This is a great "going forth" exercise at the very end of the workshop.

Ask participants to get their journal or a pen and paper and give the following instructions:

Begin by writing Dear YOURNAME at the top of the page. Wait till they have done so before proceeding.

Now write, "This is a letter from you Mother Gaia." (If you prefer you can write "Father Gaia".) Wait till they have done so before proceeding

Now for the next 5 minutes write whatever comes to mind. Just allow it to flow, a stream of consciousness. This is a letter to you from your Mother Gaia. If you run out of things to say, just repeat the last word you have written over and over again till something new emerges - DON'T STOP WRITING!

I'll let you know when to stop. You won't need to share what you have written with anybody.

If you have done the Cosmic Walk then instead of "Mother Gaia" you might do a "Letter from Flame". Ask participants to "bring to mind the flame that emerged 13.7 billion years ago and has been transforming from one form to another ever since, coming to life on Earth 4.5 billion years ago, evolving thru countless forms here and which now illuminates your life."

Then proceed as above.