Global Voice in Kyoto: the Group of 21

One of the most crucial decisions affecting our future will be made December 1st-10th in Kyoto, Japan, when the United Nations hosts the conference on global warming, COP3 (3rd Conference of Parties to the U. N. Framework Convention on Climate Change). Delegates from around the globe will vote on limiting worldwide CO2 emissions by the year 2010, hoping to slow the rate of global warming.

Some 2,000 scientists appointed by the U. N. have aready warned that it is immediately necessary to reduce CO2 emissions by 50-70%, and to continue reductions in the future. Governments, however, have shown little, if any, commitment to take necessary actions to preclude environmental disaster. With each passing year, the possibilities for effective action grow less while the shadows of a chaotic future loom larger.

A group of concerned citizens in Kyoto, together with the Japan Environmental Exchange and the hosting NGO, Kiko Forum, are inviting concerned individuals and groups to write postcards in support of the NGO and Alliance of Small Island Nations (AOSIS) position, which calls for a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by the year 2005.* The closest that other pledges have come to this is that proposed by the European Union - a 15% reduction by the year 2005. America, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand have neither suggested targets nor discussed timetables (in the last 3 years, carbon emissions have actually increased by 13% in the U.S. and 9% in Japan).

Our goal is to present one million signatures in support of 20% reduction to the COP3 delegates. The signatures will be presented at the opening ceremonies of the COP3 Forum by a delegation of twenty-one young people from as many different countries. THE GROUP OF 21 will range in age from infant to twenty-one. This international group of young people will be a reminder both to forum delegates and the world news media that now is the time to act. Most importantly, it will be a clear and vivid symbol to the youth of the world that the future is truly in their own hands.

What You Can Do

Let your voice be heard in Kyoto - simply send a postcard with the following:

1. -20%
2. Your name
3. Name of country

That's all! Letters and petitions are also welcome. Any personal thoughts or artwork will be used to strengthen the message of the campaign. Send your postcards and messages to:

Global Voice in Kyoto 97: The Group of 21
c/o Kiko Forum, #305 Takakura Bldg.
Takakura-dori Shijo-agaru,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604, Japan

For further information and updates, see our web page:

or contact JEE: tel/fax: (81) 075-752-5404

* The NGO position states that developing nations should not be affected by CO2 positions since this would be unfair at this early stage in their industrial process. Developing nations would therefore be exempt from the 20% emission reduction goal. It is up to developed nations to provide leadership while developing green technology, thus helping to reduce the present North-South gap.