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Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud
Chief Minister of Sarawak
Pejabat Ketua Menteri Sarawak
Tingkat 22, Wisma Bapa Malaysia
Petra Jaya
93503 Kuching - Sarawak/Malaysia
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Biosphere - Reserve for the Penan

Your Excellency,

We write to you as concerned supporters of the Penan people, and of their land rights. 
We understand that since 1987 you have repeatedly committed yourself to aiding these
people, by promising that their traditionally inhabited territories would be protected.

As a man of vision, a statesman who has declared himself to be dedicated to the people he
governs, we entreat you to act immediately, and follow through your promises, in the
interests of those in the weakest position in your country. 

The Penan have struggled for too long to regain what is rightfully theirs, both in terms of
human and land rights, as you are well aware.

We ask that you:

*Revoke all logging licenses, for the areas that the government have promised to the Penan
since 1987 as reserves

*Freeze immediately all logging licenses for all areas that are being claimed by the Penan,
until the authorities have settled these claims definitely.

*We urge you to guarantee and respect the rights of all indigenous peoples of Sarawak. The
right to self-determination is an inalienable human right, valid for all people, regardless of
religion or origin.

The creation of a biosphere - reserve of sufficient size to maintain the Penan people's
traditional way of life indefinitely, has significant international support. Please consider these
requests, and fulfill them while you have such opportunity.


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