The spiritual blight of separation -- from each other and the Earth --
plagues modern humanity and is the underlying root of the ecological crisis
or our times; the culturally-conditioned, competitive, isolated self is the
engine of the 6th extinction spasm currently unfolding around us.

Arne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Oslo University who coined
the term "deep ecology", said that "ecological ideas are not enough"; we
need "ecological identity, ecological self". Naess says that this is to be
brought about through community therapies, "healing our relations to a
widest community, that of all living beings". In this workshop, we
participate in a series of ceremonies and rituals synchronous with those
used by indigenous peoples throughout time. Through creative exercises,
despairwork and meditations, we acknowledge our interconnectedness with air,
water and soil as we invite the spontaneous healing of psyche and dissolve
the illusion of our disconnection from the living Earth.

Through meditation, breath and dialogue we explore the question: How do we
engage in social or ecological change work from a place of heart and spirit?
Together we grapple with issues of effectiveness, burn-out, and conflict as
well as the fear and apathy that permeate our society.