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JAN-FEB 2003,

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Phil de Lepervanche - Editor

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SAVING THE TREES Home Depot is expected to deliver report on timber.
Nation's largest wood retailer is reviewing progress on using sustainable timber sources

JAN 10

Asbury restricts rain forest wood in city projects. City officials have approved a measure to ban the use of tropical rain-forest wood in rebuilding the boardwalk or any other public structure unless that wood is certified to have been harvested in an environmentally friendly fashion.

JAN 10

 Please do take a moment to send a letter to: Lula de Silver, President of Brazil. Rather than doing a joint letter, we’re encouraging everyone to send their own, so the new administration will receive as many as possible. Now is a crucially important time, reflecting on the escalation of tensions in the area, and as the new government determines its priorities and actions.

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