THE REAL FOREIGN DEBT by Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc

Revista, Renancer Indianista, No7.

A letter from an Indian chief to all European governments to
repay the gold and silver they borrowed between 1503 and 1660.

Here am I, Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc, who have come to discover those
who are celebrating the discovery. Here am I, a descendant of
those who colonized America 40,000 years ago, who have come to
discover those who discovered it 500 years ago.

My European brother at his border asks me for a written document
with a visa in order to discover those who discovered me. The
European moneylender asks me to pay a debt contracted by Judas
which I never authorized to be sold to me. The European pettifogger
explains to me that all debts must be paid with interest, even if
it means selling human beings and whole countries without their
consent. I am gradually discovering them.

I also have payments to claim. I can also claim interest. The
evidence is in the Archivo de Indias. Paper after paper, receipt
after receipt, signature after signature show that between 1503
and 1600 alone, 185 thousand kilos of gold and 16 million kilos of
silver were shipped into San Lucar de Barrameda from America.

Plunder? May Tanatzin have mercy on me for thinking that the
Europeans, like Cain, kill and then deny their brother's blood!

Genocide? That would mean giving credit to slanderers like Bartolome
de las Casa who equated the discovery of the Indies with its
destruction, or the extremists such as Dr. Arturo Pietri, who
states that the outburst of capitalism and of the current European
civilization was due to the flood of precious metals! No way!
Those 185 thousand kilos of gold and 16 million kilos of silver
must be considered as the first of several friendly loans granted
by America for Europe's development. The contrary would presuppose
war crimes, which would mean not only demanding immediate return,
but also compensation for damages. I prefer to believe in the
least offensive hypothesis. Such fabulous capital exports were
nothing short of the beginning of a Marshalltezuma Plan to
guarantee the reconstruction of a barbarian Europe, ruined by
deplorable wars against the Muslim foe. For this reason, as we
approach the Fifth Centennial of the Loan, we must ask

What have our European brothers done in a rational, responsible or
at least productive way with the resources so generously
advanced by the International Indoamerican Fund?

The answer is: unfortunately nothing. Strategically, they
squandered it on battles such a Lepanto, invincible armies,
Third Reichs and other forms of mutual extermination, only to end
up being occupied by the Yankee troops of NATO, like Panama (but
without a canal).

Financially, they were incapable - even after a moratorium of 500
years - of either paying back capital with interest or of becoming
independent from net returns, raw materials and cheap material and
cheap energy that they import from the Third World.

This disgusting picture corroborates Milton Friedman's assertion
that a subsidized economy can never function properly, and compels
us to claim - for their own good - the repayment of capital and
interest which we have so generously delayed all these centuries.

Stating this, we want to make clear that we will refrain from
charging our European brothers the despicable and bloodthirsty
floating rates of 20 or even 30 percent that they charge to Third
World countries. We shall only demand the devolution of all
precious metals advanced, plus a modest fixed annum accumulated
over 300 years. On this basis, and applying the European formula of
compound interest, we inform our discoverers that they only owe
us, as a first payment against the debt, a mass of 185,000 kilos
of gold and 16 million kilos of silver, both raised to the power
of 300. This equals a figure that would need over 300
digits to put on paper and whose weight fully exceeds that of the
planet Earth.

What huge piles of gold and silver! How much would they weigh
when calculated in blood? To say that in half a millennium Europe
has not been able to produce sufficient wealth to pay back this
modest interest is as much as admitting to the total financial
failure of capitalism.

The pessimists of the Old World state that their civilization is
already so bankrupt that they cannot fulfill their financial or
moral commitments. If this is the case, we shall be happy if they
pay us with the bullet that killed the poet. But that is not
possible, because that bullet is the very heart of Europe.