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Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 5:19 PM
Subject: Ecuador and Oil

Dear Allies -

After talking with them for months, the Sacramento Bee has finally published
their article on oil in Ecuador. It's included in a special 20 page section
called "State of Denial." It's incredibly thorough, covering the OCP,
Texaco's toxic legacy, Sarayacu resistance, and the myth of oil as an
economic panacea. There are several amazing photos as well.

The section begins: "California's environmental legacy of conserving
resources at home is on a collision course with its habit of consuming them
in record quantities from abroad. And often the losers are impoverished
citizens and communities - and spectacular ecosystems - in remote parts of
the globe, where money speaks louder than the land. "

The Ecuador part is included in Chapter 1.
To read the report, go to:

Companeros/as -
Despue de hablar con el periodico Sacramento Bee por meses sobre Ecuador y
la explotacion petrolero, el articulo salio. Es parte de un seccion del
periodico de 20 paginas que se llama "State of Denial", (Estado de
negacion--creo). El periodista, Tom Knudson fue a Guarumos, y tambien viajo
al Oriente. El articulo habla sobre el OCP, Texaco, Sarayacu, y tambien
sobre el mitio que petroleo traera desarollo. Tambien hay fotos buenos
(feos, pero buenos).

Para leerlo, vaya a

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