ground" to learning more
about ourselves........but we learn also to live as part of an ecosystem
rather than separate from it, and this can help us in our efforts to live
more lightly on the planet. This seminar is for anyone who wishes to
explore Process Work as an" Ecospychology".
To find out more about POP:
(5) The Wild at Heart Conference will take place at Glenmore Lodge,
Scotland's National Outdoor Training Centre, on May the 3rd and 4th
2003. The conference is sponsored by The Great Outdoors Magazine and
Footprint Education.

This year they are planning one, or possibly two, keynote speakers and
ten workshop presenters, as well as indoor and outdoor concurrent
workshops. There will be live music on the Saturday night and hopefully
an exhibition of artwork

It will be an unrivaled opportunity to bring together some of Britain's
most passionate advocates of the importance of wilderness and to widen
the contemporary perception of wild places as 'stage sets' for
recreation, to include their fundamental effect on our psychology,
philosophy and culture.
Easter Laggan
Dulnain Bridge
PH26 3NU
Ph: 01479 851239  |
(6) A number of people have expressed interest in going to Spain to the
training with Joanna Macy and Kathleen Sullivan at El Bosque, Mataelpino,
Spain, March 31 - April 6, 2003.
Contact El Bosque Center,
Joanna Macy's website is at
This is a great resource for information about Deep Ecology workshops from
one of the people who developed them.
(7) Gaia Cooperative - The Schumacher Lectures
Soil Soul Society & Health,
April 12th 2 ­ 6pm The Courtyard, Edgar St, Hereford
Speakers include Helena Norberg-Hodge, Satish Kumar and Dr Sarah Myhill
Doors open at 1.30pm ­ local organic lunch available from 12.00 & dinner
from 6pm in the Courtyard Restaurant
Sunday April 13th Workshop with Helena Norberg-Hodge
Booking Information
Sat 12 April - Hereford Schumacher Lectures
Tickets from the Courtyard Box Office tel: 01432 359252
Adults £9, concessions £4.50. Children £4, child concessions £2
N.B. Places for childrens¹ workshops are limited, please book early and
specify age: (5-7), (8-10), (11-13)
(8) Gaia Cooperative¹s eco-literacy programme
Residential Weekends in Golden Valley, Herefordshire

Workshop with Helena Norberg-Hodge
Sun 13th April Soil, Soul, Society & Health
Residential £60, camping £45, day £35

16-18th May Organic Gardening & Herbs
4-6th July Meditation, Health & Wellbeing
11-13th July Web of Life

Full weekends: Residential £120, camping, £90, non-resid £75
Weekend bookings: email:
Nurse¹s Cottage, Long Lane, Peterchurch, Herefordshire HR2 0TE <>
(9.) Chris Bowles running workshops in Bristol
Self Nurturing Day for Women at
The Pierian Centre, Portland Square, Bristol
on Saturday 8th March 2003
Also Seasonal Celebrations on 10th May.
Phone: 0117 9245248/07967 628745
(10> WildWise events brochure for 2003 - see attachment with this email.
WildWise offers lots of ways to tempt you into nature. There
is a range of one-day events as well as longer courses for adults and
children, with some of the country's best tutors.

For example: bushcraft, overnight wildlife camps, vision quest, canoe
adventures, storytelling, educational conference, earth education, survival
skills for kids.

If you would like a copy of their printed brochure, please email them and
they will post one to you.
Contact Chris Salisbury
WildWise Events Ltd
Devon TQ9 6EB
Tel: 01803 868269
Mobile 0781 349 2825
(11) Anti war actions - 1
There is a grassroots campaign underway to stand for peace with Iraq in a
simple, but potentially powerful way:
Place 1/2 cup uncooked rice in a small plastic bag (a snack-size bag or
sandwich bag works fine).Squeeze out
excess air and seal the bag. Wrap it in a piece of paper on which you have
written: "If your enemies are hungry, feed
them. Romans 12:20. Please send this rice to the people of Iraq; do not
attack them."

Place the paper and bag of rice in a small jiffy bag, close well with tape
and address to: PM Tony Blair -10 Downing
Street, London SW 1 Attach 57p in postage. (Three second class stamps will
send 150 grammes by first class mail.)
Add your own name and address to the package and request a reply. This will
show the PM that the sender is a real
person, and should embarrass him (or his office) to be courteous enough to
write a reply. Drop this in the mail
TODAY. It is important to act NOW so that PM Tony Blair gets the letters
ASAP Each one of these packets is
effective, and hundreds of thousands of such rice deliveries to 10 Downing
Street will make hopefully make an
enormous stand. We can do this if you each forward this message to your
friends and family.

There is a positive history of this protest! In the 1950s, Fellowship of
Reconciliation began a similar protest,
which is credited with influencing President Eisenhower against attacking
China. Read on: "In the mid-1950s, the
pacifist Fellowship of Reconciliation, learning of famine in the Chinese
mainland, launched a 'Feed Thine Enemy'
campaign. Members and friends mailed thousands of little bags of rice to the
White House with a tag quoting the
Bible, "If thine enemy hunger, feed him." As far as anyone knew for more
than ten years, the campaign was an abject
failure. The President did not acknowledge receipt of the bags publicly;
certainly, no rice was ever sent to China.
"What nonviolent activists only learned a decade later was that the campaign
played a significant, perhaps even
determining role in preventing nuclear war. Twice while the campaign was
pending, President Eisenhower met with
the Joint Chiefs of Staff to consider U.S. options in the conflict with
China over two islands, Quemoy and Matsu. The
generals twice recommended the use of nuclear weapons. President Eisenhower
each time turned to his aide and
asked how many little bags of rice had come in. When told they numbered in
the tens of thousands, Eisenhower told
the generals that as long as so many Americans were expressing active
interest in having the U.S. feed the Chinese,
he certainly wasn't going to consider using nuclear weapons against them."

>From: People Power: Applying Nonviolence Theory by David H. Albert, New

(12) Anti war actions 2
On Sat 22nd March: FOIL THE BASE!
*** A day of peaceful creative direct action, music, speakers and a tour at
US military base Menwith Hill, Yorkshire ***
For direct action training, for speakers on Star Wars and Menwith Hill, or
to be a transport organiser for your area contact Neighbourhoods Opposing
War (NOW) at
For more info see <>
(13) Anti war actions 3
Time: 12:00noon - 5:00pm
Assemble: 12:00noon on the junction of High St/Park St.
Procession: To main gate of USAF Fairford for Weapons Inspection.
USAF Fairford (in Gloucestershire) can now house the U.S B2 Stealth
bombers. In tests the B2 has released B61 & B83 mini-nuclear weapons.
The B61 is for use against deeply buried targets (like Iraqi
bunkers). The B83 is a strategic free-fall nuclear bomb. These are
the first of a new generation of `more usable' nuclear bombs. The U.S
wishes to use British soil to house these weapons of mass
destruction, placing the UK in the frontline of the US war for oil.
Local protest in Spain deterred the deployment of B2's there.
(14) Stop the war national contact
(15) Short courses at Bristol University with Chris Johnstone
Sat May 10th 9.30am - 4.30pm
Gaia Theory for Beginners
Introducing one of the key ideas of Deep Ecology and Eco-psychology
This course introduces the science behind
Gaia Theory and explores its implications for
psychology, philosophy, ecology and spirituality.
To book, phone Bristol University
Public Programmes Office, Tel 0117 9287165
Cost £20 (concs £14) Advance booking essential.


Sats June 7th and 21st, 9.30am - 4.30pm
The Psychology of Personal Power
with Chris Johnstone
A two course to increase inner strength,
clarity of focus and the ability to overcome obstacles.
To book, phone Bristol University
Public Programmes Office, Tel 0117 9287165
Cost £40 (concs £30) Advance booking essential.


Friday Sept 5th 8pm - Sunday 7th 4pm.
The Psychology of Personal Power
- a training in creating the life you want and in increasing your ability
To move forward in projects that are important to you.
Residential workshop,
beautiful coastal location,
with Pat Fleming (co-author of Thinking like a Mountain)
and Chris Johnstone (author of The Lens of Deep Ecology)
At CAER, nr Penzance, Cornwall
Cost £190/170 concs, £170/£150 if paid by Aug 1st.
Pat 01364 631233, email
This editions quote comes out of a book by Fran Peavey, ³Heart Politics²,
which inspires many of us who work in the social change areas.

The Practice of Heart Politics

Listen deeply for the life force inside me.

Do the small part of helping the world that is mine to do.

Constantly fight the ego's assertion that I'm saving the world.

Build bridges to the hearts of people who are the most different from me.

Work in the interests of my love.

Don't wait until I'm perfect.

Develop a good accountability system.

Learn to value changing myself.

Work to remove the obstacles to change.

Nurture myself and each of my allies.