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Please note that the RIC Good Wood Guide is No Longer in Service as there is no Editor for the Project.



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The RIC Good Wood Guide

(latest update: OCTOBER 1998)

Published by

The Good Wood Project

c/o Rainforest Information Centre
p.o. box 368 Lismore NSW 2480
ph: (066) 218 505
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The purpose of this Guide is to inspire and inform you about the nature and origins of timbers and non-timber building materials available in Australia. The Good Wood Guide sets out to enlighten readers and empower them to choose and use those materials which are least damaging to the environment, yet best suited to the users' specific needs. Although we believe the information provided is accurate, it is intended as a guide and is not architectural advice.

Thanks to all those who continue to work for the protection, preservation and restoration of the world's forests and the wellbeing of the forest people.

RIC is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation.

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