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Looking for Green Work in Australia?

Biosphere International offers practical, field research and work experience opportunities.

Biosphere International is a non-profit association founded in Gottingen, Germany, in 1992. Our main objective is to conserve and regenerate endangered forests by assisting in the research and development of sustainable utilization of these irreplaceable habitats, taking into account the social and economic situation of the local population. Environmental education is a crucial component of our commitment.

We have established working relationships with Australian environmental groups, government bodies and rainforest nurseries of north-eastern New South Wales, a region where sub-tropical and temperate zones overlap, resulting in a unique biodiversity. We are able to offer interested students opportunities to undertake field research, work experience and/or fulfill the practical requirements for tertiary studies in: forestry, landscaping, ecology, geography and the like.

Practical Opportunities

Students can gain first hand experience in all aspects of an Australian rainforest nursery. We also offer practical experience in various forest and land regeneration projects, focusing on forest damage evaluation, habitat identification, location-adapted re-afforestation, weed control, erosion control, waterway restoration and fire management. Guided tours by local conservation experts are available on request to introduce students to the regional flora and fauna.

In addition to the hands-on experience, an insight can be gained into the current socio-economic and political situation, which is on the one hand causing the destruction of primeval forest, and on the other demands the conservation of these habitats. This requires the application of new concepts for sustainable forestry, and the development and implementation of environmentally responsible farming practices.

Independent Study Projects and Field Research for Tertiary Degrees

The fragile eco-systems of north-eastern NSW are of far reaching ecological significance. Many programs for their protection and regeneration are in progress. The critical environmental situation with its dramatic socio-economic and political implications provides students with a wide range of opportunities for both practical and/or research-based projects at graduate or post-graduate level. If desired, individual field experiments can be undertaken. Secondary supervision can be arranged through Australian universities. Some possible areas of interest: National Parks and reserve management, habitat mapping, regional planning and nature conservation, permaculture, indigenous forest use, wildfoods, medicinal plants and eco-tourism.

Please write to our Australian representative outlining your specific interest, the nature of your requirements, and when and for how long you would like to stay. We will then send you more detailed information.

Biosphere International P.O. Box 550, Nimbin, N.S.W. 2480, Australia

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