This was written after a Council of All Beings in Holland last summer, by Martin, who was chosen by Gorilla.

Message to the naked Ones (by Martin Dronsfield with thanks to Tagore)

I see you, naked Ones
out of my big, brown, sad eyes

I see you

with your spindly limbs,

lack of fur

clever fingers

thin necks

big heads

I see you and I am puzzled.

I am Mountain Gorilla

and I am on my way out.

Farewell naked Ones –

you may soon be the last primates left.

Grieve with me little Ones,

grieve with me and hope

that you can bare the pain of our loss

and the pain of your loneliness.

I am Mountain Gorilla, the gentle One

I do not kill, I do not destory, I do not attack unprovoked.

Do not fashion me into the image of what you fear in yourselves.

I am no King Kong.

I am peaceful and patient, I forage and chew leaves.

I live in family and close to the earth.

All I need for survival is community and space.

And there doesn’t seem to be enough space for you on this planet little Ones.

How can that be?

I see you, naked Ones, and I am puzzled.

I see your pain and your confusion and I wonder.

I wonder how you forgot

that the ground, the grass, the earth

longs for the touch of your naked feet,

how the rain loves to caress your skin,

how the wind enjoys playing with your hair.

I wonder when you forgot that we are siblings and that you are loved.

Yes - despite everything you are loved.

Wake up! Remember!

Remember that community is more important than things.

Remember that and you might yet survive.

I will not.

I am Mountain Gorilla.

Remember me well.

Let me go gracefully.