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Help Save the Great Bear Rainforest

On Wednesday the 8th of July the M/V Starlet and her crew of five activists arrived at the Ingram-Mooto, a pristine watershed in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada. Of the original 353 large rainforest valleys that were once pristine, only 69 have survived the attack of multinational logging companies.

Western Forest Products (WFP) have recently moved in the chainsaws and bulldozers to the Ingram-Mooto. WFP is going against the wishes of the Hereditary Chiefs of the Heilsuk First Nation to stop all logging in this area. Every day activists from the Forest Action Network take images of the destruction caused to the old-growth forest by WFP with a digital camera. The pictures are then loaded up onto FAN's website. In May an action just like this stopped a logging operation in another pristine valley in the Greeat Bear Rainforest.

What You Can Do

Help save this unique ecosystem by:

- checking out the website at

- send an e-mail Bill Dumont, the CEO of WFP:

- send a letter and fax to Herb Doman, President, Western Forest Products International code, 604 - 665 - 6268


M/V Starlet and her crew. e-mail: Autotel 250-949-4026 Satellite phone: 1-600-700-2884

FAN, Box 625, Bella Coola, BC, Canada, V0T 1C0V
TEL +1 250-799-5800, FAX +1 250-799-5830

For more on what you an do to help protect the Great Bear Rainforest,
link here to a
Greenpeace action request

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