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Reflections of Re-Earthing

Re-Earthing Workshop

Re-Earthing (Poem)




My intention was to find the root cause of my personal suffering and although this was not a planetary intention, this breath session with Harriet Rose was an extraordinary one.

I was breathing feet facing the uphill of a real mountain in the Catskills of New York (the watershed for NYC). My mind started to go over the destruction of this past century, the countless species lost, the toxification of soil, water and air, and the crushing alienation of humans out of touch with themselves and each other. Lush, alive greenness was being replaced rapidly by alien asphalt, concrete and suffering. I was sobbing at what we had wrought.

After awhile I thought of the allies I had brought with me into the session; toad and elephant. Their "medicine" as the Native Americans put it, were going to be my protection and protect me they did. They made me aware of the powers of the four directions, the firm ground beneath my feet and the eternal sky above. Suddenly, I became the mountain. I felt what it was to be rock, water and forest and as water I was headed towards the sea; starting out as a stream getting larger and stronger. In fact I became the Hudson River headed toward the Atlantic with the ability to clean what was before me. I felt all my brother and sister tributaries flowing into me also. Inhale, exhale, water, smiling, powerful current.

Finally in Brooklyn I took back my human form. My breathing was still firm and steady, taking in more oxygen than usual. I met my wife on the promenade which has the most excellent view of the skyscrapers at the tip of Manhattan island. It was a sunny midday with hundreds of people surrounding us lovingly. Their was an expectant but extremely serene mood about the crowd that knew it was helping to shape a galactic event. Louise and I were both holding in our arms our own inner child. Time was slowing down to a standstill. All was quiet except for the sounds of the canoes being paddled down the river by the original human inhabitants of this area. The buildings behind were radiating a crystalline white light.

As time stood still we gazed upon the Statue of Liberty whose head was adorned with a circulating energy of a giant UFO. The stage was set. Through the cool breeze caressing our faces our minds listened to the Earth pour out the answers on building a new world. A new world based on safety, togetherness and trust. The end of HIStory and the beginning of ecstasy.

As my breathing became more normal and I became more conscious of the room I was in, the words "CONNECT 1200" etched themselves in my mind. All I could write before starting to draw was: If I am rock, plant, and animal. What is death? (Where is thy sting?)

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This is so powerful, revolutionary, and has such mind-boggling implications that the term "Re-Earthing" doesn't adequately describe it. It should be called something like ReEvolving.

Using the by now relatively familiar techniques of holotropic breathing, John Seed has been attempting to re-connect groups of people to the reality of their interpenetration with and dependence on all other aspects of nature and the creation. Using breathwork, a powerful tool in itself for personal healing and growth, he has added the elements of group intention, body orientation, and energetic direction to go beyond the personal and allow the emergence of what can only be described as a next higher order phenomenon. The following is a description of my experience in a recent session:

Lying together, heads toward the centre, and hands touching, we are inducted by music, the drum, and breathing together. We are instructed to spiral energy to the right. The energy manifests in hands and arms. The hands go energetically to the hands of the woman on either side of me, one side receiving, one sending. Similarly, I see and feel as if the hands of the women on either side are both stimulating me. I become very aroused. The energy builds and goes around the circle in ever-increasing intensity, fuelled by the energy stimulation. Physically, my hands remain joined to the hands of each partner, the energy buzzes and my hands start to become indistinguishable from theirs.

The energy starts to move up through the ring of bodies, the mandala acting like an energy pump or battery. When it reaches our heads, it forms a vortex. This expands to fill the room, the house, and then the valley. At the periphery, I sense animals and plants standing in a circle and adding their own energies to those we have initiated.

Suddenly, out of this vortex, a giant being comes into existence. It has the general features of Pan and stands approximately one-half mile high. It looks around, laughs and starts to spin. It in turn becomes part of the earth energies of the region, the mountain spirals, etc. These vortexes spiral into the earth and form a living, aware matrix of the spinning planet, the whirling ball an armature of a giant energy-generating system. This in turn becomes part of the solar system and then the galaxies. I bring to mind my purpose and cry out to the being, "How can we live?" The answer comes, "Everything moves in a circle".

It later comes to me that a much more intense field could be generated if one had concentric rings of people lying together, each ring representing the plates in a battery cell, generating the amperage, and the number of rings analogous to the number of cells, generating the voltage. Each ring would be connected by placing the feet of the inner ring on the heads of the outer.

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Re-earthing Kim Somerville

Yes, I remember now


crying out

in my wildness

my wildnerness


I remember now

my howl

my lone wolf howl

how it rumbles and lingers

in my throat

and chest


Tears flow down

my flushed cheeks



and breath

still howling

sweet and wild


I remember now

the sadness


into the stillness

of the night


for a response

and the only sound

is an echo

of my



I am the howl

of lone wolf

of all wild




I Remember now

my howl

long and low

Oh God

how wild and good

it feels

to howl once more.


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