Largest tree in Australia killed by Forestry Tasmania

Photo: El Grande after regen burn, Florentine Valley, Tasmania 2003

El Grande after regen burn,
Florentine Valley, Tasmania 2003
El Grande, Australia's most massive tree, has been killed by Forestry
Tasmania's regeneration burn, according to a botanical consultant.
According to Forestry Tasmania, the tree had been protected from a
regeneration burn in a nearby logging coupe and had been spared.
An on-site inspection of this large tree was made on 27 April 2003 by
Alan Gray, a botanist with 45 years experience of eucalypts and acacias.
He has noted massive damage to the tree, including damage to its root
system from machinery clearing a path around the tree; intense burning
inside the hollow tree; and the loss of huge branches from the canopy as
a result of flames emerging from hollows up to 65 metres high.
The examination of the tree
<> revealed that it was
clearly dead, from the roots to the crown.
"The burning of the largest flowering plant on Earth is a serious
indictment of Tasmania's forest practices and should be investigated,"
said Geoff Law, Campaign Coordinator for the Wilderness Society.
The Wilderness Society has written to the Forest Practices Board
requesting an investigation.
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