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Urgent Action Needed to Save Congo's Ecosystem

While the tremendous human suffering occurring in Congo can and must not be forgotten, the area is also rich in wildlife (including white rhinos and mountain gorillas) and vegetation (one of largest rainforest expanses remaining). Following is coverage of the virtual collapse of wildlife parks harboring some of the World's most magnificent and endangered creatures. The call is made by WWF for urgent aid to save protected areas devastated by the fighting. Stabilization of the conservation area and surrounding ecosystem, and revitalization of local people's involvement and benefits from world class parks, could conceivably be the engine for sustainable development. Clearly the developed World must be willing to transfer resources and provide other assistance above and beyond their ongoing efforts - for areas of extreme ecological value faced by political, environmental catastrophes or other emergencies. Loss of the forests, wildlife and cultures of the Congo rainforest will be a catastrophe of global and historical significance.

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