Conservationists interrupt Parliament
with Daintree Demonstration.

NOTE: For more information on Australia's Daintree Tropical Rainforests, visit the Daintree Rainforest Resue Site (see Links page).

This morning (Wed Mar. 18 1998) conservationists staged a demonstration inside Parliament Chambers in Brisbane, calling for the protection of the Daintree Rainforests. Conservationists nationally are demanding that the State and Federal governments initiate a recommittment of $A20 million into the Daintree Rescue Package, presently under review, to protect areas of critical habitat.

Queensland and Federal Ministers are scheduled to meet on April 16 to discuss future committments to the preservation of the precious Daintree rainforets.

After unfurling banners and giving a brief address to the Parliament from the public gallery, the conservationsists were esorted from the Chambers without further incident. No arrests were made.

Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) coordinator Gavan McFadzean said that the demonstration reflects the nation-wide concern about the plight of the Daintree and the responsibility the public holds with government to ensure that the superlative Daintree rainforests are protected for future generations.

"Queensland and Commonwealth political parties are continually beingf reminded that the Daintree issue is of national public concern. With State and Federal elections to be called this year, political parties ignore this issue at their peril"

Conservation groups led by CAFNEC and the Daintree Taskforce have been alerting the public that much of the lowland coastal areas of the Daintree are not ptotected and face the immediate threats of illegal clearing of subdivision blocks and mains (grid) power connection.

The Australian public expect our natural treasures receive a high level of protection, and are now demanding that the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments commit the necessary funds to voluntarily aquire areas of critical habitat and initiate Cooperative Management Agreements with landowners to preserve the natural values of their properties"

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