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The Great Turning Times – May 2006

The Great Turning Times is a free quarterly email newsletter about finding our power to respond to global crisis. Bringing together ecology, psychology, spirituality and global politics, it lists events, news and resources to support the shift towards a life sustaining society. For more information and international events listings, see our website at www.GreatTurningTimes.org

Dear Readers,

This weekend (May 11th to 13th 2006) sees a major gathering in London. Here’s how it is described on the website www.bethechange.org.uk

Once again, more than 500 active change-makers will come together to discuss, celebrate and share some of the latest thinking and experience of whole systems change. We'll address some of the urgent issues facing humanity today - the impact of the financial system on our lives and our planet, the Western/Islamic conflict, climate change and the huge challenge of providing education - and leadership - for a truly sustainable future. Join us in helping to build 'a world that works for everyone' - exploring through these days together how we might live and lead change.

Called Be The Change, the conference has similar goals to this newsletter. Both are expressions of a growing worldwide impulse to rise and face the challenges our times present us with. And there seems to be a sea change in the air, as more and more people are waking up to the disturbing realities of climate change, mass starvation and species extinction. When I see the many signs of an emerging culture of connection with life, I feel buoyant and inspired. But there’s another side too. The dominant response to our global ecological crisis is avoiding the issue. Many governments still see short-term economic growth as more important than our long-term survival; industrialised societies still largely prefer the attractions of consumerism to the challenge of living sustainably. An essential task facing those concerned about our world is understanding and working with the psychology of resistance to change.

A key insight from addictions treatment is that awareness of a problem is usually not enough, by itself, to cause behaviour change. Lots of people know that smoking causes cancer, but still smoke. The reasons they continue vary. Perhaps some genuinely don’t know of the health risks. Others may see health warnings but are more convinced by opposing evidence, such as elderly smoking relatives in reasonable health. There are also those who don’t doubt the risks, but see them as distant, abstract and therefore unpersuasive. Much more commonly though, people who smoke are not only aware of the risks, they are also concerned enough to be at least thinking about change. But it is easy to get stuck in the ‘thinking about’ stage. It is similar with facing global issues. What keeps people from moving into action?

In the past, people referred to addictions treatment units were seen as falling into two main categories - motivated and unmotivated. It was often believed that there wasn’t much you could do to help those in the second group. The big shift in recent decades has been in developing ways to work with the seemingly uninterested, to help them strengthen the determination and confidence needed to address their addiction problems. ‘Motivational interviewing’ is the main approach here, and is based on accepting that there are usually mixed feelings about change. When ambivalence isn’t resolved, people get stuck in the ‘thinking about’ limbo period referred to as ‘the contemplation stage’. By working through mixed feelings, and drawing out motivations for change, this approach has been shown to be highly effective. This isn’t a miracle cure that suddenly shifts all resistant addicts out of denial. Rather it accepts that becoming motivated is a process involving a number of stages. Resistance and blocks can occur at any stage along the way. Working from whatever starting point people are at, motivational interviewing helps tap into the deeper motivations needed to move the next step along in the journey of change. So how can we apply this motivational interviewing approach to tackling global issues?

Rather than seeking to persuade or argue, motivational interviewing aims to support ‘the client’ make their own argument for change. Listening is needed here, with a particular willingness to hear about the issues that concern people most. When we have room to deeply express our concerns, we effectively talk ourselves into a wanting to do something to respond. In supporting people to honour their pain for the world, the empowerment approach developed by Joanna Macy and others can work in a similar way. Exercises like the open ended sentences below help people touch into and express the concerns that might motivate them. Try this yourself by seeing what naturally follows each of the opening phrases below. Perhaps talk for two minutes or write a page to yourself for each one. (This exercise works best in pairs but you can also do it by yourself).

1. When I consider the condition of our world, I think things are getting…
2. Feelings I have about this include…
3. I respond to these feelings by…

Uncomfortable feelings may come up when you do this. If we allow ourselves to feel disturbed, this can be what rouses us to respond. Changing the subject or looking the other way may offer relief from distress, but this may also block motivational energy.

In my book Find Your Power, which is published this month, I introduce ‘the journey approach to change’. Drawing on my experience of working in the addictions field and of running workshops addressing global issues, I take the view that our lives are like adventure stories. These often begin by introducing alarming scenarios. But our concerns can act as calls to adventure that prompt us to search out the trail of an empowered response. My book offers a toolkit of insights and strategies to support this process, one of its goals being to help us cultivate positive vision and inspired responses to global issues. This newsletter, and our new website (see 1 below), aim to serve a similar function.

With you in this Great Turning adventure

Chris Johnstone
Editor, The Great Turning Times
email: chris@chrisjohnstone.info
GTT Web: http://www.GreatTurningTimes.org
CJ Web : http://www.chrisjohnstone.info

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Thanks to the hard work of Lynn Hyde and David Johnson, together with some writing input from me, The Great Turning Times is now online at http://www.GreatTurningTimes.org
This website introduces the Great Turning, allows you to read past newsletters, has an inspiring web-links page, and most useful of all – allows you to enter your events so that other people can find out about them. The events page is international, with five geographical fields. Choose your part of the world to find out about workshops on The Work That Reconnects, Deep Ecology, Eco-psychology and other events supporting the shift towards a life sustaining society. If there aren’t many events currently listed (it may take a little while for this to catch on), then please do enter some! (see 2). Here’s how to do this.

If your event supports or expresses The Great Turning, go to Events in the top bar, and then select 'Add New Event' from the pull down menu. Choose the part of the world the event is in, (banded to UK, North America, Australia, Europe and Other), and then fill in the details, according to the fields given. Please put the duration of the event in the details bit. When it is complete, click on 'Save Details' at the bottom. All that you've written should then disappear without a trace. Then if you email me (chris@chrisjohnstone.info) to let me know you've entered something, I can authorise it so that it goes up on the site. There may be a bit of a time delay before this happens. If you have any problems with this, let me know.
Initially the international events pages may be a bit sparse. We’re looking for volunteers to help enter events from Joanna Macy’s schedule, John Seed’s schedule and this current newsletter.
For Joanna Macy’s schedule see http://www.joannamacy.net/html/schedule.html
For John Seed’s see http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/deep-eco/schedule.htm
Please email me first to let me know what you can do, and then afterwards so that I can authorise it.
There are two editions of the Great Turning Times. The first includes the UK events listings. But if you’re from outside the UK and would prefer the international edition of this newsletter that has the same news and resources for the Great Turning, but without details of the UK events, please email me at chris@chrisjohnstone.info with INTERNATIONAL PLEASE in the header, and telling me which country you’re from.
It was Joanna Macy who coined the phrase ‘The Great Turning’ to describe the story of change required in our times.
A recent interview with her is viewable at the Permaculture Magazine website at:

Other useful web resources include:
An interview about the Great Turning at http://www.yesmagazine.org/pdf/Macy_Great_Turning.pdf
An article about The Great Turning is viewable at http://www.rainbowbody.net/Ongwhehonwhe/MacyGreatTurn.htm
There is more material on Joanna Macy’s website at http://www.joannamacy.net
Three sites that continue to amaze me with on-line audio and video inspiration are:
(6) For an interesting article about The Work that Reconnects and Peak Oil,
See http://www.energybulletin.net/13964.html
(7) An interesting short article on the ways that Japan is securing its energy future can be seen at:
(8) http://www.save-our-world.net is an educational charity that takes plays about climate change to schools in the UK.
They also have an interesting website with a good links page at http://www.save-our-world.net/html/links.html
(9) PowerSwitch - an independant organisation in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of Peak Oil.

They have lots of free resources, an on-line petition, news and a forum to
discuss the topic and measures that we can personally take to ameliorate
its effects. Many people are bewildered when they first discover Peak
Oil and having a forum to meet at provides some soothing contact.

They have members all around the country who are meeting up, showing the
film 'End of Suburbia' and contacting their MPs and local papers.

(10) GreenSpirit

GreenSpirit is a movement which celebrates all life as deeply connected and
sacred. This radical vision brings together the rigour of science, the
freedom of creativity, the passion of social action and the wisdom of
spiritual traditions of all ages. Our activities combine the full potential
of the human spirit and imagination with our passion for the survival of the
diversity of life on Earth.

More information about GreenSpirit from www.greenspirit.org.uk or contact
Ian Mowll: info@greenspirit.org.uk tel: 0845 2235280.

To add yourself to the free GreenSpirit enewsletter, send a blank email to:
(11) First European Ecopsychology Society Conference (EES) - is it happening?
September 22-25, 2006 Lignan, Italy
A forum for fundamental discussions in all areas of Ecopsychology: Education, Counseling, Science and Theory
The pdf flyer I saw for this stated that a final decision hadn’t yet been made to hold this conference, so
for additional details, contact the Conference Coordinator at: ees@ecopsychology.netees@ecopsychology.net
Or take a look at www.ecopsychology.net

Changing Nature: Eco-Notes of a Digital Woman – by Helen Moore (GreenSeer Books)
A country diary for a changing climate: an illustrated Nature diary, with a foreword by Jill Attenborough of the Woodland Trust.

Is global warming really affecting the seasons? How has our countryside changed in the last century? 100 years after the Edwardian Lady wrote her Country Diary, a poet & aspiring deep ecologist follows in her footsteps. Swapping city-life for rural Somerset, Helen Moore documents her observations at home & on visits to parts of Britain & Ireland, including: The Nidderdale, Shropshire, The New Forest, Devon, The Burren & behind the scenes at The Chelsea Flower Show.

An intimate portrait of the challenges we face here on Planet Earth & a personal journey towards a more sustainable future.
A4 spiral-bound, colour photography, 200pp 100% recycled paper printed in UK, £17 (inc p&p within the UK)
Ffi: http://www.natures-words.co.uk
To order contact: greenseerbooks@gmail.com
Helen is also available to give illustrated talks about the book and her findings on climate change.
(13) A poem by Helen Moore about The Great Turning is attached as a pdf. It may be viewable at the bottom of the email.
Check out her website at http://www.natures-words.co.uk for more stunning pictures and words.
(14) And a new book about The Great Turning - The Great Turning by David Korten
This book shows how humans stand at a defining moment in our history, where we face both the opportunity and the imperative to choose our future as a conscious collective act.
(15) On the theme of great new books, check this this out.
ANIMATE EARTH by Stephan Harding,
“ 'Animate Earth' represents systems science at its best . . . gives a whole new dimension to what ‘environment-friendly’ really means.”—Jonathon Porritt

“This is a wonderful and beautiful book, a teacher’s treasure.” —James Lovelock

In 'Animate Earth' Stephan Harding explores how Gaian science can help us to develop a sense of connectedness with the ‘more-than-human’ world. His work is based on a careful integration of rational scientific analysis with our intuition, sensing and feeling—a vitally important task at this time of severe ecological and climate crisis.

For more information, see http://greenbooks.co.uk/store/product_info.php?products_id=212
If you’d like to find out more about how you can raise money for charities just by clicking on websites, read the article about this at
(17) FIND YOUR POWER LONDON BOOK LAUNCH 17th May at The October Gallery,
Chris Johnstone’s new book Find Your Power is a self-help guide to personal power and positive vision. It offers strategies and insights for cultivating inner strengths, finding ways through blocks and promoting inspired action. Introducing the Great Turning as the essential adventure of our time, it weaves the personal and planetary with motivational psychology from the addictions field, positive psychology, holistic science and storytelling. Here’s how some people have described it:

“Find Your Power is a different kind of self-help book. It describes, in detail, how we can move into our potential, helping ourselves and the world at the same time.”
Mary-Jayne Rust, Eco-psychologist.

" I have worked with Chris Johnstone for almost two decades and have benefited greatly from his brilliant teachings. This book will help countless people live more effective and joyous lives."
Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self and many other books.

You’re welcome to come to the London Launch at The October Gallery on Wednesday 17th May 7.15pm – 9.15pm
At 24, Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL.
See http://www.theoctobergallery.com/OG-Map.htm for a map of how to get there.
Chris will be playing his hammered dulcimer and giving a talk to introduce the book.
For details, email chris@chrisjohnstone.info
(18) Personal Power for the Planet speaking and workshop tour
Chris Johnstone is available to speak to local groups about cultivating positive vision and empowered responses to global issues.
If interested, email him at chris@chrisjohnstone.info
Here are two talks coming up this May

25th May, Norwich – As part of the University of East Anglia’s Positive Development week,
A talk looking at how we find our power to make positive changes in the world.
6.30pm – 8pm, free, for details, email Angela Ritchie on A.Ritchie@uea.ac.uk

30th May, Oxford – Personal Power for the Planet, a talk looking at how a psychological approach to power
can help us rise to the challenge of responding to climate change and other global issues.
7.00-9.00pm, Friends Meeting House, 43 St Giles Oxford, No entry fee, all welcome.
For details, contact chris@chrisjohnstone.info

Chris is also working with a growing network of facilitators to offer follow up empowerment workshops for local groups if they would like this.
Based on The Work That Reconnects , these workshops offer an opportunity to share the depths of our concerns for the world, and to
strengthen our ability to respond in an inspired fashion.
Email chris@chrisjohnstone.info if interested.
(19) ECOPSYCHOLOGY in PRACTICE with MARY-JAYNE RUST 26th – 28th May 2006
A weekend workshop designed specifically for therapists who wish to incorporate ecopsychology into their practice.

Therapy is an intensely personal process. Yet our psychological health is also affected by the bigger picture and our personal actions can affect others around the globe.
While the therapy movement brings change within human relationships, ecopsychology seeks to broaden our awareness to include our relationship with the rest of life, beyond human relationships.

How does this work in practice? How are these global issues psychologically manifested? Do our clients talk about these issues? How do we respond? Do we address these wider issues together as therapists?
This week-end will be a space to start to unpack some thinking and feeling around these concerns.

Mary-Jayne is a Jungian analyst, art therapist and ecopsychologist practising in London. See www.mjrust.net <http://www.mjrust.net/> for more info.

Dates: 6pm Friday 26TH- 4pm Sunday 28TH MAY, 2006
Price: £180 including Friday evening supper, vegetarian lunches, tea & coffee.
Accomodation: There will be camping space for 6 people, at no extra cost, on a first come first served basis. Alternatively, there are several local B&Bs.
For more details or to reserve a place, please contact Trudi Macagnino on 07775 773778 or e mail trudi.macagnino@spti.net
(20) EARTH ACTIVIST TRAINING 15th - 29th July 2006
Ragmans Lane Gloucestershire with Starhawk & Penny Livingston- Stark

A permaculture design course and more for activists:
Learn the skills to transform a piece of land, a community and our political and economic systems.

We will also be thinking and planning for the Climate change Camp later in the summer of 2006

On completion, participants will receive a permaculture certificate.

Core facilitators:

Starhawk is a lifelong activist, direct action trainer, ecofeminist and author of many books that link earth-based spirituality with political struggle. www.starhawk.org

Penny Livingston-Stark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer and speaker. She is the founder of The Permaculture Institute of Northern California and has been working professionally in the land management and development field for 25 years. http://www.regenerativedesign.org/

There will also be visiting guest speakers.

Cost (including tuition, two weeks accommodation and all meals):
£100 - £500 sliding scale according to income:
£500 waged
£300 low income
£100 unwaged (This is negotiable).

We particularly welcome applications from underrepresented groups within the activist community
Accommodation will be either camping or small dorms/bunk rooms.

The food will be vegetarian and organic as far as possible.

Selection criteria: As there are only limited places available on this course, it is necessary to have a selection criteria rather than accept people on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to people who are:

- involved primarily in the activist* community/movement
- have some experience of being involved in activism.
- involved with local groups and who will make a commitment to share what they learn with their own communities and affinity groups
- are active in the UK, although we are open to applications from people in Europe.

The closing date for applications is 31st May 2006.

If you are interested in taking part in this course, please contact the organising collective for an application form, at:

Earth Activist Training
C/o 3 Yew Tree Cottages
Pitt Court
North Nibley
Gl11 6EB

Or e-mail: eat2006@riseup.net
(21) The Big Green Gathering – August 2nd – 6th 2006, in Somerset UK.
The Big Green Gathering is for people who care about health, the environment, sustainability, our children's future and life in general. It is a celebration of our natural world and our place within it. As such it is a place for enjoyment, learning and fun. It is a camping based festival with music, workshops, stalls and lots else besides.
For more information, check their website at http://www.big-green-gathering.com

If you come, check out The Great Turning Times stall in the Ethics/ Philosophy / Spirituality field.
Find the Yurt of Empowerment where there will be regular workshops based on The Work That Reconnects.
Contact Chris at chris@chrisjohnstone.info for more details about this.
(22) The Last Atomic Bomb
US film-maker Kathleen Sullivan will be screening this inspiring and deeply moving film at The Big Green Gathering.
It tells the story of the Hibakusha – those survived the nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Kathleen is also looking for other possible hosts to screen this film. If your local group is interested,
Contact Kathleen by email at edna@bestweb.net
(23) A Council of all Beings
A Council of all Beings will be held on 9th - 10th September, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.

Our base will be a tipi in a flower meadow surrounded by woods and streams. There will be camping and limited indoor accommodation.

Arrive on Friday evening for an early start Saturday, closing on Sunday afternoon. Main meals, all drinks and materials provided. Cost £40 waged, £25 unwaged.

Facilitators Gina Heathersprite, Richard Bambrey and Sue Weaver. Please contact Sue for information on 01550 777402, or llwynbwch@freeola.com

(24) Time for the Dream
Saturday and Sunday 1st & 2nd July, 10-4pm
With Mary Jayne-Rust and Chris Johnstone

“Although dreams and reality are sometimes seen as opposites,
it is more helpful to think of them as two points in a journey.
Present reality is the starting point of where you are now.
Dream, goal and vision are different words to describe the places you want to get to.”
From Find Your Power by Chris Johnstone

This two day experiential course offers an opportunity to
• clarify your positive vision, both for your own life and for the world
• identify blocks in the way and find ways through these
• plan your next action steps to bring your vision into being

Cost £95, includes seasonal, organic vegetarian lunch.
At The Gaia Learning Centre, 18, Well Walk, Hampstead, London NW3 2YT.
For booking and further information, contact Charlotte Aldridge or Kate Povey,
Tel 020-7428 0055 email: charlotte@gaianet.org
(25) The Buddhafield Festival: 12 – 16th July 2006

The Buddhafield Festival is annual festival in Somerset for around 2000 people. It has a no drink, no drugs, no dogs policy and is a particularly great place for children. You can dip into as much or as little of the Buddhist aspects as you like. There’s plenty to do. This year’s theme is “Dharma Warriors; transforming self and world” and the Work that Reconnects is sure to be an influence on that. Numbers are limited so booking is recommended. For more information contact General Enquiries on 01647 24539 <mailto:festivalinfo@buddhafield.com> or see the Buddhafield website http://www.buddhafield.com. Do visit the Social Action area and also the Activist Sangha area where we ran a Council of All Beings circle last year. Look out for the workshops on the information boards or, if you have a workshop to offer which brings together aspects of social and environmental action and Buddhism - offer a workshop.
(26) The Work that Reconnects
With Alex Wildwood, Chris Johnstone and Jo Hamilton
September 15th-17th 2006 , at Monkton Wyld Court, nr Bridport, Dorset
Cost £154 (concs available) for fully residential weekend workshop.

Are you concerned about the condition of our world? Would you like to strengthen your ability to respond?
This residential weekend workshop introduces "The Work That Reconnects", an empowerment approach developed by Joanna Macy (see www.joannamacy.net for info).
Deepening our feeling of connection with life, we will open up spiritual and psychological resources needed to face and respond to global issues. T
hrough experiential practices we will explore how to use the energy of our emotional responses, reconnect with our passion to act for life and transform concern for the world into creative engagement.

For more information and booking, see http://www.monktonwyldcourt.org and click events.
(27) Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility Eco-psychology Conference
24th June 2006 at the Hockerton Housing Project, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Morning - workshop on Personal Power for The Planet with Chris Johnstone and Maitrisara.
Of all the problems of our world, perhaps the biggest is that of the blocked response. The morning session explores how counsellors and psychotherapists can help people rise to the challenge of responding to ecological crisis.
Afternoon - tour of Hockerton Housing Project - an earth sheltered self-sufficient ecological housing development.
For details, see webpage at http://www.pcsr.org.uk/Eco06.pdf
or email admin@pcsr.org.uk
(28) Equality, Diversity and Sustainability: Connections and Tensions.
Monday 19th June 2006, 12.00am - 16.30pm
Abbey Conference Centre, Room L7 London Road Building, London Road,
Elephant and Castle, London, SE1 0AA

Aim of the seminar:
* To enhance our understanding of the relationship between these three critical themes in a range of different educational contexts.
* To explore how we can make better connections between the themes at the level of both policy and practice.

Cost: Non-LSBU Individuals: £50 (Including Lunch)
LSBU Individuals: Free
CCCI Management Committee, Associates and Fellows: Free

For further information please contact Dane Austin at
austind@lsbu.ac.uk or 02078155761
Exploring Clowning & Deep Ecology 26-28 May 2006

"... if the activity to save the world doesn't give us joy, what's the point in having a world, and how will we have the wholeness and energy to carry on?"
Stephen Nachmanovich

The clown's exaggerated physical and emotional responsiveness gives us a heightened sensitivity to the world around us. What if the natural world could speak to us directly? What would it say? Through the clown's empathy and playful imagination, we open ourselves to the wonder and mystery that is Gaia's playground.

This weekend offers an opportunity to let go of the thinking, controlling part of ourselves and open up to what is present in the here and now. The course limited to 12 people.

Facilitators: Chris Seeley - Vivian Gladwell

Venue: Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire

For further information, contact chris.seeley@just-business.co.uk
or see website at http://members.aol.com/nosetonose/courses/deepecology.htm
(30) The Camp for Climate Action -26th August - 4th September 2006 in the North of England.
Bringing together people who believe that not enough is being done to stop climate chaos. One of the aims of the camp is to demonstrate and experiment with ways we can take action - and anyone with practical ideas and skills in low impact lifestyle and alternative energy is being asked to get involved: We will be bringing together all the campaigns, projects and people working on the different aspects of climate change - from compost loo builders to anti-roads and airports campaigners, from proponents of veganism to activists protecting peat bogs - all are needed to make this camp happen.

The camp will:

take action against climate change;
provide information on climate change and its causes;
share and live practical solutions;
network with other people campaigning on all the aspects of climate change.

Campaigners involved in organising the camp are drawn from a wide range of climate campaigns and have been inspired by the self-organised eco-village created in protest against the G8 in Stirling July 2006. They aim to create a space that is organised and run by the participants, has a low impact on the environment, and above all, inspires people to take action in their own lives and in wider society. We aim to be carbon neutral - it is vital that the camp and preparations for the camp generates as few emissions as possible. We encourage people to travel in ways that cause least environmental damage - no flying please!

We would like the camp to be organised around neighbourhoods and invite groups to come forward to host them. For example a neighbourhood may be made up of people from a certain action group or a geographical area. They may have their own kitchen and meeting space. We envisage that these will be the spaces in which people make links and find ways to organise at a local level. If groups are interested in hosting a neighbourhood they are encouraged to send at least one to each monthly meeting. The next meeting is 11am - 6pm 11th and 12th February at The Sumac Centre, Nottingham. Accommodation is available if you contact us in advance. Please also contact us – at facilitation@climatecamp.org.uk about any access, dietary or creche needs. The meeting space is fully accessible.

For more information see climate camp's website at www.climatecamp.org.uk.
(31) Gaia Co-operative Courses
July 7 - 9 Gaia Theory; Deep Time with Stephan Harding
Stephan is resident ecologist and co-ordinator of the MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College.
His ability to combine scientific expertise with humour and simplicity gives insights into a deep sense of connectedness with the earth. Understanding how our planet has maintained life-supporting conditions over millennia indicates ways of living which integrate with this self-healing process.
£140 residential, £110 camping

August 11 – 13 Eco-homes & Eco-villages with Peter Harper
Co-founder of the now-famous Centre for Alternative Technology, Peter Harper has a depth of experience and information about the blend of theory & practicality needed to develop an ‘eco-house’ that will be healthy for its inhabitants as well as for the planet.
Interest in eco-villages - clusters of eco-houses - is growing rapidly, and Peter will share his insights (and humour) into the process and practicality that supports this lifestyle.
£140 residential, £110 camping

These take place at a centre on the Welsh borders near Hay on Wye.
For more information, phone: 0845 458 4718
Email: info@gaiacooperative.org
Or see website at http://www.gaiacooperative.org/
(32) WildWise design and deliver excellent environmental education and training programmes for national and regional environmental organisations.
To see what they have on offer, see their website at http://www.wildwise.co.uk/

Based in Devon, the courses coming up this year include:-

July 1-3 Vision Quest - Carlos Philip Glover
Immerse deeply into the wild and into yourself supported by medicine wheel
teachings, an expert guide and an age-old tradition. Cost £135

July 7-9 Introduction to Bushcraft - Chris Holland (In aid of Survival Int.
Bushmen Appeal)
A gentle way to familiarise yourself with this amazing subject in a
convivial camp atmosphere. Skills taught will include firecraft, basic
woodcraft, shelter building and natural cordage.
Suitable for families. Cost: £125/£50 children/£295 Family of 4

September 8-10 Council of All Beings
A creative, dynamic and soulful enquiry into the nature of our
environmentalism. With its roots in deep ecology, this potent multi art-form
workshop invites you to dive deeply into the challenges facing us as
environmentalists, educators, trainers and activists. Cost: £130
organisations £85 individuals

For details, contact
Chris Salisbury
WildWise Events Ltd
Devon TQ9 6EB

Tel: 01803 868269
Mobile 0781 349 2825

Email: enquiries@wildwise.co.uk
Website: http://www.wildwise.co.uk

date: 10/06/2006
venue: Room S315, Dept Of Social Psychology, St Clements Building, LSE, WC2A 2AE
With Ian Brown From The Network Project
While there is plenty of discussion about our need to move toward a more sustainable economy and the need to change our consumption habits, there has been little consideration of what kind of society will support such profound changes. This workshop, led by Ian Brown from the Network Project, will explore the kind of supportive social relationships we need, our models of ownership, of citizenship and co-operation.
cost: sliding scale
contact for booking: Rosamund Stock
contact email address: r.e.stock@lse
event web link: http://letslink.org/network/workshops/060610.htm
(34) CAE MABON - ALIDA GERSIE workshop

'The Creator Takes This Soil And Works It'

Fri 2nd to Sun 4th June 2006

This weekend we will explore, play and make some things with what is at hand. We'll encounter the abundance of our inner and outer resources. We will also be amazed at how the process of making moves us in unforeseen ways. The things we create will mostly be 'fresh words and new stories'. Metaphors that linger in the soul's mind. But we'll also make twiggy things, concrete objects, peculiar maps and unexpected pathways. If you want the professional space to engage with new and familiar storymaking techniques, this might be your weekend. But if you want a personal space to simply be surprised by storied and other makings in a beautiful environment - this is also your weekend. And if you would like both - that too is on offer.

Alida Gersie is an inspirational workshop leader. She is a consultant and author with an international practice, specialising in the uses of storymaking to resolve distressing consequences of trauma and loss. Until 2000 she was Principal Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and the Director of Studies of the Postgraduate Arts Therapies Programme. Prior to this she held senior positions in the arts, health and community development. Her books include 'Storymaking in Education and Therapy' (with Nancy King), 'Dramatic approaches to Brief Therapy', 'Storymaking in Bereavement' and 'Reflections on Therapeutic Storymaking: The use of stories in groups' (Jessica Kingsley Publishers).

Price: £120 inc. food and accommodation

Fri 2nd to Sun 4th June 2006

More info:
To make a booking call Eric on 01286 871542
or send a £50 deposit to Cae Mabon, Fachwen, Llanberis, Gwynedd LL55 3HB
or email


early announcement

"Where we dwell"

a 2-day storymaking workshop with Alida Gersie

at Wildwise - Dartington

November 2 and 3, 2006

A rare opportunity to work deeply with a fantastic teacher. With the theme of 'where we dwell', this workshop is an intense experience of storymaking supported by the elements of nature.

Interested? Please contact Chris Salisbury at WildWise Events Ltd
Foxhole, Dartington, Totnes
Devon TQ9 6EB

Tel: 01803 868269
Mobile 0781 349 2825

Email: enquiries@wildwise.co.uk
Website: www.wildwise.co.uk
(35) “The Extended Mind”

A presentation by Rupert Sheldrake

2:30pm: Saturday 23rd September 2006,

At City of London School for Girls, St Giles' Terrace, Barbican, London. EC2Y 8BB

Including 2 videos of telepathy in action.

Have you ever had a premonition, the feeling of being watched, or a telepathic experience? The renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake will present his recent findings, powerfully suggesting that part of us extends beyond our bodies to make direct connection with the world around us. The presentation will include 2 videos one showing the parrot Nkisi and its owner, and one (filmed for television) showing the Nolan sisters. Afterwards Rupert Sheldrake will dialogue with the physicist Chris Clarke on the implications of this extended connection for our ecological situation.

Rupert Sheldrake is one of the world's most innovative biologists who has revolutionised scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory. He is the author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books, including The Sense of Being Stared At And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind (2003).

1:45pm Doors open

2:30pm - 4:00pm (approx) Presentation

Afterwards the GreenSpirit Books stall will offer an extensive range of titles.

Cost: Standard - £15. GreenSpirit members in advance - £13. Concessionary (unwaged) - £10.

More information and directions at: www.greenspirit.org.uk/sheldrake or phone: 0845 2235280

For tickets in advance, send a cheque (payable to “GreenSpirit”) by 15Sep06 to: GreenSpirit, 137 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London. E7 9LE. Or phone tel: 0845 2235280 - we take credit/debit cards.
Consumer culture rests on an assumption that the path to happiness is through spending money. The new science of happiness questions this, with studies showing that materialism reduces life satisfaction; it suggests instead that more enduring paths to happiness come from using your strengths to serve a purpose larger than yourself. Chris Johnstone is joined by well known media psychiatrist Raj Persaud to introduce the new science of positive psychology.
Cost £15 (concs available), to book, phone Bristol University Public Programmes Office, tel: 0117 928 7172
Or email: cont-ed@bristol.ac.uk
More information at Chris’s website: http://www.chrisjohnstone.info
(37) OXFORD - A group in Oxford have been building on their experience of the Work that Reconnects in 2005. Currently there is a study action group on Climate Change, another study action group on Creativity and plans for an introductory day on The Work that Reconnects. If you are interested in being in touch with the group, please contact: Jo Hamilton Tel 07941 134664 soaringskywards@yahoo.co.uk or Fiona Mullins 01865 204446. fiona.mullins@btconnect.com
(38) HEREFORDSHIRE/MONMOUTH AREA ECOPSYCHOLOGY GROUP - We have been growing slowly in numbers but are getting to know each other and to identify what it is we want this group to be and do. Starting with the paradox that we humans continue to plunder and pollute our Home despite many of us caring deeply about Her, we have been inviting people to form a small core group who want to look at why this is so and to work towards an understanding of the dynamics of this. So essentially the group offers a safe space (ie non-judgemental) in which to
a) Meet each other at depth
b) Listen to each other and validate each other
c) Honour the pain we feel for the Earth
d) Ask questions about how it feels to come from fear or guilt or anger - what does it lead to and what are the consequences?
e) Search for a way to make sense of living in the present time, to explore a view of the larger context: a philosophical, spiritual and cosmological dimension so that as Joanna says we "can hold an awareness that you have a life now and that you are are going to make it meaningful for the story of conscious life on earth."
For information contact Rosemary Bell email: rosiebell@onetel.com
(39) Ecopsychology Group ...or Psycho-ecology Group?

Whatever we call ourselves, we’re meeting monthly or thereabouts in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.

Sharing our love of the Earth and our longing to find the ways to change ourselves and our communities. We talk, share information, lend books and DVDs, support each other in our enthusiasms and our distress, and are beginning to inspire each other and make plans...

Interested? For more information contact Sue Weaver on 01550 777402 or at llwynbwch@freeola.com

or Annie Davis on 01558 822742 or at aj@anniedavisallen.co.uk
(40) Are you in a local group exploring The Great Turning, Deep Ecology, The Work That Reconnects, Eco-psychology or related areas? If so, please send brief details for the next Great Turning Times due out in August. Copydate end of July.