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It's amazing how effective letter writing can be. Politicians in Australia for example, assume that each letter that they receive represents 500 people who hold similar views but who couldn't be bothered to write. Letters from abroad are especially useful, shining a light on unjust and repressive measures -- as Amnesty International have so well demonstrated.

May 2004 - Stop the gold mine at Lake Cowal

May 2004 - Protect the Ecuadorian Amazon from Oil Companies

May 2004 - Protect Rosia Montana in Romania. Click here and then click on ACT!

May 2004 - Support Wayuu Indigenous and Afro Columbian Communities Around the Cerrejon Norte Caol Mine (Columbia)

ongoing Ban Cyanide Leach Mining in New South Wales.  Send a letter supporting a Bill submitted to the NSW parliament to stop this toxic practice.

Most of these action alerts will ask you to write letters to politicians, corporate leaders and other decision makers.

Voicing your concern in this way has saved many areas of forest worldwide, and will continue to be effective.

By responding to these alerts, you can play a part in doing something about the Earth's disappearing forests.

mitsubi2.jpg (8750 bytes)

Dutch protesters prepare to drop a huge log on a MITSUBISHI vehicle. Mitsubishi is one of the largest rainforest destroyers in the world through its logging affiliates.  Boycott Mitsubishi.

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