Climate Change Despair & Empowerment Roadshow

Media Kit

What You Can Do (our local climate action group's sheet)

Climate Action Group Meeting Tip Sheet

Meeting Facilitation Guidelines from The Change Agency

Community action for climate justice | action research project from The Change Agency

Download Positive Iniatives Document

Individual and Political Action on Climate Change in Australia - wikipedia site that you can update with your initiatives.

Join the Climate Action Group elist - a mailing list for local community climate change groups in NSW, Australia to organise and collaborate on local action. Everything about this list:

The Way Forward - Larry Lohmann's solutions summarised

NSW Election Letter Writing Kit

A Sustainable Energy Future for Australia - Power point presentation by Mark Diesendorf

Avoiding climate disaster: how big should the cuts be? - Powerpoint presentation and notes by Philip Sutton

Palm Oil: Panacea or Environmental Nightmare?

Transcript of John Seed's "Climate Change, Despair & Empowerment" presentation Nimbin, Australia

DVDS: We are offering free copies of 2 DVDs to anyone who agrees to use them to educate their family, friends and community. Please email with your mailing address if you would like either or both of these.

Boiling Point - Ross Gelbspan, Pullitzer Prize winning author of “Boiling Point” addresses the World Affairs Council on climate change. Click here for a transcript of this DVD

Climate Change Despair & Empowerment with Ross Gelbspan and John Seed. Ross Gelbspan, speaks on climate change. John Seed speaks on the psychological tools that we need to handle the feelings of despair that may arise from contemplating this material, and how we can transform these feelings to empowerment and creative action.

If you have broadband, you can also stream the Climate Change Despair & Empowerment DVD from