A group at the UU Church of Boulder evolved the cosmic walk text into
a broader "Cosmic Evolution" talk and service on 2003-05-11. We
especially benefited from the insights of Eric Chaisson which compares
biological evolution with other "self organization"). The text of our
version (somewhat updated since then) is at

"A Story of Cosmic Evolution"

I added this note at the bottom (if you go to the web page, you can
follow some links in the text):

This story was first developed as a "Cosmic Walk" by Sister Miriam
Therese McGillis based on the works of Thomas Berry and Brian
Swimme. Ruth Rosenhek wrote an adaptation incorporating also the
works and words of Elisabet Sahtouris, John Fowler and Lynn Margulis.

This version, by Neal McBurnett with much help from Rev. Jacqueline
Ziegler, John Russell and Bob Davis, tries to balance the original
emphasis on Earth and biological evolution with more cosmic and
cultural evolution. It builds on the versions by Ruth Rosenhek,
Paulita Bernuy and the Still Point Retreat Center; the cosmic
evolution research of Eric J. Chaisson; and the timelines written and
collected by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd at
http://thegreatstory.org/ as well as the Universal History
Translation Project.

I'd love comments on our version, and will look at the others that
have been posted recently.

Recognizing the delightful process of collaboration we've all used in
this work, I licensed ours under the Creative Commons License: "share
and share alike".


I think that pointing to that helps folks who have questions about
reuse and copyright. If anyone has comments on the licensing, I'd
love to hear that also.


Neal McBurnett http://mcburnett.org/neal/