Actions were held in at least 15 cities around the world - Milan, Dublin, Prague, New York City, Quito, Washington DC, Barcelona, Zurich, London, Munich, Muenster, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Warsaw and Canberra,

Here are the reports that have come in by 6AM 25/10 Sydney time. I will be incommunicado for 6 days so hopefully the rest of the reports and photos will be posted to and/or

for the Earth     -       John Seed

PRAGUE: The demo/street theatre in Prague was organized a bit at the last
minute, (we read the mail less than a week before about the
international action) but on the day it went really well.

We decided to build a pipeline through the bank's office in Prague. 
There were only 15 or so people but they included a big tree (me!)
two birds (with wings and tails!) a jaguar, a squirrel, a butterfly, a
frog and a monkey.  Then people dressed as workers came in to
clear the area (with signs), and I was chopped down by someone
with a chainsaw.  They then started to build the (cardboard)
pipeline towards the office and we asked if the office workers could
leave as the pipeline would go straight through it (they  didn't.)

Leaflets were handed out (by the animals, birds and the tree), a
banner was unfurled (by the frog and the monkey) and information
was written on the pipe by the various animals present. 

The tree and the chainsaw woman exausted themselves in chasing
each other around, but luckily we were able to regrow the tree for
future actions.

A letter signed by 12 environmental groups in the Czech Rep. was
handed in to the office, along with petitions from passer-bys.  One
TV camera and even the police showed up at the end (8 of them).
But after one threatened something horrible they decided not to
bother as we were leaving anyway. 

Joe Carbusters

SYDNEY: We had a great day in downtown Sydney, about 50 people showed up including the Atomic Oz street theatre troupe, drummers, dancing girls, the works,  as we unfurled our banners outside the downtown skyscraper wherein lurks WestLB. Reuters cameraman was there, I've done 4 radio interviews including Radio National and everyone had lots of fun. We tried to deliver a letter of protest to WestLB head office  on the 29th floor but were turned back by security.

LONDON: Our "action" here in London was not really spectacular (in a visual way), so we
havn't got any fotos: we handed out leaflets to the employees of West LB in
London with info on the pipeline, asking them to discuss with their managers to
discontinue support for the OCP pipeline.
The leaflet is attached

Also attached is the press release we released yesterday

We have also started an email action on our website to ask WestLB to stop
financing the pipeline. This can be found (when it is online later today) on

NEW YORK CITY: Sorry for the very last minute notice on this, but we will be doing a
very small West LB leafletting today, Wednesday from 10:30AM-2PM at
West LB at 1211 Avenue of the Americas between 47th and 48th Street.

Adam Weissman


We've managed to do an action in Warsaw. Had a few banners and gave  the leaflets to clients, where we wrote, that their bank is involved in building such a dangerous construction. We asked them to boycott this bank, because its politics isn't responsible and fair. We gave also a letter to the manager, that came to us (we were outside, bodyguars did't let us come in). This man told, that polish branch of WestLB does not found pipeline in Ekwador (of course) and has nothing to do with it (of course). He told us, that head office claims, that everything is legal, they have permission, the government in Ekwador wants this pipeline e.s.o.
There were some  journalists with us, so mayby this problem will be tomorrow in newspapers.
The action lasted for an hour, but we've made phonecalls, sent mails and fax to bank all day and I think - they had hard day, because we asked for doing that our friends from another NGOs. 
We are waiting for some information from another countries. Now I am on my vacations, so please, if you would answer, write to:
Asia Matusiak
Workshop for All Beings


A group of us leafletted the business area in Dublin close to WESTLB Bank, and delivered a letter to MD Thomas Kaiser, who refused to meet us.

His PA had a discussion with us in the hallway, and presented us with a one page press release issued on August 28, 2001 which referred to the EIA and committments to do more if necessary.

We requested a meeting  with the MD or other decision-maker. All 23 members of staff refused to meet with us. The PA denied the company had any knowledge of the project until this morning, said they had received orders not to speak to anyone about the OCP project and all queries should be directed to HQ in Dusseldorf. When questioned about the need of Irish investers to know if they were supporting unethical investments, among the responses received was that they were very busy sifting out terrrorist accounts and dealing with customer concerns and would not investigate the situation in Ecuador on foot of our concerns and would not release information as to the level of involvement of the WestLB office in Dublin.

We have also written to the German ambassador to Ireland.

Dusseldorf - Great actions by Greenpeace - click here

From: Rettet den Regenwald e.V., Reinhard Behrend, <>

15 People from the groups FIAN, GfbV, Rettet den Regenwald and Save the Planet demonstrated this afternoon before the WestLB in Hamburg, Germany and showed a banner and handed in a petition. They had animal masks like tapir, Macaw and tucans.
Reinhard Behrend

From: Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker (GfbV), <>

hi,aqui unas quantas fotos de nos accion de muenster.muchas saludas de alemania.asta luego.
hi folks,i prefer writing in english.we delivered many brochures to the people in muenster.we stood in front of the
sparkassen-building(a part of west-LB) and a friend of us an artist from columbia(jorge hidalgo)and his son were attachment we send some pictures


From: Amazònia Assemblea de Solidaritat <>

Convoca "Red Anti-Petroleras" de Barcelona:
- Asociación de Inmigrantes Ecuador Llactacaru
- Comitè de Solidaritat amb els Pobles de l'Equador
- Entrepobles
- Amazònia Assemblea de Solidaritat

Acción en Barcelona:

En Barcelona hicimos una acción informativa, cerca de una gasolinera de la
Repsol-YPF, 2ª accionista del proyecto del oleoducto, estuvimos durante
casi 2 horas unas 15 personas repartiendo al público que pasaba una carta
abierta a la compañia con su dirección, de tal forma que si las personas
quisieran podrán enviarla por correo.

Se hizo fotos pero no la tenemos aún, tampoco vino ningún medio de
comunicación pero abajo sigue la nota que se envió previamente a la prensa:


Amazon Watch, RAN, Project Underground
From: Atossa Soltani, <>

Los Angeles - About 20 people from Amazon Watch and Action Resource Center converged downtown los angeles in front of WESTLB's offices on W. Fifth Street with colorful signs and puppets. WestLB refused to meet with us (kept hanging up the phone) or accept our informational packet. We chanted and educated the downtown lunch crowd. Hundreds of postcards to WestLB officials and leaflets were distributed. La Opinion, the spanish language daily sent a photographer and AP TN (Associated Press Television) says they will do a story from the DC office. We made a video tape for the TV stations with background footage of the recent protests and blockades in Ecuador, aerial footage of Mindo and the wildlife and ecosystems affected by the pipeline which we sent to AP. They say they should have a short news feature on sat feed to their affiliates.

San Francisco - About 25 people from Rainforest Action Network, Project Underground, and Amazon Watch converged outside of Citibank (Citi), the largest bank in the world and top funder of destructive fossil fuel projects. From this location, activists marched with banners and signs to the Ecuadorian Consulate and continued to rally there. An Achuar Representative Ramiro and Kevin Koenig from Amazon Watch went inside the Ecuadorian Consulate to meet with the representative from the consulate General's office. The delegates shared their concerns and delivered a letter and information about the issue. Activists took the opportunity to call upon Citi, a financial backer of the OCP consortium, to use its influence to stop the OCP pipeline and to cease funding of all environmentally and socially destructive projects in endangered ecosystems.