CONGO: World's Second Largest Rainforest to be Destroyed
By, Inc. -
March 18, 2004

The World Bank and United Nations are seeking to increase logging by 60
times in the Democratic Republic of Congo's priceless ancient rainforests.
They are doing so without a government in place and against local

Where is the outrage? It takes one minute to protest turning Congo's
rainforest wilderness into diminished tree farms. Please do so at:

The alert has been updated to now target the UN as well. Alert
participation has not been as high as desired. Consider that similar
protests in Papua New Guinea have helped reduce industrial logging of
primary rainforests by 80%. Who will protect the World's last wildlands
if not you?

Please forward this alert widely, organize supporting protests and visit
the alert again to send your message to the UN. This is tremendously
important. If industrial logging becomes established in the Congo to the
degree it has elsewhere, there is little hope that Congolese rainforests -
and their ecosystems, species and peoples - will be sustained.