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"Amazon: the Invisible People"


"At a time when its rare to hear of good news concerning the world's rainforests, Amazon: the Invisible People is inspirational"

A video which looks at the effect that oil extraction is having on the indigenous people of Ecuador has recently been finished and screened on SBS TV. Called “Amazon The Invisible People” it was filmed over a 5 years period by Rainforest Information Centre (R.I.C.) film maker Dean Jefferys and looks at how RIC Ecuador is helping lessen the impact of “development” on the environment and the indigenous people of Ecuador including those that have refused contact like the Tagaeri.

The main character in the video is Doug Ferguson who was a RIC volunteer when the Ecuadorian Government asked RIC Lismore for help. Doug then established the Centro de investigations los Bosques Tropicales or CIBT. Doug lived in Ecuador for 10 years developing many successful projects before returning to Byron Bay with his indigenous wife and two children. (Look in Ecuador projects for more information.)

In a time when its rare to hear of good news concerning the worlds rain forests “Amazon The Invisible People” is an inspirational video showing how a small group of dedicated activists can have a dramatic effect on the current rate of destruction. The video was also very well received by the Australian public and was reported as being the second highest rating doco for 1997.

Video Available from:
Amazon Dreaming
Flat 1
104 Dalley St.,

For $US30 or $35 Australian currency. Make cheques payable to Amazon Dreaming.

A seven page Questions and Activities leaflet is also available for teachers who wish to use the video and the issues it raises in the classroom. The leaflet cost an extra $10.

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