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copyright Chris Johnstone

The Players
Chris Johnstone - vocals, guitar, percussion
John Seed - jews harp


backing one - uh huh, uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh (repeated, rhythmically)
backing two - ecology, deep ecology, this rap's about deep ecology (rpt)
backing three - Deep Eh-cology, Deep Ecology,
Deep Eh-cology, Deep Ecology huh! (repeat)

Backings one, two and three build up in layers, then the rap begins

So just what is Deep Ecology
well it's saying we're more than just the narrow me
we're part of something huge, of immmense worth
we're part of all of life on earth
the whole is more than the sum of the parts
the whole we can hear when we listen in our heart
Gaia is the name we give to this whole
an awakening earth where we each have a role

Chorus (x2)
Gaia, Gaia spirit
awaken in our heart
Gaia, we're part of Gaia
together we can play our part

Backing parts build up in layers again
(also improvised horn section, using vocals)

(Rap verse two)
From the Iron age to Gaian age,
we move away from consumer craze
in the healing of the earth, a new worldview
co-created by me and you
in the changes in our lives that we can make
a culture not a vulture for Gaia's sake
is taking care of the larger me

Chorus and build up again
(Verse three)
One and two and three and four
earth is hurting earth is sore
two and four, six and eight
Gaia spirit radiate
three, five, seven, nine
we need to change while there's still time
nine and ten, eleven, twelve
the answers lie within ourselves


We're part of an awakening earth,
we're part of an awakening earth,
(repeats as closing refrain)

Best mixed with strong elements of handclap and beat.