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Certified Timber Available For Import 1


It was expected that three Canadian forestry operations would be certified to FSC standards by the end of 1995. At this stage, there are no accurate estimates of the volumes of timber likely to be available from these operations.

NB: Ask for proof of certification. Non-certified suppliers could be sourcing any of the following or other species from old growth forest.

The timbers which are likely to be available are predominantly from second-growth forest:

Douglas Fir/Oregon (pseudotsuga spp)

Hemlock (tsuga spp)

Western Larch (larix occidentalis)

Lodgepole Pine (pinus contorta)


Small amounts of the following may also be available:

Western White Pine (Pinus monticola)

Western Red Cedar (Thuja spp)

Western Hemlock (Tsuga spp)

White Spruce (Picea spp)



In PNG, one of the projects known to be both capable of export and close to achieving FSC-type certification is managed by a Bainings landowner company in East New Britain Province (the 'Bainings Project'). It was established with the assistance of the Pacific Heritage Foundation (PHF) and the UK-based B&Q Hardware chain.

There are more than 300 other small sawmills run by communities in PNG. Most of these mills are in operation, but have great difficulty in finding markets for their timber. A recent survey by the Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific (FSP) found that generally, the timber from these village mills would be rough-sawn timber of mostly hardwood species.

The species available from Foundation for People of the South Pacific's ecoforestry projects are as follows:

(species are ranked according to available quantities)

Calophyllum (Calophyllum spp)

Kwila (Intsia spp)

Mersawa (Anisoptera spp)

Pencil Cedar (Palaquium spp)

Planchonella (Planchonella spp)

Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus)

Taun (Pometia pinnata)

The main species available to the Pacific Heritage Foundation are:

Taun (Pometia pinnata)

Kamarere (Eucalyptus deglupta).

1. From the Greenpeace document, Sourcing Timber for the 2000 Olympic Games - see under Books, Ethical Timber. (See also Imported Timbers Whose Use should be Avoided, in this section).

2. See also Timber - Certified and Accredited Certification Bodies.

3. The Bainings Project is listed under Timber Certified in the Alternative Directory. Contact details for FSP and PHF are listed under Ecoforestry Projects in the Directory.)

- See the Alternative Directory entry, under Timber, Certified, for Ecological Trading Company , which is also importing PNG timbers from community forestry projects, but only to the UK/Europe at this stage.

NB: In late 1995, the Village Development Trust in Lae (PNG) prepared a list of timber species available from affiliated Ecotimber Producer Co-operatives, which it will be able to export to Australia and elsewhere in the near future. One such group is the Morobe Ecotimber Producers Group. Membership of this group is dependent upon individuals meeting the standards of a forest management regime which will guarantee certification as 'well managed' forest by the FSC. For the time being, VDT is organising the means of quality control and the export component of the business.

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