Hello Friends of Rainforests,

Rainforest Relief has teamed up with Green Empowerment
on a project to create the El Bote Forest Reserve in
northern Nicaragua.  Already, 340 acres of rainforest
have been purchased into community ownership at an
average of $45/acre.  We would like your help to
purchase the remaining 1,022 acres of primary and
secondary growth forests, home of ocelots, boa
constrictors, parrots and howler monkeys.  These
forests are threatened by logging and agricultural
development.  A local committee is in charge of
building the reserve, which will protect the water
source for future micro-hydro energy.  So while you
are supporting rainforest conservation, you are also
empowering a community group to protect their
watershed and pursue green energy options in the

This holiday season you can choose gifts that add to
the excessive consumption of resources, or gifts that
reflect your values-protecting the natural
environment, promoting social justice and empowering a
local community. Instead of giving commercial gifts
this year, consider giving friends and family the gift
of rainforest protection.  For only $45 you can
protect an acre of rainforest in Nicaragua's El Bote
Forest Reserve.

Simply send us your check and the filled-out card.
We'll send the recipient(s) the card acknowledging
your gift, and send 100% of the money to the Committee
of El Bote.  Voila!  Your Christmas shopping is done,
and your conscience is clean.

Rainforests can be spared by curbing the consumption
of destructive materials, and by directly protecting
critical acres at a community scale.  The primary
strategy of Rainforest Relief is to educate and
pressure North American consumers and industries to
spare the world's temperate and tropical rainforests
by reducing consumption of materials that destroy the
forests.  The strategy of Green Empowerment is to
promote community-based renewable energy and
conservation projects internationally.  These
complementary strategies of rainforest conservation
depend on you acting on your ideals.  Instead of
commercial products that deplete Earth's natural
resources, send a meaningful message this year by
giving friends and family acres of rainforest
protection that will last for generations.

Thanks for your commitment,

Jeff Lockwood
Vice President, Rainforest Relief

Michael Royce
President, Green Empowerment

PS.  For details on the El Bote Forest Reserve and
other Green Empowerment projects in Nicaragua, Borneo
and the Philippines, or to donate online, see
www.greenempowerment.org. For more information about
Rainforest Relief, contact jeffl@rainforestrelief.org.