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VIDEOs and DVDs (US$ A$25 unless otherwise marked) YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THESE FILMS ONLINE

NEW DVD Earth Spirit Action (16:24sec) by Ruth Rosenhek & Neil Pike. Vandana Shiva, Starhawk, Matthew Fox, Ruth Rosenhek and John Seed speak about Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots. by donation

Appiko (30 minutes) a film by Neil Pike and Ruth Rosenhek, 2006, about the forest movement in Southern India inspired by Northern India's Chipko Movement.

Wild Earth, Wild Heart, Wild Mind - John Seed's 2005 US Tour - includes the raps "Universe Jam" & "Word to the Mother"

ACTIVISM, DEEP ECOLOGY AND THE GAIAN ERA - LYNN MARGULIS, JOHN SEED, STEPHEN BUHNER - Amherst MA, May 2006. Lynn Margulis is a professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts who developed the theory of Gaia with James Lovelock. Stephen Buhner is a poet and author of 10 books on nature, indigenous cultures and herbal medicine.

IMAGES OF INDIA (45 minutes) by John Seed & Neil Pike, 2004, includes 2 short films: "Reweaving Shiva's Robes", about Australian volunteers reforesting the sacred Indian mountain Arunachala, "An Appeal for the Katkari" an oppresed indigenous tribe in Maharashtra plus a video clip of Neil Pike's song "Rishikesh Sunset".

On The Brink (35 minutes) by John Seed, Neil Pike, Ruth Rosenhek 2003 with Sir David Attenborough, David Suzuki & David Bellamy with Jack Thompson as Quoll, Olivia Newton-John as Koala. Blinky Bill also takes part as do Ian Cohen and Bob Brown.

Lake Cowal: Our Story - (12 minutes) by Ruth Rosenhek, 2002 ($5-$10 as a donation to the campaign) A brief overview of the campaign to protect Lake Cowal. Includes Ruth Rosenhek's film, 2000, Water Is More Precious Than Gold - The Campaign to ban cyanide leach mining

Work In Progress (27 minutes) by John Seed & Neil Pike Documentary of Rainforest Information Centre projects in Papua New Guinea, India and Ecuador. This video won the "Envirofilm 2000" prize in Slovakia.

To Wake Up One Day Different Ram Dass interviews John Seed, 1987

Earth First 1 hour  produced by Seed and Jenny Kendall for ABC TV, the direct actions which saved the Australian rainforests, 60 minutes, 1986

Give Trees a Chance 1 hour  produced by and directed by Jenny Kendall and Pau Tait, the inspiring story of the saving of Terania Creek in Austraia in 1979, the world's first direct action in defense of rainforests.

The Climate Change Roadshow with Ruth Rosenhek featuring video footage of Al Gore, Ross ebspan, Vandana Shiva & David Korten (35 min) by donation

CLIMATE CHANGE, DESPAIR AND EMPOWERMENT with Ross Gelbspan and John Seed. Ross Gelbspan, the Pullitzer Prize winning author of “Boiling Point”, speaks on climate change. John Seed speaks on the psychological tools that we need to handle the feelings of despair that may arise from contemplating this material, and how we can transform these to empowerment and creative action.


A Deep Ecology of the Heart - John Seed interviewed by New Domensions, California 2006

Nightcap Rainforest -  Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Documentary on saving the rainforests of New South Wales. Includes music from the protests, scientific testimony, aboriginal leaders and Seed at the actions with a hand-held mike.

At Night They Howl at the Moon
John Seed and Dana Lyons, environmental songs for kids

Earth First - Sketches from the Rainforest
Australian environmental music from John Seed, Bahloo and friends

For The Earth
Ruth Rosenhek & John Seed


Thinking Like a Mountain - Towards a Council of All Beings
John Seed, Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Arne Naess, New Society Publishers 1988 -
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