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Australian Nuclear Disarmer in Scottish Jail

Hi-8 video footage and still shots of Jens outside of court house (church), and of his previous action available.

Jens Light is being held in remand in Greenock Prison, Scotland, until a court appearance on September 22nd on the charge of 'Malicious Mischief', after having entered the Faslane nuclear weapons submarine site through a hole he had helped to cut in the fence.

He did not accept bail conditions for the charge because he regarded his previous actions (such as walking through the front gates of the Faslane nuclear submarine base to attempt to see the Acting Commanding Officer) as an attempt to uphold international law. However the court did not clarify that it recognised international law in this case and that therefore these would be considered offences under Scottish law.

His sister, Anja, agreed to the bail conditions after pleading not guilty to the charge. Their case, along with Trident Ploughshares 2000 coordinator Angie Zelter, will be heard on September 22nd, 1998.

According to a statement before being taken to jail, Jens said:

"I go to jail now, sad about my loss of freedom but comfortable with my conscience."

"Although I didn't expect to disarm Trident, I hope that my actions will contribute the Trident nuclear system and all nuclear weapons including those in India and Pakistan being abolished before any nuclear weapons are used again."

"I feel particularly concerned as an Australian that we are part of the nuclear fuel cycle and that we sit 'uncomfortably' under the US and British nuclear umbrella. The nature of nuclear weapons is that if they are used anywhere their impact is global."

"I take this action for myself - so that in the near future I can, with my family, friends, humanity and all life, share a nuclear free world. I hope and pray that we are already on the brink of a nuclear free world. I feel the sophistication of conventional weaponry make nuclear weapons redundant."

His sister, Anja Light says:

"Jens is a prisoner of conscience. He has been locked up while attempting, peacefully and responsibly, to prevent crimes of unimaginable magnitude. It is an action I believe each of us wish we had the courage to carry out. I hope that all Australians support him and the continuing actions of the Trident Ploughshares 2000 activists in whatever way they can."


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Nuclear weapons are immoral, dangerous, polluting, a terrible waste of resources and were found to be generally illegal by the International Court of Justice on 8th July 1996.