Council  of All Beings Flier

The  Council  of All Beings is a series  of  re-Earthing  rituals
created  by  John  Seed and Joanna Macy to  help  end  the  sense
of  alienation  from  the  living Earth that  many  of  us  feel.
This workshop will   renew the spirit and vision of those who serve the
Earth  and connect  participants  with deep sources  of  joy,    and

Many  people INTELLECTUALLY realise that we are inseparable  from
Nature and that the sense of separation  that we feel is  illusory.
These rituals enable us to deeply EXPERIENCE our  connection
with Nature, in our hearts and our bodies.

Rediscovering  our  "deep  ecology"   -   our  interconnectedness
with   all   beings  - we  find   empowerment   as   agents    of
healing  change.

Through  interactive   exercises,   we      practice  letting  go
of the socially constructed,  isolated self and come
home  to our interexistence with all  forms of life.  We  retrace
our  steps through our evolutionary journey and allow other  life
forms to speak through us. We shed our  solely human identi
fication  and feel deep empathy for the myriad species and  land
scapes of the Earth.

This   gathering   also  provides tools   for   practicing   deep
ecology  in  our daily lives. As many participants in  this  work
have  discovered, alignment with our larger  identity  clarifies,
dignifies and heals our personal conflicts. We see that the  pain
of the Earth is our own pain and the fate of the Earth is our own
fate.  The Council of All Beings empowers us to act on behalf  of
the Earth and gives us clarity and direction for this work