To all forest-concerned humans in SE California,

We're looking for folks that would be interested in helping us out with an action in

southeast California in early April concerning an ongoing and heavy use of rainforest wood.

Please let us know if you or someone you know might be able to lend a hand or two.

For Earth,
tim keating
"The earth and myself are of one mind. The measure of the land and the
measure of our bodies are the same..."
                               -- Hinmaton Yalatkit, Nez Perce chief
          R   A   I   N   F   O   R   E   S   T        R   E   L   I   E   F
             Sparing  the  World's  Rainforests  from  Consumption
      Rainforest Relief works to protect the world's remaining tropical
   and temperate rainforests by reducing the demand for the products
      and materials of rainforest destruction such as timber and paper,
      industrial agricultural products such as bananas, beef, coffee,
                   chocolate and cut flowers, and mining products
                                 such as oil, gold and aluminum.
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                                   Portland, OR: (503) 236-3031
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