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Help Stop Stoltmann Wilderness Logging

The spectacular old growth forests of the Stoltmann Wilderness are being logged at a terrifying rate; 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. This action alert is a request for help for the direct action now underway. RIC's John Seed had this to say about the Stoltmann Wilderness: "Friends, we'd like to make a $1000 donation to the Stoltmann tree-sit... I had the good fortune a few months ago to be able to visit the edge of the Stoltmann through the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and the David Suzuki Foundation and was swept away by the magnificence and importance of the area. More power to y'all"




The spectacular old growth forests of the Stoltmann Wilderness are being logged at a terrifying rate; 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interfor has just completed a bridge across Lava creek and is now ready to log the spectacular Douglas fir grove. The time to act is now. So why not go
camping, after all that’s what summer is for.

Support or be a part of the dedicated band of activists in the trees now! You don’t have to tree sit, any form of participation is welcome or simply just camp in the magical grove before its gone. Greater numbers ensure the safety of those already in the trees. Bring your cameras.

Come join us in the woods here are some of the fun and exciting activities:

Sit on a platform 150 feet up in a giant tree!

Help with base camp and action support!

Witness the destruction and tell others!

Attend workshops and discussions on:

Non violence
Legal issues
Security Culture
Wilderness Responsibility
Tree Climbing

Help in the city with postering, food donations and media support.

car pool: 12 noon daily! (call give a ride/call to get a ride)

contact #: (604) 255-4145


If you can’t make it up, check out our website for live updates and

Wanna help some other ways?

We need food, love, volunteers and $$$ donations. Call us for the food &
love donations 255-4145, you can mail $$$ to PO Box 19596 Vancouver BC V5T


Aug 8:

1. Two men are up in trees: platforms have been erected to accommodate two tree-sitters, more are expected Sunday evening and Monday.

Workshops on non-violence, civil disobedience, tree-sitting, etc. are being offered.

2. InterFor's loggers are returning to work on Monday: possibility of violence.

3. Witness support needed: environmentalists are appealing to the BC public for support. FAN, PATH and other "Green" environmental groups are hoping to decrease the possibility of violence and increase the likelihood of a successful action by using a strategy of strength in
numbers. Car-pooling is being organized at the 2150 Maple St. office (@ 6th Ave.), with cars leaving daily/nightly.

4. Under the Volcano: An all-out public relations campaign is being centred around the popular festival of art and social change. Carpool leaving after the show tonight to witness Monday morning action.

5. Clayoquot Sound too! The anti-InterFor campaign is gathering steam as the Friends of Clayoquot Sound prepare to blockade logging in Clayoquot Sound.

Contact (604) 255-4145,
for more details. map available at:

Aug 9:

At 8:15am one Interfor employee came up to the zig zag road, looked around our camp and the drill machine (which our camp is blocking) and said "have a good day Barney", and then left. He did not go to the tree platforms. He did not ask us to leave. The fire crews are still working, so I don't think Interfor is allowed to work back here.

- 9:20am Pete Bukoski and the drill operator came by and made some threats, they went to the tree sit and saw Mustard on the platform. Their video camera wasn't working - they'll have to come back and film the action in order to get an injunction. They asked us to move the camp and my truck so they could use the drilling machine somewhere else. I asked them to make a deal with me to not harrass us and I would let them move the drill rig. No deal, drill rig is still here, they said they would be back later.

- 2:31pm Two loggers in black pickup truck drove close to our camp driving a black Dodge RAM pickup truck, BC license 2403 DB. They asked not to be filmed, Barney Kern, spokesperson PATH, replied, "Then don't come here." The loggers then backed up and left. Partway down the road they yelled, "We'll be back tonight, and we'll bring Andy." Please spread this info far & wide, it will help assure our safety."

Aug 10::

Two tree sitters are purched 60 feet high in the trees on platforms in the Stoltmann Wilderness. The 500,000 hectare proposed Coast Mountain National Park Reserve was being logged and roaded 7 days a week, 14 hours a day.

Road building has been halted by the tree sitters who are located in a blasting zone and a falling zone on a new road International Forest Products (Interfor) was pushing through the Ancient Forest.

"Our demands are clear, no more logging and no new roads in this Ancient Forest!", stated Barney Kern, People's Action for Threatened Habitat (PATH) spokesperson. A private members bill is to be presented this fall to the House of Commons by Liberal MP Charles Caccia, and backed by other Liberal MPs Clifford Lincoln and Karen Kraft Sloan to protect this Ancient Forest, and home to the oldest Douglas-Fir trees(1,300+ years) in the world.

"This area must be protected," explains Barney Kern, "This is the largest remaining intact wilderness left in the Lower Mainland of BC, and home to threatened Grizzly bears and endangered long tail frogs. There are two First Nations claiming this area to be part of their traditional territory as well, we'd like to see these land issues settled before any more destruction happens here."

Activists from PATH and the Forest Action Network, Vancouver (FAN-Van) pledge to stay in the trees until the all logging and roadbuilding stops in the Stoltmann Wilderness.

Aug 10:: INTERFOR gets no trees for a week

PATH and FAN have Stopped INTERFOR from destroying the 1000 year old trees of the Elaho Valley for eight days so far and vow never to let INTERFOR build another road, cut another ancient forest, or end the life of another Grizzly by destroying her home.

That’s right, there has been ZERO CUT in the upper Elaho Valley for the
past eight days. We need more folks to come up for a day, a few days or
weeks or months, let’s give this multinational a run for their money! We
will keep the rest of this valley clear-cut free. We’re here till the snow

Many faces have shown up through the week to help out. Fabulous cooks, climbers, musicians, witnesses, first time and seasoned activists from all over the world have passed through and helped us keep going despite daily aggressive visits from the company strong arms.

There is currently a waiting list for a spot in tree sits, but everyone is
being patient. There is much to do between sorting out all the food and
supply donations and expanding the tree sits.

The cops will be back for us Wednesday. We could use more faces, and
creative cop stalling tactics. You don’t have to be arrested to
participate, our plans are fast evolving so we need more bodies for support positions!

There is free food and the greatest community in the world up here at the
end of the road , more supplies are waiting to be brought up from the city
so please call before you leave to run us up a load! A huge thanks to all
who have come through and look forward to seeing returnees as well as new faces.

Email us at the tree sit
Email our Vancouver Office:
For information on rides, donations or to help in the city call 255-4145
For pictures and updates

Photos & updates (updated as the news happens via satellite) available at

"Economies are not composed of only business activities. Stable, sustainable economies mean people relating to people in order to provide for each others' needs in diverse ways. " (From Silva Eco-forestry web page)

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