last updated 4 September 2006

** Save Tasmania's Forests! at The
4 Spetember 2006 Target: John Gay, CEO, Gunns Limited

** Save the Weld Valley - Take Action Now

The Lower Weld Valley is currently unprotected after a logging moratorium ended when the Regional Forest Agreement was signed in 1997. It borders the Tasmanian South West World Heritage Area, and it has been recommended for protection by a number of Australian and International bodies, but the Tasmanian Government continues to clearfell and woodchip the Weld. There is a State Election coming up in Tasmania this year, and the Weld Valley is likely to become a big issue in the lead up. For further information and updates, see

** Take Action to Fight The Pulp Mill, a $1.4 billion dollar project in northern Tasmania
Tamar Residents Action Committee
** The Tarkine is not yet Saved. Take Action Now

Largely unknown to most of the world, the Tarkine in Tasmania is Australia's largest tract of ancient intouched temperate rainforest. It doesn't even featrue on the tourism maps, but it is uppermost in the minds of Forestry Tasmania.

see Tarkine National Coalition
See also The Wilderness Society's campaign

Protect the Blue Tier. Visit
The Styx Valley

Tasmania's Valley of the Giants- The Styx Valley is home to the world's tallest hardwood trees - majestic Swamp Gums which can grow up to 95 metres and over 400 years old. These giants are currently being felled for woodchips and sawlogs.

See Greenpeace's campaign with the Wordl's Tallest Tree Sit.