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The Timeline of Light

This workshop brings together John Fowler's stunning "Timeline of Light" (The Unfolding Evolutionary Epic) with Ruth Rosenhek and John Seed's experiential deep ecology processes.

The Timeline of Light is the story of our Universe; it is our very own creation myth. This epic has the power to unite us, to offer us hope and vision. Without a vision the people perish and without a new story, we are stuck hopelessly, helplessly in the clutches of the old one which we absorbed by osmosis since before we were born.

But, it is not enough to KNOW the story of our origins; we must also experience and embody it. First we must FEEL our mutuality with living and non-living beings of the Earth community, feel ourselves a mere speck in this vast tale of many characters, be utterly awe-struck, our souls inspired. Only then do we have the energy and vision to escape the vast momentum of the thousands-of-years-old story on which all the institutions of our society are based, our economic system, our relationships, economics, the language we speak, the very air we breathe.

In this workshop, we will bring the experiences of the universe home to the deepest levels of our consciousness. We invite sacred space, invoke the spirit of plants and animals, and call upon our ancestors, human and pre-human, all our relations to lend us their strength.

Then, through experiential deep ecology processes, guided visualisation, symbol, demonstration, meditation, language and movement, we will:

* Recapitulate 15 billion years of unbroken existence

* Root ourselves in the fundamental patterns of the emergence of our universe

* Journey from the Cambrian explosion to the appearance of life on land, the mammals, humankind, and eventually, the evolution and consciousness of love.

* Re-experience our ancient journey from sea to land and upright and then meet the unborn beings of seven generations in the future.

* Go on a Cosmic Walk (devised by Sister Miriam Terese McGillis.)

* Chant and celebrate, spin with the planets around our sun and gaze towards the constellation Sagittarius where lies the Milky Ways hub around which our solar system revolves every 200 million years.

* As we lie on the revolving Earth gazing down on the galaxy, we will experience the synergy of shared spiritual insight and empowered vision to work in the community for the Earth.

The facilitators direct all workshop fees to the healing of our planet.

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