Los Cedros Update 2017

Los Cedros: A Call to Action
by Geoff Lawton
The Los Cedros Biological Reserve is the last well forested watershed in western Ecuador. The Rainforest Information Centre was instrumental in the creation of this reserve in 1988 and has been supporting it ever since. In 2017 Los Cedros is threatened with mining and RIC has initiated a campaign to protect it. In May of 2017, permaculture legend Geoff Lawton added his mighty 2 cents worth.
Los Cedros
Los Cedros Biological Reserve consists of 17,000 acres of premontane wet tropical and cloud forest in Northwestern Ecuador. Australian film maker David Nicastro made this 23-minute film in 2015 and used it to raise funds  to stop the illegal hunting, mining and forest conversion that were then threatening it.
On The Brink
A tale of endangered species featuring David Attenborough, David Suzuki, David Bellamy, Jack Thompson, Olivia Newton John, Koala, Quoll, Owl and Glider. For the young at heart.
Save The Cardamom Rainforest!
The story of a movement by Buddhist monks in Cambodia & South-East Asia to save forests by blessing them thus making them sacred & protected.
Earth Spirit Action
Vandana Shiva, Starhawk, Matthew Fox, Ruth Rosenhek and John Seed speak about Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots.
This film was produced in 2009 to protect the largest population of Asian Elephants whose survival in the wild was threatened by two separate developments in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India. Last November the Indian environment minister stopped the threatening developments. Beautiful elephant footage by Shekar Dattatri.
Reweaving Shiva's Robes
Arunachala is a sacred mountain near Tiruvanamalai in southern India. Seen as a manifestation of the god Shiva, it is a site of great annual pilgrimage. Over the last 20 years, it has also been the site of much tree-planting. This 12 minute documentary tells the story of the formation of the Annamalai Reforestation Society (ARS) and examines the juncture between spirituality and practical environmentalism. Featuring John Seed, John Button and J.Jayarama
To Wake Up One Day Different
John Seed talks with Ram Dass- 1992
Earth First
A history of the Australian environmental activist movement in the 1970s & early '80s, focusing on the Terania Ck, Franklin River & Daintree rainforest eco-blockades.

Narrated by Jack Thompson.

Give Trees A Chance-
the story of Terania Creek

This 1980 documentary tells the story of the first eco-blockade in the world - the Terania Creek forest protest in Australia in 1979. A historic event, it brought rainforest preservation into public consciousness and led to the formation of the NIghtcap Natuional Park. Narrated by Jack Thompson.
Appiko - to embrace
In the tradition of Gandhi and the Chipko movement,they used direct action to save the forests of the Western Ghats. An inspirational story of a non-violent grass-roots movement that arose in the vilages of Southern India. An inspirational half-hour documentary about environmental activism and tree-hugging featuring Sunderlal Bahuguna, Pandurang Hegde and Vandana Shiva.
An Appeal For The Katkari
The Katkari are amongst the poorest people in India. A disenfranchised adavasi or tribal group, legislated more than a hundred years ago by the British as a "criminal tribe", they are largely landless and are enslaved in brickworks as bonded labour. Despite this, their spirit is strong. This 21 minute documentary examines their plight, looks at one group trying to help them (Academy of Development Science) and appeals to the international community to help change their lot. It features unique performances by several Katkari musician.
Chopping Down Trees To Save The Forest
Papua New Guinea (or PNG) contains much tropical rainforest and like everywhere else in the world it is under threat. This is the story of an attempt to save forest by reaching land-holders BEFORE the logging companies and offering them a sustainable forestry management plan and low impact portable sawmills (the walkabout or wokabout sawmill). The result- a small area of forest is sustainably harvested and thousands of hectares are protected. Featuring John Seed, Chris Holt, Mark Broomhall, Penny Young & Sasa Zibe.
Wild Earth, Wild Mind, Wild Heart
A documentary of Australian deep ecology activist John Seed's 2005 US Roadshow. Features inspirational presentations, workshops, performances, Robinson Jeffers' poetry and the raps "Universe Jam" & "Word to the Mother".
The World Bank Song
1990 protest song written and song by John Seed, director/editor Ruth Rosenhek. produced in 2000

Activism, Deep Ecology & the Gaian Era
Lynn Margulis, Stephen Buhner and John Seed speak to a crowd at Amherst College in 2005.
Water Is More Precious Than Gold:
The Campaign to Ban Cyanide Leach Mining

A 12 minute film that highlights the effects of cyanide leaching technology including coverage of the cyanide spill in Romania (2000), protest actions at Timbarra gold mine in New South Wales, the role jewelry plays and the campaign to ban cyanide leach gold mining worldwide.(produced in 2000)

Lake Cowal: Our Story
Lake Cowal, precious wetland in New South Wales and sacred Aboriginal place is now being destroyed by Canadian company Barrick Gold's cyanide leach gold mine project. The film touches upon the environmental risks, Aboriginal concerns and includes beautiful footage of the birds which are known to frequent the Lake.
(9 minutes)
Save Lake Cowal ad
May 2002 An advertisement screened on Canadian television to draw attention to Canadian company, Barrick Gold's intention to mine beautiful Lake Cowal in Australia using cyanide leach methods. Featuring Jack Thompson.
Amazon Oil Pipeline -
Pollution, Corruption & Poverty

This 35 min documentary by Ecuadorian activists film-maker Juan Pablo Barragan tells of the OCP oil pipeline and planned oil drilling against the wishes of the indigenous people in Yasuni National Park, Cuyabeno National Park and many other rainforest and tribal reserves in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
(available in 6 languages)

Arunachala Greening
Australian woman Apeetha Arunagiri lived in India for 30 years near the temple town of Tiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu. Initially drawn there as a devotee of Ramana Maheshi, she stayed and was instrumental in forming the Annamalai Reforestation Society dedicated to replanting the sacred mountain Arunachala. This is her story and the story of the Arunachala Village Forest Plantation, a small scale village-based group which she also formed.
John Seed's North America Climate Roadshow 2007
featuring John Seed, Ross Gelbspan, Al Gore and a wombat
Climate Change -Despair & Empowerment
Ross Gelbspan, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of 'Boiling Point', speaks about climate change; the politics and solutions. John Seed addresses the psychological tools that will help us handle the feelings of despair that may arise from contemplating this material, and how we can transform these feelings into empowerment and creative action.
Los Cedros
The role of the Rainforest Information Centre in helping create
Los Cedros Biological Reserve in Ecuador. A presentation by John Seed at Pachamama Festival Sydney 2015
Video production courtesy of sydneylatinofilmfestival.org
The Chapati Song
A song & the story of travelling to India & working with Rajeev Khedkar