Juan Pablo Barragan, a brilliant Ecuadorian film-maker/activist has completed a 35-minute campaign video about the OCP issue. We have produced this video, "Amazon Oil Pipeline: Pollution, Corruption and Poverty", in 6 languages in order to educate activists and enable them to confront the companies in their home countries.Video available in VHS PAL and NTSC in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

Although it seems to us that it is unlikely that we can stop the pipeline at this late stage of the game, it is of the utmost importance to pursue this
campaign to prevent planned oil drilling against the wishes of the indigenous people in Yasuni National Park, Cuyabeno National Park and many other rainforest and tribal reserves in the Ecuadorian Amazon which is needed to fill the pipeline with oil.

We are organising screenings of this video in 10 countries followed by letter and email sessions to the companies and the IMF and this week 100 VHS German-language copies will be made in England and are ready for shipping to activists in Germany. Please let me know if you'd like a copy.

We are offering to send the video for a donation or for free to any activists ready to screen it and then organise email/letter-writing sessions to the companies.

Please contact johnseed1@ozemail.com.au