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Hello reader, 1st March 2004

I’m thinking of changing the name of this newsletter from “Deep Ecology News”. I’m wondering about a new title along the lines of “The Great Turning Times” or “Great Turning News”. Does this sound a bit grand?
I better explain my reasons.

One of the things anyone reading this email newsletter is likely to share is a high level of concern about the state of our planet. The forests are being rolled back, social divisions are widening, climate is becoming more disturbed, there is a mass extinction of species occurring.... the list could go on and on. Yet in spite of growing evidence of gathering crisis, the dominant response of governments and much of human society is to play down or ignore these problems. How can we respond to this? I find the perspective of Deep Ecology enormously helpful. It is a holistic approach that draws together different parts of myself, that connects me with the planet I’m part of and that addresses some of the deeper psycho-spiritual roots of the current crisis. However, the problem I have with producing a “Deep Ecology” newsletter is that Deep Ecology becomes a label for a position. This is fine if you identify with this position, but it becomes a barrier if you don’t.

I’m wondering if rather than a newsletter labelled by a position, it would be better to identify it with the process it is aiming to promote. There are many people just as concerned about the world as I am, and just as interested in engaging in constructive responses. I wouldn’t want them to feel they can’t make use of this newsletter because they don’t consider themselves to be “deep ecologists”. So what is the common process that we might share? What is this newsletter about? This is where I find the term “The Great Turning” useful.

The story of The Great Turning is an example of a personal power tool called ‘imaginary hindsight’. In this you ask yourself where you’d like to get to, imagine you’ve got there, and then from that imaginary future, look back in time and ask yourself how you did it. (Research on decision making has shown this to be an effective tool). Using this approach on a collective basis, we could imagine a time 400 years from now in a possible future where we made it through, prevented a major ecological collapse and learned to live in harmony with each other and our world. In the history lessons of this future, they might look back on our time as the period when a crucial turning point occurred. From blindly destroying the world around them, the humans of that time began to recognise what they were doing and then proceeded to creatively transform their ways of living, their values, their culture. This massive cultural shift might be referred to as The Great Turning. They would be talking about us, the changes we made in our lives, the kind of things written about in this newsletter.

What I like about this is that it places our lives and our actions in a positive vision. There is a saying that ‘the future is that part of history that we can still change’. The Great Turning is about is recognising that our lives and our actions can contribute to a larger historical process. Will it actually happen? Who knows, but I’d certainly like to cast the vote of my life, my enthusiasm and my action towards this rather than some of the other possible futures we could also be heading for. How does this sound to you? What do you think of the name change? (If you tell me you hate the idea, I might reconsider!) Please let me know. I’ve included more information about the idea of the Great Turning below.

With you in this great adventure

Chris Johnstone
Editor, The Great Turning Times/Deep Ecology News

Ps. If you like this email newsletter, please do pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested. If it has been forwarded to you and you’d like it regularly, please email me with SUBSCRIBE in the subject header. If you want to stop receiving it, please email me with “REMOVE” as a subject header (feedback always welcome too).

(1.) More about the Great Turning and this email newsletter.
How might such a Great Turning come about? Joanna Macy, in her writings describes three main strands.
(see http://www.joannamacy.net and click on The Great Turning for more info)
a) There are the protest actions that oppose or aim to block the destruction of our world and the injustices within it. This is finding our power to say No to the things we object to.
b) There is also the investment of time, attention and resources in positive alternatives to the old ways. This can include many of our daily lifestyle decisions as well as the bigger personal and collective shifts. Eg supporting sustainable transport and energy systems etc.
c) The last strand involves taking part in a deeper level shift in our assumptions, thinking, culture and ways of looking at our world. This includes psychological and spiritual perspectives, such as consciousness shifts and changes in the way we see our identity. An example of such a shift is in the approach of Deep Ecology, where people see themselves as part of our world rather than apart and separate from it. When we feel a connection with our world, it is less easy to ignore its destruction. Values and priorities shift such that acting for our world may become central to our feelings of meaning and purpose in life. For more information on the approach of Deep Ecology see my article at http://www.thegreenfuse.org/johnstone.htm

This email newsletter comes out every three months, with the aim of keeping you informed about any workshops, events or resources in the UK that might help with any of the following

- deepening our sense of connection with our world
- increasing the feeling that we can constructively respond to our world situation
- promoting the cultural shift known as “the Great Turning”, which moves us towards sustainability.

This is a short newsy email circular, with the idea being that if it is easy to produce then it is more likely to happen regularly and on time. If you know about any workshops, events, projects or resources in the UK that fit with the above, please send me an email with the details (contact Chris at dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk). This newsletter comes out in early March, June, September and December, with the copy date being the first day of these months. I’d also be grateful to receive your favourite inspiring quotes, pieces of information and brief book reviews.
(2.) “Earth, Spirit & Action” April 25th – May 14th 2004 at Schumacher College, Devon, UK.
With John Seed, Ruth Rosenhek, Starhawk, Alistair McIntosh and Verene Nicolas

This course brings together dedicated environmental campaigners from three continents to talk about the principles that underlie activism. Taking their inspiration from Buddhism, deep ecology, systems theory, permaculture, and shamanism, they will work with participants to bring a vital spiritual foundation into the struggle for a better world.

Cost £1500 (fully residential for three weeks), but a limited number of bursaries are available.
Contact Schumacher College, The Old Postern, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EA
Email: admin@schumachercollege.org.uk website www.schumachercollege.org.uk
Phone 01803 – 865934

Also Living Earth – Gaia Theory Explored June 13-July 2nd with James Lovelock, Lyn Margulis, Stephan Harding Ricardo Guerrero and Tom Wakeford. For other courses see their website.
(3) Roundhouse Deconstruction Camp

Easter week April 9th - 17th 2004

At Brithdir Mawr, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales
The picture on the jpg file attached shows Tone Wrench outside the beautiful roundhouse at the permaculture community living at Brithdir Mawr. To read the full story about this amazing building, see the website at www.thatroundhouse.info Constant attempts over the last five years have failed to gain permission for this roundhouse to remain standing, even though it is built to impeccable sustainable standards on land owned by the community. Tone writes:
You are therefore invited to participate in a unique event - a week long camp whose physical focus will be the careful unbuilding of our roundhouse. The work will mainly involve pulling out of nails and staples, carrying components to form neat piles, and quite a bit of turfin'. If you don't want to do at least a bit of this, don't come - wait for the video. The rest of the time will be spent in camping in circles around fires on this beautiful site, singing, circle dancing, and some talking to holders of cameras and microphones.

The camp will be free, but we will welcome any donations to cover costs of this whole operation.
There will be plenty of camping space in a motor-vehicle-free field, and up to 20 sheltered sleeping spaces indoors. Please bring stuff to eat, cook and share, and a couple of simple tools like claw hammers if you have any. Don't wear your best clothes.

Public transport is train to Fishguard or Haverfordwest, then bus to Newport. By car it is 1 mile south of Newport, on the road to Cilgwyn.

This will be a memorable event, and a useful opportunity to see how a simple roundhouse is built, and to test the 'reversibility' of the low-impact cobwood design.

If you will be coming, please let me know in writing to Tony Wrench, Brithdir Mawr, Newport, Pembs. SA42 0QJ, or email (subject: April Camp) to tonywrench@lineone.net. Please include a telephone contact number, so that in the event of a miraculous reprieve, we can let you know. Oh yes, and bring your voice and a drum.

Please copy this and forward it to anyone who might be interested. Thanks.
(4) Weekend Courses 2004, in the Golden Valley organised by the Gaia Cooperative

June 25-27 Holistic Science - Brian Goodwin
Chaos & complexity theory, Gaian science and systems thinking have brought new insights to conventional science that demand a synthesis of intuition, analysis, & ethics.

July 2-4 Resurgence Retreat with Satish Kumar
Satish explores the inspiration of nature and spiritual, creative, and practical paths of positive change, drawing on experiences with Jain teachers & the Gandhian movement.

July 30 – Aug 1 Herbs for Health - Elaine Brook & Paul Swatridge
Everyday knowledge of safe and gentle herbs to grow, prepare and use for common ailments and deficiencies is everyone's birthright, awaiting rediscovery.

Aug 6-8 Sustainable Communities - Herbert Girardet
Urban lifestyles have global impacts. Communities need to reconnect with local landscapes. Herbert will draw on his new book and his world-wide work on sustainability.

Aug 20-22 Natural Art - Simon & Janine Vaughan Winter
The artists share skills & inspiration in sculpture, painting and appliques. Bring your own materials collected from the nature.

Sept 10-12 Quantum Medicine - Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor has spent 15 years researching the scientific basis for energy medicine, and will discuss and demonstrate a radically new approach to the science of life.

Courses at Nurse’s Cottage Long Lane Peterchurch Hereford HR2 0TE Phone 0845 458 4718 elaine@gaiacooperative.org
These weekends are an opportunity to relax and enjoy a holistic lifestyle including solar hot water, swimming pool and solar electricity. Home-grown organic food, and beautiful country walks.

Courses start between 6pm and 8.30 pm on Friday, as some people take longer to arrive than others. A simple snack of soup and rolls is available during this time. People have a chance to relax and meet each other. There is a short session 8.00 – 9.30 before bed. Breakfast is at 8 am Sat and Sun, and everyone departs after lunch Sunday, at about 3pm.

Accommodation is in twin or double cottage bedrooms, or camping. Campers use the showers in the cottage. Single supplement is £8 per night (there are not many single rooms so early booking advisable). Food is fresh, home-cooked, home-grown organic as much as possible.

To book; please include your name, address, email and phone number,

If you would like to car-share, include place & time you plan to leave home

Cost per weekend £120 residential, £90 camping, £80 non-residential

Please make your enclosed cheque for £30 deposit to Gaia Partnership Ltd/Courses
Please add £16 to your deposit if you wish single supplement

There is a 5% discount for members of Hereford Nature Trust

Elaine Brook and Paul Swatridge
(5) Courses from Footprint Education

A 5-day course for outdoor leaders, teachers and educators
exploring a deeper approach to education for sustainable living.
Dates: Apr 25 - 30, May 16 - 21, May 23 - 28, 2004.
Venue: Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore, Scotland
Cost: £320
More info: <www.footprint-education.org/courses.html#ecoed>
Bookings: <enquiries@glenmorelodge.org.uk>

A weekend course for outdoor leaders, counsellors and therapists
exploring ways of working with the healing power of outdoor spaces.
Dates: May 8 & 9, 2004.
Venue: Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore, Scotland
Cost: £140
More info: <www.footprint-education.org/courses.html#ecot>
Bookings: <enquiries@glenmorelodge.org.uk>
Education for a fair & sustainable future.
e: info@footprint-education.org
w: www.footprint-education.org
6.) News Item (shortened), from The Independent 9th January 2004

'US climate policy bigger threat to world than terrorism'
By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Tony Blair's chief scientist has launched a withering attack on President
George Bush for failing to tackle climate change, which he says is more
serious than terrorism.

Sir David King, the Government's chief scientific adviser, says in an
article in the journal Science that America, the world's greatest
polluter, must take the threat of global warming more seriously.

"In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing
today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism," Sir David says.

Results of a major study showed yesterday that more than a million species
will become extinct as a result of global warming over the next 50 years.
Sir David says the Bush administration is wrong to dispute the reality of
global warming. The 10 hottest years on record started in 1991 and,
worldwide, average temperatures had risen by 0.6C in the past century.

Sea levels were rising, ice caps were melting and flooding had become more
frequent. The Thames barrier was used about once a year in the 1980s to
protect London but now it was used more than six times a year.

"If we could stabilise the atmosphere's carbon dioxide concentration at
some realistically achievable and relatively low level, there is still a
good chance of mitigating the worst effects of climate change."

But countries such as Britain could not solve the problem of global
warming in isolation, particularly when the US was by far the biggest
producer of greenhouse gases on the planet. "The United Kingdom is
responsible for only 2 per cent of the world's emissions, the United
States for more than 20 per cent (although it contains only 4 per cent of
the world's population)," Sir David says.

Advisers to President Bush have suggested climate change is a natural
phenomenon and criticised climate researchers for suggesting that rises in
global temperatures are the result of man-made emissions of greenhouse
gases such as carbon dioxide.

But Sir David says the "causal link" between man-made emissions and global
warming is well-established and scientists cannot explain the general
warming trend over the past century without invoking human-induced

The Cambridge academic, who was born in South Africa and emigrated to
Britain, implies that the US has a moral obligation to follow the UK's
lead in trying to limit the damage resulting from rising world
temperatures and climate change.

"As a consequence of continued warming, millions more people around the
world may in future be exposed to the risk of hunger, drought, flooding,
and debilitating diseases such as malaria," Sir David says.

President Bush has said more research on global warming is needed before
the US will consider the sort of action needed to comply with the Kyoto
protocol, but Sir David says that by then it could be too late. "Delaying
action for decades, or even just years, is not a serious option. I am
firmly convinced that if we do not begin now, more substantial, more
disruptive, and more expensive change will be needed later on."
(7) Meanwhile, the UK government continues to offer big tax breaks for aviation,
and proposes massive airport expansion in its latest transport white paper. This can be downloaded at
(8.) Last December’s Deep Ecology news reported on the issue of global oil supplies running out in the next 30-40 years. The very next day there was an article in the Guardian by George Monbiot about this too. You can read this and other articles of his at www.monbiot.com
(9.) Deep Ecology workshops can help us deeper resources to face all this. Here’s a message from Layne.

Hi, my name is Layne Gibson. I am a student of Joanna Macy and live with my two children in a community in North Devon. I am currently organising a large number of Deep Ecology events across the UK for the rest of the year, and the majority of these will be in the South West of England. Dates are so far confirmed for three one-day workshops to explore our relationship with ourselves and the ecosystem of which we are a part, to be held at my home, a large stately home near Bideford, N. Devon. These will take place as follows:

Saturday March 27th 10am- 5pm.

Saturday April 10th 10am- 5pm.

Saturday April 24th 10am- 5pm.

The cost for each workshop is £12, with concessions available. Please bring vegetarian food to share. The workshops will provide us all with an opportunity to deepen our connection with mother Earth in beautiful surroundings during this time of new growth and new beginnings. Contact me for more details.

I am also at present finalising arrangements for workshops ranging in length from one to four days in the coming months. These will include a course tailored towards activists to be held in Glastonbury in April and a three-day camp on the edge of Dartmoor amongst many others.

For further details of any of these events or to be added to my mailing list please contact me by e-mail at laynegibson@hotmail.com or by telephone; home 01271 860 385, mobile 0791 996 1421. You can also write to me at Tapeley House, Tapeley Park, Westleigh, Bideford, North Devon EX39 4NT.
(10.) Regenco in Devon are launching an Earth Mystery Initiation School (EMIS) as a vehicle to open more of their work:

In response to the challenges of this time it is clearly vital that we find healthier relationship to the Earth as well as to each other.

The Earth Mystery Initiation School exists to support this.

Our work draws and touches on many fields, ancient and young, but has been particularly inspired by experience and teachings around earth oriented passage rites. The wisdom of deliberately supporting people at times of transition both to let go of that which no longer serves, and open to the new. Offering experiences which cultivate self-healing, insight, and understanding into our relationship with the greater field of which we are all a part, so that they may bring that to Life. Complimentary to this we will offer a variety of holistic practical skills for supporting health in communication and living closer with the land.

Here are some of the offerings in our programme this year:

WalkAbout - Initiatory style journeys for young adults
A guided journey deeper into Nature, both our own and that of which we are a part. Includes Walking the Land, low impact camping, initiatory style exercises and tools for self-discovery, bushcraft and navigation skills for inner and outer worlds.

Guides are made up from an experienced team including Jeremy Thres (of Regenco & the Earth Mystery Initiation School), Chris Salisbury (of WildWise), Charlie Loram (of Regenco (and Himalayan trek guide)) and Carolyn Howell (of Inspiral 21st Century) with occasional extra support from apprentices of previous Journeys.

Some journeys are just for young men, others are mixed, all take place in beautiful locations in Devon, either on the moor, coast or on the Autumn one, moving between the two. Next year a journey is also being considered for the Lake district.

8-10th April, South Devon with Jeremy Thres, Charlie Loram & Carolyn Howell.

12th-13th April An introductory overnight and half day on Dartmoor with Jeremy Thres &

June 1st-3rd, Dartmoor with Jeremy Thres & Charlie Loram

July 27/28th –Aug 1st Dartmoor with Chris Salisbury & Jeremy Thres

September 18th -21st – this one’s a chance for fully fledged adults Jeremy Thres & Chris Salisbury, Dartmoor

November, de big one, Sea to Source for men, Nov 12th-24th travelling alongside the reddening Salmon from the Coast to the Moor.

Also on offer is the chance to do a Wilderness Quest for Vision & Self-healing - a Vision Fast/Quest: A powerful initiatory experience with ancient and pancultural roots.

April 17th -20th 24 hour miniquest,

May 7th -12th, Jeremy Thres & Suzannah Uren

July 12th – 18th, Jeremy Thres & Suzannah Uren

Sept 18th –Oct 3rd All Quests have preparation meetings and exercises and time for incorporation so it is important to be in touch sooner rather than later if you feel drawn to doing one. There is a comprehensive handbook (£5 +50p p&p), the Sacred Mountain written by Steven Foster & Meredith Little of the School of Lost Borders and adapted by us for Uk use.

with Jeremy Thres + other guides, Jeremy trained with the School of Lost Borders, and has been supporting this work for ten years.

In May there will also be a training:

Bringing back the bones, Singing them to Life.

A month long training in the Wilderness Quest for Vision and Self-healing, rites of passage, ReSourcing and associated practices. For those with a grounding already around such work. Jeremy Thres with guest input from Charlie Loram, Suzannah Uren & Gaudin Lyne.

Talks/introductions on the above work are available whether it be for young or old. Contact Jeremy 01647 432840

Single days/weekends on offer which may expand according to interest, mainly at Epona, Regenco’s land North East Dartmoor:

Woodland & Low impact Barn Dreaming & gathering Weekend, March 12th-15th

May 1st – Writing the Land, a day with Roselle Angwin at Epona, North Dartmoor followed by a poetry picnic and in the evening a prayer dance.

Mindfulness Mondays, 2nd Monday every month. 10-1 Phone to confirm

Vipashanya & Earth Medicine. A thoroughly experiential integration of mindfulness and Earth Wisdom teachings. This can either be undertaken as an individual or be an experience offered to a group over a day or several days. This is also likely to be a theme of a summer camp in mid August, 11th-14th/15th

Shadow Integration early August (tbc) with Terry Larter – Probably to coincide with a gentle camp on the land. When Carl Jung was asked the question “will we (as a species) come through?” his reply evidently was “if enough people do their inner work.” This remarkable healing tool which Terry shares, feels a significant new tool to supports us in doing that. (JT)

Insect Celebration day 20th July. A day to celebrate the wonders of insects in some way. This year we may organise a trip to visit some glow worm friends.

An Alchemical Journey, Autumn evenings round a fire with Phil de Jong. Phil is a trained homeopath with a holistic approach. tbc

For further information or booking on all the above you can contact Jeremy on 01647 432840, for WalkAbout you can also talk to Chris on 01803 868269 or Charlie on 01647 281217
(11) Cyberactivism - please help to stop Iceland whaling by signing a Greenpeace pledge
saying that you would seriously consider taking a vacation in Iceland,
rather than somewhere else, if the Government of Iceland stop whaling.

Use the following link (or cut & paste it if it doesn't come up as a link):


Greenpeace's goal is to demonstrate to the Icelandic government how much
whales are worth to them alive. The Iceland tourist industry is on our side in this battle,
And we need to help them convince the Icelandic government that a return to
commercial whaling would be a costly mistake and a gash in the reputation of
A country that overall has a good environmental record.
(12.) More cyberactivism
***********************************************> FOREST CONSERVATION ACTION ALERT
World Bank to Carve Up Congo's Rainforests
Pursuing 60-fold Increase in Industrial Logging
TAKE ACTION in partnership with Rainforest Foundation:
Stop the World Bank carve-up of the Congo forests!
Info at

The World Bank is stealthily seeking to increase logging by sixty times in
the world's second largest intact rainforests, much of which are found in
the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Internal World Bank documents
obtained by the Rainforest Foundation reveal that the bank, together with
the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), intends to
"create a favorable climate for industrial logging" by supporting the
development of comprehensive new forestry laws in the Congo, as well as
the 'zoning' of the country's entire forest area. More than 100 environment,
development, and human rights groups in the Congo have called on the World
Bank to stop these plans, and Forests.org asks you to do likewise by
signing the petition above. For more information see:
> http://forests.org/blog/archives/000485.htm

Web resources at
http://forests.org/ -- Forest Conservation Portal
http://www.EnvironmentalSustainability.info/talk/ -- Earth Talk
http://www.EnvironmentalSustainability.info/ -- Eco-Portal
http://www.ClimateArk.org/ -- Climate Change Portal
http://www.WaterConserve.info/ -- Water Conservation Portal
Please see word attachment for info about this week long ecopsychology gathering at
Lauriston Hall in Dumfries and Galloway, SW Scotland. It's taking place
19-26th June 2004 and more info can be got at :

You can make a booking by contacting Helene Fletcher at L. Hall - a fabulous
and one of the oldest Co-op's/ Communes in the country.
[mailto: helenef@tiscali.co.uk] +44 0113 216 8579
(14.) Advance Notice – Joanna Macy Intensive in UK, May 2005
Joanna Macy will be running a workshop of a week or possibly longer in late(possibly third week) May next year.
Are you interested? Would you prefer a week or 10 days? We are at the planning stage and thinking of a week long workshop, but if we get a strong response asking for 10days, this might sway us.
Please let us know .
Contact Chris (dreambeat@tantraweb.co.uk) or Alex (alex@wildwood.org.uk)
(15.) Advance Notice – Writing for Change - The Pen is Mightier than the sword. 15-20th November 2004,
Totleigh Barton, Devon UK.
Chris Johnstone (that’s me!) and Elisabeth Winkler (editor of Soil Association magazine) will be running a five day course on using writing to express your concerns and to promote change at many levels, from personal, to organisational through to wider social and political change. We will look at writing press releases, campaigning letters, articles and books. We will also look at the psychology of promoting change in yourself and our world.
Guest speaker – Dave Hicks.
Course fee £435 (full board, residential, some grants available)
For details contact The Arvon Foundation, Totleigh Barton, Sheepwash, Beaworthy, Devon EX21 5NS
Tel 01409 231338 Email: t-barton@arvonfoundation.org
(16) The Green Party Big Green Bus tour – they have a double decker bus going on tour for nine weeks leading up to the European Elections on June 10th. They are looking for a lively entertainer to take on a role of bus conductor for the tour. It could be an amazing adventure. You get expenses of £10/day If interested, contact Zora Joy at email thebiggreenpink@hotmail.com for details.
(17) Copydate for next newsletter is last day of May 2004, as it should go out on June 1st.
Please do let me know if you are planning any workshops, events etc that contribute to the Great Turning.