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Hello reader, June 1st 2004

This newsletter has changed its name. If you’ve not read it before, let me give you some background to start with. For the last two years or more I’ve been sending out an email newsletter every three months to keep people informed about workshops, courses, resources and news around the themes of Deep Ecology, ecopsychology and the bringing together of personal and planetary change. I called this “Deep Ecology News” and the focus has been on events in the UK. To me Deep Ecology is about seeing ourselves as part of life, as deeply embedded in a wider ecology, rather than viewing ecology as a subject separate from our lives. I like this approach because it emphasises connection with life. It brings together spirituality, holistic perspectives and positive action for our world. So why change the name?

In the last newsletter I shared my concern about identifying with a position rather than a process. A position is something that is fixed and defined. A process is something that involves activity and movement. Positions can be useful in helping clarify what we think and feel. But they also easily become things to be defended and attacked in the battle of wanting to be right. I know I’ve done plenty of this. What concerns me is that people may be involved in and committed to the same process (eg the process of compassionate action for life on this planet) but because they name their positions differently, this sometimes gets in the way of acting well together. This newsletter aims to promote a process of empowered response to the current ecological crisis. I don’t want the issue of whether or not you call yourself a Deep Ecologist to get in the way of you finding this email useful. I’m much more interested in the process that you and I may share – the process of being a human on early 21st century Earth, looking around at what’s happening in the world, and asking ourselves “what can I do about this?”. This is where I find the term “The Great Turning” useful.

Part of my motivation for producing this newsletter is a concern that the process of responding to world problems is so often blocked. You don’t need me to tell you how ecological issues are commonly played down by politicians or how our society seems to be locked into way of doing things that is destroying our world. In my work as an addictions treatment specialist I see a similar process at work. People get stuck in a way of doing things that they know is damaging, but it seems so difficult to change that they continue even though this might (and sometimes does) kill them. How do we turn such stuck patterns of behaviour around? The good news from the addictions field is that I often see people get well. The bad news is that I also see people die. It can go either way. For people to get well there needs to be a turning away from the process of addiction towards one of recovery. What the Great Turning refers to is a similar shift of process, but occurring not only in individuals, but also at the collective level of human society. Can such a shift really happen? I’d like to share another parallel from my work in the addictions field that suggests that it can.

For an addict to move into recovery, two things are needed – having the will and finding the way. Will is about motivation, way is about possibility. But both of these things grow out of the kind of story that someone inhabits. I find story a useful term – it brings together so many levels of the way we see ourselves and the world. This includes our view of the roles we play, plots we are part of and also the rules we think reality is based upon. If someone believes that the world is difficult and alcohol makes it easier, then the story they inhabit won’t be one of wanting to stop drinking. If they see themselves as weak willed and a failure, then even if they want to stop they may not see this as possible. Recovery is based on finding and inhabiting a story where there are good reasons to change, where it is attractive to do so and also where this seems to be achievable. The same is true of the recovery of our world. The Great Turning is one such story.

Imagine that somehow it did happen - that humans managed to prevent the massive ecological catastrophe we are heading for, that we began to give concerted attention to the many problems of our world, that we underwent a deep level transformation that created a future we’d dream of rather than dread. If it happened, how did it occur? When we look from the perspective of an imaginary future, The Great Turning can be thought of as a historical process that took place in early 21st century. Early on in this story, like in most great adventures, success looked pretty unlikely. But that didn’t stop people like you and me taking the steps needed. When I think of how I can participate in this, I inhabit a story of possibility that inspires me. All the slight turnings, like composting my kitchen waste, cycling to work or typing up this email, they all seem part of a bigger picture, part of a larger cultural shift. That’s what this newsletter is about. It aims to keep you informed of courses, resources, information and events that contribute to this larger shift in story. You will see that the entries are quite diverse. This is a big story. But it is one that I find exciting!

With you in this great adventure of earth recovery

Chris Johnstone
editor, The Great Turning Times.

Thank you all those who sent emails about the change of title. Very helpful. If you have any comments on this newsletter, please send them me at dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk

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(1.) It was Joanna Macy who coined the phrase ‘The Great Turning’ to describe the story of change required in our times. An article by her about this is viewable at
There is more material on her website at http://www.joannamacy.net
She is coming to the UK in May 2005 and will be running a week long intensive workshop at Monkton Wyld in Dorset from May 15th-22nd (details nearer the time from me at dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk).
Future newsletters will give details of this and other events in the UK.
(2.) The Art of Living Courses – 8th-13th June, Bristol, 23rd-25th June, Scotland.
How do we keep ourselves in well balanced, energised and effective states to work for this Great Turning? Earlier this year I participated in an Art of Living course in Bristol. Based on the teachings of Indian spiritual teacher H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the course introduces self-healing breathing techniques that have been clinically proven to reduce stress and depression. The courses promote a positive approach to living that has service to the world and non-violent approaches to conflict as central strands. There is a course in Bristol over 4 evenings and 2 days from June 8th to 13th. Normally costing £150, as a one off, this is being offered on a by donation only basis. Contact Malindi on 0117 9559090 or email oceanheart@btinternet.com for details.
Also there is a course in Edinburgh, Scotland over 3 days, 23rd to 25th June, cost £150 (£100 concs),
Contact thevisit@artoflivinguk.org phone The Art of Living Foundation 01224 573676
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be visiting the UK and speaking in London, Leicester, Edinburgh and Glasgow in June. Check for details at www.artoflivinguk.org
(3.) Marshall Rosenberg; workshops in London, June 8th and June 11th
On the theme of non-violent approaches to living, Marshall Rosenberg, author of the book “Non-violent communication”, will be offering two workshops in London. If you’d like to find out more about his approach, read the article sent as an attachment with this email. Andy Taylor sent in this entry -

Can we undertake environment work without getting people's backs up or giving ourselves ulcers? Can we bring despair and fear work out into personal, social and political space using Nonviolent Communication?
Joanna Macy is enthusiastic about the synergy between the Great Turning and Marshall Rosenberg's training on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), according to Andy Taylor who went to her recent workshop in Barcelona. Many in her network in the US have learned how to use NVC to communicate with those who see things differently, and with other deep ecologists when there is a disagreement on strategy. Andy has organised an event with Marshall as the main trainer on June 8th, starting 9.30 at 153 Drummond Street, Euston, London. For info and bookings please call Andy on 077654 77305 (lunchtime or 8-10pm is best) or email sky@andy-taylor.org . This is a rare opportunity to be with Marshall in person (he's booked till 2006) and a chance for the UK Deep Ecology network and the UK NVC network to come together. Even if you can't come on June 8th, a supportive phone call and email would be much appreciated, and can be the start of useful connections. Be warned that Andy got a lot of energy from his despair work and will probably want to tell you about how flexible this event is and how there are other events if you can't manage the 8th. However, if he's remembering his NVC, he will check first if you are happy to hear all that.

Andy Ray Taylor, 25 Hawthorn Avenue, Headington, Oxford OX3 9JQ
Mobile/texts: 077654 77305 (usually the quickest way to reach me)
Day/evening: 077 1273 1172 (missed calls to this number will be returned)
Messages: 07666 519816 (pager)

Transforming Our World Fri Jun 11 10.00 am - 4.30 pm
Marshall Rosenberg, originator of Nonviolent Communication, will describe how NVC can support us to transform our families, communities, society, and world so that we can live in harmony with our values.
East Ham Town Hall, London £50 / £25
Info / Booking: Lorraine 0208 470 7550 mr11june@nvc-resolutions.co.uk
(4.) Vision Quests and Trails with Bill Petrie
Bill will be running two vision quests in the UK this year - 23-27 June and 7-11 July.
You can find details on the Ecotherapy Institute website at http://www.ecopsychologyinternational.co.za/The%20Five%20Day%20Vision%20QuestS%202004.htm. .

There will also be a trail in the South African wilderness in October this year. You can get the details at http://www.ecopsychologyinternational.co.za/THE%20SPIRIT%20OF%20AFRICA%20TRAIL.htm
Contact Bill Petrie bill.petrie@telkomsa.net
(5.) For information about vision quests in the UK, contact Jeremy Thres on 01647 432840
Here’s some examples of what he is up to this summer.
Walk About - Initiatory style journeys for young adults
A guided journey deeper into Nature, both our own and that of which we are a part. Includes Walking the Land, low impact camping, initiatory style exercises and tools for self-discovery, bushcraft and navigation skills for inner and outer worlds.

July 27/28th –Aug 1st Dartmoor with Chris Salisbury & Jeremy Thres

September 18th -21st – this one’s a chance for fully fledged adults Jeremy Thres & Chris Salisbury, Dartmoor

November, de big one, Sea to Source for men, Nov 12th-24th travelling alongside the reddening Salmon from the Coast to the Moor.

Also on offer is the chance to do a Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self-healing - a Vision Fast/Quest: A powerful initiatory experience with ancient and pancultural roots.

July 12th – 18th, Jeremy Thres & Suzannah Uren

Sept 18th –Oct 3rd All Quests have preparation meetings and exercises and time for incorporation so it is important to be in touch sooner rather than later if you feel drawn to doing one. There is a comprehensive handbook (£5 +50p p&p), the Sacred Mountain written by Steven Foster & Meredith Little of the School of Lost Borders and adapted by us for Uk use.

with Jeremy Thres + other guides, Jeremy trained with the School of Lost Borders, and has been supporting this work for ten years.
For further information or booking on all the above you can contact Jeremy on 01647 432840, for Walk About you can also talk to Chris on 01803 868269 or Charlie on 01647 281217
(6.) Wild at Heart Gathering, Scotland, 11th-12th September 2004.
The big annual gathering about outdoor education, nature connecting and other things
2004 Wild at Heart Gathering at Glenmore Lodge in the
Highlands of Scotland on the 11th & 12th September, 2004.

A list of presenters and session titles, along with information
on price options, booking and getting to Glenmore Lodge is
available on the Wild at Heart web site:

There are only 70 places in total at this event and demand
has been high! Please book as soon as you can to
avoid disappointment.

The event is organised by Footprint Education, hosted by
Glenmore Lodge, Scotland's National Outdoor Training
Centre, and is sponsored by The Great Outdoors Magazine.
Please book direct with Glenmore Lodge:
T: 01479 861256
E: enquiries@glenmorelodge.org.uk
Education for a fair & sustainable future.
e: info@footprint-education.org
w: www.footprint-education.org
A week long ecopsychology gathering at Lauriston Hall in Dumfries and Galloway, SW Scotland.

Our intention is to make an event which is sustainable – not only practically, but in emotional/political energy. Rather than a central investment in star performers, we aim to circulate and collectivise our creativity and knowledge. Many of the best-known and most active people in the field will be at the Gathering, but as participants rather than as performers, offering their skills in exchange with others. It is open to anyone to offer a workshop, seminar or other event, probably running in parallel with other offerings, and people can participate as they choose.

Some elements which we as organisers are building in: a Dream Matrix each morning to share the voyages of the night. A daily meeting of the whole Gathering. Small home groups for support. A Summer Solstice celebration. An ecological work project running through the week, creating a practical gift to the land at Laurieston, together with the solidarity which flows from working physically together in nature.

You will be able to read about workshops and events currently on offer, and to add your own offerings and requests, at our website: http://ecopsych.org.uk. There is also space there for thoughts, news and visions of any kind related to the Gathering.

(8.) Writing for Change - The Pen is Mightier than the sword. 15-20th November 2004,
Totleigh Barton, Devon UK.
Chris Johnstone (editor of The Great Turning Times) and Elisabeth Winkler (editor of Soil Association magazine) will be running a five day course on using writing to express your concerns and to promote change at many levels, from personal, to organisational through to wider social and political change. We will look at writing press releases, campaigning letters, articles and books. We will also look at the psychology of promoting change in yourself and our world.
Guest speaker – Dave Hicks.
Course fee £435 (full board, residential, some grants available)
For details contact The Arvon Foundation, Totleigh Barton, Sheepwash, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5NS
Tel 01409 231338 Email: t-barton@arvonfoundation.org
(9.) For information about Deep Ecology workshops run by Layne Gibson, contact him at
laynegibson@hotmail.com or by telephone; home 01271 860 385, mobile 0791 996 1421. You can also write to him at Tapeley House, Tapeley Park, Westleigh, Bideford, North Devon EX39 4NT.
(10.) Some good news!

Greenpeace 1, Ashcroft 0

A federal judge threw out the US government's attempt to shut down Greenpeace. In the clearest indication that the case was harassment, the judge didn't even need to hear our defense before he acquitted us of all charges and dismissed the jury. This is a great victory for freedom of speech, but the question remains: Why did the US spend all that time chasing us instead of tracking down the illegal mahogany we were protesting against?

You, dear cyberactivists, broke all the records in standing up for us. We asked you for 50,000 letters to Bush and Aschroft asking them to prosecute illegal mahogany imports rather than Greenpeace, and you knocked our socks off with a response that shot past 100,000 in a matter of days. Well done!

You can read more about the case and the decision here:

(11.) Weekend Courses 2004, in the Golden Valley organised by the Gaia Cooperative
Please also see flyer as attachment.
June 25-27 Holistic Science - Brian Goodwin
Chaos & complexity theory, Gaian science and systems thinking have brought new insights to conventional science that demand a synthesis of intuition, analysis, & ethics.

July 2-4 Resurgence Retreat with Satish Kumar
Satish explores the inspiration of nature and spiritual, creative, and practical paths of positive change, drawing on experiences with Jain teachers & the Gandhian movement.

July 30 – Aug 1 Herbs for Health - Elaine Brook & Paul Swatridge
Everyday knowledge of safe and gentle herbs to grow, prepare and use for common ailments and deficiencies is everyone's birthright, awaiting rediscovery.

Aug 6-8 Sustainable Communities - Herbert Girardet
Urban lifestyles have global impacts. Communities need to reconnect with local landscapes. Herbert will draw on his new book and his world-wide work on sustainability.

Sept 3-5 The Singing Field

Chloe Goodchild

Entering the Singing Field, we meet others on life's journey, and discover ‘home’, a place of deep inner rest inside ourselves. Chloe's inspirational way of effortless singing enables beginners and professionals to discover sound in ways they never thought possible.

Sept 10-12 Quantum Medicine - Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor has spent 15 years researching the scientific basis for energy medicine, and will discuss and demonstrate a radically new approach to the science of life.

Courses at Nurse’s Cottage Long Lane Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0TE Phone 0845 458 4718 elaine@gaiacooperative.org
These weekends are an opportunity to relax and enjoy a holistic lifestyle including solar hot water, swimming pool and solar electricity. Home-grown organic food, and beautiful country walks.

Courses start between 6pm and 8.30 pm on Friday, as some people take longer to arrive than others. A simple snack of soup and rolls is available during this time. People have a chance to relax and meet each other. There is a short session 8.00 – 9.30 before bed. Breakfast is at 8 am Sat and Sun, and everyone departs after lunch Sunday, at about 3pm.

Accommodation is in twin or double cottage bedrooms, or camping. Campers use the showers in the cottage. Single supplement is £8 per night (there are not many single rooms so early booking advisable). Food is fresh, home-cooked, home-grown organic as much as possible.

To book; please include your name, address, email and phone number,

If you would like to car-share, include place & time you plan to leave home

Cost per weekend £120 residential, £90 camping, £80 non-residential

Please make your enclosed cheque for £30 deposit to Gaia Partnership Ltd/Courses
Please add £16 to your deposit if you wish single supplement

There is a 5% discount for members of Hereford Nature Trust

Elaine Brook and Paul Swatridge
(12.) Gaia Theory for Beginners – a one day course, Sat Nov 6th 2004
9.30am to 4.30pm. At 8-10, Berkeley Square, Bristol with Chris Johnstone.
Gaia Theory could represent one of the most important shifts in scientific thinking over the last three hundred years. It proposes that the Earth is more than just a dead lump of rock that we happen to live on. Rather it can be viewed as a single living system, or ‘super-organism’, that we are part of. This course introduces the science behind Gaia Theory but also explores what it might mean for us in the fields of psychology, philosophy, ecology and spirituality.
To book, phone Bristol University Public Programmes Office, Tel 0117 9287165
Cost £22 (concs £16.50) Advance booking essential.
details: dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk
(13.) SWITCH TO NPOWER JUICE - A very simple step for The Great Turning!
The North Hoyle Offshore Windfarm started generating electricity in December last year, and when it’s fully operational will generate enough electricity for 50,000 homes. For initiatives like this to grow, it needs people to switch their electricity supplier to one offering power from renewable sources. This is really easy to do. For example, to change to npower juice, all you need to do is phone 0800 316 2610 and go through a number of simple steps. (You can also do it on the web at www.switchtojuice.com). All you electricity you pay for with npower juice comes from renewable sources, but it costs no more than npower usual rates. Plus they donate £10/year per juice customer to a special Green fund supporting clean energy developments.
(14.) Life Training
I’ve been to several workshops organised by The Life Training Programme. They offer intensive weekend workshops that are life changing for many participants. Focusing on personal development, letting go of old stuck patterns, promoting inner healing and a more generous open hearted and skillful approach to life, I see their work as part of The Great Turning. Check out their website at www.MoretoLife.org

Visit us: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/directactionagainstwar/
To join our network send a blank email to:

The DAAW Message Board was initially formed in Jan 2003 to improve
communications around Direct Action, with communications around RAF
Fairford especially improved in the lead up to the Fairford & Menwith
Hill National Demos on 22nd March 2003.

After some interim problems, with the group overwhelmed by excessive
levels of spam & off-topic mail, DAAW is now reinvigorated, well
moderated, and able to continue functioning as a network hub for the
exchange of information on all issues around Direct Action.
(16.) Schumacher College continues to have a range of inspiring courses
Details of which can be found at www.schumachercollege.org.uk
(17.) Copydate for next issue of the Great Turning Times is last day of August 2004. GTT comes out every three months, at the beginning of March, June, September and December. If a historian from the year 2404 was looking back in time and researching how The Great Turning happened, what events would they see? What news? Or Courses, resources, ideas, quotes? We are all part of this story, so if you have something for the next newsletter please send it to me at dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk
‘the future is that part of history that we can still change’