A profound process for restoring my connection with the natural environment. It was an inspiring and sustaining experience, a wonderful insight into the strength we can draw from understanding our place in the world. Deep ecology teachings are essential for human wellbeing in this time of ecological crisis.

Emma Pittaway, Greenpeace climate change campaigner


"I'm lucky enough to have done several Council of All Beings with John Seed, and have found them deeply inspiring. John is a wise man, hugely experienced as a facilitator and infectious in his commitment to act for our world. If you get a chance, I strongly recommend going to one of his workshops".

Dr Chris Johnstone, author of "Find Your Power", UK.


I attended the Deep Ecology - Council of All Beings workshop here in Byron Bay earlier this year. For me it provided a strong experience. Not just through connection with other community members who share a deep longing and concern for a healthier planet, but to the planet herself. Throughout the weekend i gained a clearer sense of my own personal journey - where i am connected, where i am disconnected; plus many insights into my unique purpose and voice.

I loved meeting and singing with John. He is a beautiful man with a kind heart and a genuine, authentic and inspiring message. Also, I loved sharing deeply with people from my tribe who, until the weekend, had been faces in the bank cue or behind the local market stall.

So the weekend for me was about connection, which seems like the most important theme in my life right now.

Libby Perkins


John's Deep Ecology workshop shifted my view of the world, and my place in it. It got me to see a different point of view and examine my own view of the world. This has helped me understand different world views and their influence in how we got to such a crisis point on earth.
I'm now able to appreciate and work with people with perspectives vastly different from my own. Thanks John, for the perspective, what a refreshing approach!

Tathra Street


I have attended Councils of All Beings at several Deep ecology workshops. It never ceases to amaze me how profound the process is and where it takes me inside my being. It reflects what is going on in the World Environment and of couse the human psyche which once again reconfirms we are not separate from this beautiful Blue Green Planet we call Earth but intrinsically divinely connected through our very biology. For anyone wishing to connect to the environment and the billion or so creatures we share it with to gain some deeeper insight and perspective on the web of life I recommend attending the Council of All Beings

Cheze Malaika Darville, Corporate Team Builder


" I attended a Council of All Beings workshop with John in December 2008. There were about thirty people in the group. After a welcoming introduction from John and explainations about the process and purpose of the workshop, which fostered an understanding of the theories behind what we were about to participate in, the group was then lead through various processes to guide us through actual experiences of the basic principles and goals of the Council of All Beings.
I found John to be very relaxed and compassionate in nature, which made it easy to feel comfortable in going through the processes, and deeply connecting with other group members, which at times requires letting go of any holding back or supression of deeply held onto fears or beliefs and/or emotions thereby leading to a release of these supressed beliefs and/or emotions; and further leading to, in my experience, a great clarity of mind and deeper, more tangible sense of connection with others and sense of wholeness within oneself.
I recommend the Council of All Beings workshop to anyone who would like and experience of release of tension and stress, clarity, and a more efficient functioning in daily life."

Soul Sarkis


The Experience of Deep Ecology begins well before the workshop in the part of the psyche that seeks answers to the feeling of a connectedness and disconnectedness with the living organism of the earth. The connectedness of course comes from the fact that we ARE also a part of this living organism. The disconnectedness is a result of humanities long journey of separation from the web of life. Seeking answers to such question led me to a workshop entitled Deep Ecology – The Council of All Beings – Towards A Sustainable Future. The Deep Ecology Workshop of John Seed allowed me to discuss and explore my feelings of connectedness with this wonderful planet we call Earth. Yet even more than this it helped me work on the issues of disconnectedness. What better example to portray relationship, communication, team work, sustainable systems and answer to feelings of separation than the Earth itself. A Deep Ecology Workshop is three days of focus on the bridges and rivers that connect our thought with that of all other lifeforms which share this sacred space we call home. It is a sacred space which brings the participant empowerment, inspiration, reflection and most of all Connection

Rob Goldspring


In April 2009 I attended a 2 day workshop on ‘a Council of All Beings’. This was orchestrated by John Seed OAM who for many years, has been an advocate for the environment and helped many people develop a stronger and more realistic sense of our place within it.

It was a most uplifting weekend with knowledge, skill and humor bringing about outcomes that profoundly affected all who attended.

I have no hesitation in recommending John and his wonderful workshops as beneficial and worthwhile

Bryony Taylor


I have seen John Seed offering workshops in contexts ranging from small groups of students and professionals to an international conference. Using music, humour, group exercises and a stimulating intellectual framework, he empowers people to see that there can be no separation between ecology, economy and what it means to be a whole person living in One World. John takes participants on a journey that develops the integration and integrity in their lives. This cannot help but to stimulate creativity and right relationship - and not just in private matters, but also in the workplace and through the conscientious profession of life's vocation.

Alastair McIntosh, Visiting Professor of Human Ecology, University of Strathclyde.


Deep Ecology Weekend
What a wonderful way to experience nature, free of self-ego identity for a few days at least, transforming into our natural being. The whole weekend was very supported and filled with creative projects that certainly awakened me to my ancient, biological self, connected to the whole planetary body....connected to the begining of time and all evolution.
Not to be missed ........

Radha Koch



I've often felt alone in my concerns for the state of the environment, and in that sense of isolation feel powerless to effect change. It all seems so big. John Seed's "The Council of All Beings" workshop opened me up to new possibilities of feeling empowered, and reconnected me to a community of people that encouraged and supported my own journey. The workshop was playful, dynamic, empowering and restored my belief in the power of community to evoke change in my local region and the world. It showed me new possibilities of how being a agent for change in the world.