George Monbiot is arguably the most eloquent and radical mainstream journalist to-day. His weekly column in the UK newspaper "The Guardian"  documents and decry's corporate domination, the corruption  and ineptitude of governments and multilateral financial institutions, and the environmental and social devastation and misery that ensues from their short-sighted decisions.

The Rainforest information Centre are proud to host many  of his recent columns.

His most recent book, Captive State: the corporate takeover
of Britain, is published by Macmillan. He's also the author of the
investigative travel books Poisoned Arrows, Amazon Watershed and No
Man's Land. In Britain he started the campaign against mahogany imports,
joined the direct action movement against road building and founded The
Land is Ours campaign. He writes a column for the Guardian and is an
Honorary Professor at the Department of Politics, University of Keele
and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Environmental Science,
University of East London.

The following articles are by George Monbiot:

1. A Cancer in the System - Why  are the government and the big charities ignoring the  environmental causes of cancer?  4th January 2000

2. The World Bank and the IMF are irredeemable - they must be closed down,    21st September 2000

3. More Human Than We Are - Corporations are asserting their "human rights to exploit the rest of us, 4th October 2000

4. Superstores  destroy the  food economy, 12th October 2000

5.  Privatising the Weather, The rich nations are carving up the atmosphere and selling it off 16th November 2000

6. There Is No Debt, The Third World "debt" is simply an accounting device, 20th July 2000

 7. Making Peace With Power, The United Nations is trying to regain its credibility by fawning to big business, 31st August 2000

8. The Massacre Starts Tomorrow And Britain will share the blame for what's about to happen in West Papua 30th November 2000

9. The Communications White Paper will help the corporations to stifle dissent 14th December 2000

10. Dying of Consumption: The more we spend, the happier we become. Probably. 28th December 2000

11. Ministry of Truth: The MoD's depleted uranium policy is this: shoot first, ask questions later. 11th January 2001

12. Illegal Beagles:  In the name of preventing violence, the government is being asked to ban peaceful protest. 22nd January 2001

13. Against Corporate Power, For Free Trade:Globalisation is the  means by which big business takes trade from small business 25th January 2001

14. Wrong t-shirt son? You're nicked. The act which came into force  this  week could make terrorists of us all 22nd February 2001