Native Forest Logging

Blockade of Timberlands West Coast (TWC) entering fourth week

An occupation by forest campaigners in Aotearoa/New Zealand has seen the controversial logging company, TWC, being shut out of part of its Buller region operations on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. Ongoing campaigns to put an end to continued logging of lowland Rimu/podocarp forest by TWC has led to a blockade of TWCs current working area. The group of about 25 activists have halted logging in the area for three weeks, with TWC unable/unwillling to log due to both occupational health and safety laws and the continuing bad press that they are getting.

Members of Parliament, the media, and concerned folks from throughout NZ have visited the occupation site, and many have expressed disbelief at the extent of logging that is continuing in NZ. Many New Zealanders believe that this sort of logging is no longer "allowed", and are shocked to learn of the method and effect of TWC's Rimu logging operations.

The blockade group, predominantly from the Wellington-based group Native Forest Action, are committed to continuing the occupation until sufficient political pressure is brought to bear on Timberlands West Coast.

For a full expose of TWC's operations, note the feature in the next NFN News, or contact me on for a copy of the NFN article.

What You Can Do

* Please write with your organisation/individual support to Native Forest Action, c/o Buller Conservation Group, 34 Orowaiti Rd, Westport, New Zealand.

* Also, please show your concern over continued native forest logging in Aotearoa/NZ, especially the West Coast, by writing to any or all of the following ministers. Address your letters to: Parliament House, Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand: (sending individual copies to)

Lockward Smith, Minister of Forestry;

Simon Upton, Minister for the Environment;

Nick Smith, Minister of Conservation;

Jenny Shipley, Minister of State Owned Enterprises (as TWC is a Sate Owned company)

Source: garrick martin, Native Forest Network Aotearoa Email:
23 March 1997

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