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We Are All Survivors Here

Calling the Council

Warriors of the Rainbow














We Are All Survivors Here Kay Grindland

Is there any difference, finally

between the rape of a daughter

and the clearcut

the stripmining of the earth?


It felt the same to me,

driving up the Hoh River Valley

to the heart

of the rainforest

seeing clearcut after clearcut

splayed upon the mountains.


I recognize the signs:

how for a moment,

when I am not disassociated

from my body (the earth)

the pain and grief flood through me.


How sleepy numbness

and distraction overtake me

how I avert my eyes and flee

from the evidence that I am torn assunder.


How I do not want to go in

(to see the rainforest)

to witness the preciousness

that just below has been thrown away.


How it is denied:

tourists consuming beauties

at the National Park,

hiding behind cameras and activity,

pretending there are no clearcuts,

there is no danger.


How within the secret I fall

into shame, into isolation,

doubting my truth and my power.


How another's anger,

my own saves me,

how speaking truth and feeling

brings me home again.


We are all survivors here

we are the Earth—

and it is our bodies, our spirits

we have ravaged,

our pain that we deny.


The skills of healing

incest and abuse are the same skills

that heal us all.


My own healing must reach

beyond the confrontation

of one man—one act—one issue.

It embodies the naming,

the grief and anger,

the reclamation, the fight

for nothing less than this planet

this earth

our body.

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Calling the Council Of All Beings
by Joan Zimmerman

"Beings", he said, "are anything that is."

Rivers as well as fish were what he meant,

Wind as well as the grass it bent,

Rain, the clay it cooled, the worm that went

Among the earth.

He touched all lives to his.


"Counsel," he said, "is what they give."

He meant their knowledge and actions that would advise


Of possibilities for being wise,

The taste of granite, sight through spider eyes,

Eaglets at birth,

Oceans where dolphins live.


initial publication "The Monthly Planet" (1988) republication "Coast Lines" (1996).


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WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW — Dada Nabhaniilananda

Last century an old wise woman of the Cree had a vision of the future. She foresaw the Earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds falling from the air and the fish being poisoned in the streams. but then she predicted the advent of a new kind of warrior—from different races and different creeds, coming together to make the Earth green again. She called them the Warriors of the Rainbow.



The sky is clouding, the grass is fading,

People in anguish, the dark is rising.

The Earth She writhes beneath the claws

of the minds that are poisoned

Her children tossed on the waves

of cruel desire and corruption

It could be you, don't shrink away

from the need of the hour

Don't turn away from the hand

stretched in pain of your Mother.

Her name means freedom, Her body earthgreen,

Her blood clear water, her voice is birdsong.

The Earth cries out, can't you hear,

take your courage in hand now.

Our deeds must speak of the love for all beings

waxing strong now

We can't allow the heartless ones

to destroy this great wonder

Slaughtering wales, felling trees,

with no thought for the future.

Here rule the demons, they love no creature,

Their words are poison, they weave dark futures.



Gather all ye who love the world

from distant lands beneath the tall sky

Gather all ye who love the world

from distant lands beneath the tall sky

In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

Gather all ye who love the world

from distant lands beneath the tall sky

In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

And now the wind is shifting, the tide is turning,

The mist is rising, a rainbow forming

Warriors of the rainbow, the stars are calling

Warriors of the rainbow, the trees are falling

Warriors of the rainbow, the spirit dying,

Warriors of the rainbow, the world is crying out in pain.

And I shall never rest in peace till this cruel reign is ended

And all the children of the Earth shall be free,

Her wounds all mended.

Your time has come, make the Earth green again,

don't delay now.

Victory has been foreseen for the people who do.

Warriors of the rainbow, create new Eden,

Clear rain a'falling, blue sky unending,

Unfearful faces, starlight revealing,

Small creatures dancing, glad voices singing,

Free children playing with chains that are broken,

Warriors of the rainbow, the future lies within your hands.



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Re-earthing — Kim Somerville

Yes, I remember now


crying out

in my wildness

my wildnerness


I remember now

my howl

my lone wolf howl

how it rumbles and lingers

in my throat

and chest


Tears flow down

my flushed cheeks



and breath

still howling

sweet and wild


I remember now

the sadness


into the stillness

of the night


for a response

and the only sound

is an echo

of my



I am the howl

of lone wolf

of all wild




I Remember now

my howl

long and low

Oh God

how wild and good

it feels

to howl once more.


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