June 2003, A$500 to the the Western Woodlands Projects, NSW, Australia

Donations are much needed and will go directly into the western woodlands project and will be spent on campaign time:
We need to:

Maintain and strengthen advocacy to protect our Box, Ironbark and Red Gum woodlands, preceding, during and after the assessment process;

Liaise and lobby politicians to support and lobby for the best possible outcome for woodlands in the Brigalow Belt South;

Support and empower conservationists (people supporting conservation) from the regions involved in bioregional assessments, local, regional and state wide conservation groups;

Continue a strong community awareness campaign for the plight of our woodlands as being one of the most biodiverse and at the same time most threatened ecosystems of Australia;

Ensure that lessons learnt from the BBS assessment are used to improve future assessments;

Compile facts from scientific research papers and government documents to develop detailed National Park Proposals for the Riverina;

Form new community alliances in the Riverina for a strong campaign;

Make sure these woodlands are still there for our future NSW generations to enjoy.

Some alarming facts that need our urgent attention:

Remnant Central Western and Riverina woodlands are still extensively logged, mostly for low-grade products such as firewood, fenceposts and sleepers;

The Victorian Government has contracted mills to provide them with thousands of red gum sleepers from NSW to upgrade their railway lines;

The Government is proposing a decision for the Brigalow Belt Woodlands that will not have National Parks as a prime management option but reserves that allow damaging practices to occur;

Along the 400 kilometre corridor along the Murray River flood plain, thousands of Red Gums are dying because of a inadequate river management;

The recently released Commonwealth Terrestrial Biodiversity Audit states that Eucalypt woodlands are the most extensively cleared vegetation group in Australia. This landmark document states that these remnant woodlands and their species need urgent protection. There is very little left.

If you would like to give a donation, please send a cheque or payment clearly marked 'Western Woodlands Campaign' to National Parks Association of NSW PO BOX A96, Sydney South NSW 1235. Or fax your details, visa card and amount to 02-9290 2525.

Cécile van der Burgh
Western Woodlands Project Officer
National Parks Association of NSW
PO BOX A96, Sydney South NSW 1235
Phone: 9299 0000; Fax: 9290 2525
Email: woodlands@npansw.org.au
Website: http://www.npansw.org.au/westernwoodlands