a. Boreal Footprint Project: Help Indigenous Communities Keep Corporate "Serial Slashers" Out of Ancient Canadian Forests

For over two months, members of the Grassy Narrows First Nation -- an indigenous tribal community in Ontario, Canada -- have been maintaining a round-the-clock vigil in freezing winter weather to block logging roads that lead into the ancient forests that provide the basis of their very livelihood. In an attempt to intimidate the protesters and force its way through the blockade, Abitibi Consolidated, a giant multi-national corporation notorious for its timber clear-cutting operations, recently moved logging trucks into position on the road. Only through the intervention of concerned citizens around the world -- who inundated Abitibi with a blizzard of e-mails, faxes, and phone calls -- did Abitibi yield to international pressure and move its trucks away. You can help maintain the pressure on Abitibi to keep its trucks off the road and adopt sustainable forestry practices by sending a message to company executives.

To send an automatic letter to Abitibi, please go to: