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17 January 2003 e-news from Survival International, supporting tribal
peoples worldwide.
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BRAZIL: Guarani leader is third Indian murdered this year
Marcos Veron, a Guarani-Kaiowá leader from southern Brazil, was murdered
this week after his community tried to move back onto its ancestral land,
stolen by ranchers in the 1950s. He was shot and beaten. Marcos, who visited
Europe in 2000 to launch Survival's report 'Disinherited - Indians in
Brazil', is the third Brazilian Indian to be killed so far this year.

BOTSWANA: prosecution of tortured Bushmen dropped
The Botswana government has abandoned its prosecution of 13 Gana and Gwi
Bushmen for hunting. The men were tortured at the time of their arrest in
August 2000; Survival protested about the torture, and assisted with their
defence. Their testimonies are on the Survival website. Meanwhile, the Gana
and Gwi are still being barred from their ancestral land.

CAMEROON: Mbororo persecution continues
The Mbororo cattle-herders in northwest Cameroon continue to be persecuted
by a member of the political elite who has taken over much of the tribe's
land. One man is recovering from a near-fatal assault and other Mbororo men
have been beaten and imprisoned. Survival is protesting to the authorities.

LONDON: Survival and London School of Samba Carnival party
Join Survival and the London School of Samba (LSS) at their Brazilian
Carnival party on 21 February 2003. The evening will feature drummers and
samba dancers from LSS; DJ Marcus, London's top Brazilian DJ; and Brazilian
food and drink. All proceeds will go to Survival's urgent work with
threatened tribal peoples. Tickets and more information on Survival's

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protect their lives, lands and human rights. It receives no government
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