9/09 VALE GEOFF MOXHAM it is with deep sadness that I report that Geoff Moxham, the genius behind our biochar project, died in a tragic accident on August 27. It will be a huge loss for everyone. We take heart in his inspiring life. If you wish to see what he was working on you can visit his website at That site will also be an ongoing source of information as we make more of his work available.


Everything you ever wanted to know about biochar is at the biochar yahoo group. View postings at


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8/09 At Djanbung gardens, Nimbin Australia on 19th August, Geoff Moxham will be
launching BarefootBiochar, resolutely focussed on very-small-scale solutions.


8/09 Low-cost, Low-emission Charcoal Kiln Design Elements, Version1




5/09 "Project 540: Low-emission, low cost biochar kilns for small farms and villages" Paul Taylor's abstract of the poster presentation he will give to the 1st Asia Pacific Biochar Conference


3/09 Volunteers needed to help build a farm-scale, non-polluting biochar pyrolyser at Terania Creek


2/09 wiki for low emission low cost biochar kilns is at


press release 12/08


11/08 - HEARTFELT THANKS TO ARTISTS PROJECT EARTH for granting us 5000 pounds for our proposal to design a farm-scale pyrolysis unit (below) to draw down and sequester carbon and produce biochar. This is from the sales of their Rhythms del Mundo CD


proposal to APE 10/08