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Oh No, Not Iran Next! March 2006

Women Say No To War Call for Peace - January 2006

Support Dennis Kucinich & post on your web site (June 2003)

Mock War Rally in Milwaukee - April 4th (funny!)

International Women's Peace Actions - April 11 & April 12

George Bush atop McDonalds - Action in Korea 26/3/03

Greenpeace: Urgent Peace Opportunity 26 March

No Blood on our Hands - Send Red Painted Notes to Howard NOW

WALKOUT FLYERS Generic (you fill details)

AUSTRALIANS: Sign the Not In Our Name Declaration - Be on the record against this war. 18/3

Emergency Session Of UN General Assembly Called For - Please contact UN ambassadors 17/3


Make Large Banners for Your Home and Car - BE VISIBLE

Boycott Brand America 13/3/03

Alice Walker, et al Arrested at White House March 13

An Appeal from Dr. Helen Caldicott To The Pope March 3 2003 WRITE TO THE POPE NOW.

Nelson Mandela March 13 Write to Nelson Mandela Now

Baghdad Snapshot Action : Print and circulate these phots of people from Iraq.

Support to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey 4/3/03

An Appeal from Dr. Helen Caldicott To The Pope please email The Pope 3/3/03

IF The War Begins ... Civil Disobedience from the Professors for Peace

The Rice Action : You can do this now by sending rice to Bush, Howard or Blair. DETAILS

Let the UN Security Council Know You Do Not Support the War. Email addresses and telephone numbers

In Australia, call John Howard at (02) 6277 7111. Ask to be put through to the PM's office and let them know you do not support a War on Iraq.


Candlelight Vigil for Peace on Sunday, March 16

One Fighter Jet Decommissioned by Ulla Rohder 13/3/03

Emergency Petition to the UN Security Council PLEASE SIGN NOW, IT'S QUICK AND EASY. DUE BY MARCH 6

International Student Strike March 5, 2003 from Youth and Students Coalition against War

Virtual March on Washington February 26th

Inspiring photos of the peace marches Feb 14-16. and

World Peace Map On February 15, 2003, an estimated 10 million people around the world demonstrated for peace, in opposition to a U.S.-led war and deadly sanctions on the people of Iraq. Click on a red dot on the map to view February 15th Peace / Antiwar Protest photo for that location.

(Feb 8 2003) Disrobe to Disarm - 800 Women from Northern New South Wales Australia spell out "NO WAR" with their naked bodies