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January - March, 2001, #46

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March 15- ACTION! Say NO to Oil Development on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast  - Not even protected area status can keep oil
companies from ravaging the World's remaining ecosystem epicenters 

March 6 - Financial Institutions Deforest Indonesia, Threaten Other Rainforests  - Irresponsible financial institutions are the engine driving the growth machine devouring the World's ecosystems  (more)

March 5 - Philippines Preview of Things to Come  - In the Philippines one can see the full consequences tropical deforestation. There is no reason for any still forested tropical country to make the same tropical land management mistakes  (more)

March.  5 - Polish nature journal "WILD NATURE"

Feb. 28 - ACTION! Oil Pipeline Threatens Ecuador's Rainforest Reserves  - A consortium of multinational oil and finance companies are proposing to construct a new oil pipeline through pristine cloud forests and rainforests, much of which falls within protected areas   (more)

Feb. 23 - VICTORY! Boise Cascade Cancels Massive Chile Forestry Project  - Chile's magnificent temperate rainforests have been given a reprieve as Boise Cascade has cancelled a project that would have heavily logged native forests (more)

Feb. 19 - Papua New Guinea: World Bank ready to abandon Forestry Reform?  - PNG NGOs are concerned that the World Bank is not keeping its pledges to support forest conservation   (more)

Jan. 22 - Amazon almost gone - As little as 5 percent of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil may remain as pristine forest by 2020 (more)

Jan. 17- ACTION! Stop Industrial Clearcut Logging of Canada's Temperate Rainforests  - the campaign to stop the industrial clearance of Canada's ecologically priceless temperate rainforests is again escalating  (more)

Jan. 18 - Widespread and Accelerating Loss of Amazonian Rainforest Predicted - planned infrastructural development in Amazon expected to cause loss of huge rainforest areas  (more)


March 12- Allegations That New Deforestation Estimates Are Flawed

March 6 - ACTION! The NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation is currently seeking comments on their draft Guidelines for Logging Private Land. Please get your submissions in  as soon as you can. The deadline has been extended to the end of March.


March 3 - World Wildlife Fund's illegal logging scam  in Papua New Guinea

Feb. 13  An excellent new site for e-mail campaigns for global problems including rainforests may be found at http://www.evot.org

Feb.  5 - Polish nature journal "WILD NATURE"

George Monbiot's weekly  Guardian column

Jan. 28 - NGOs Battle for Papua New Guinea's Forests

Jan. 24 - ACTION! Biosphere - Reserve for the Penan - please write or fax the Government of Sarawak 

Jan. 22 - ACTION! Urge President Bush to maintain protection of Roadless areas.

Jan. 9 - Tropical Parks Need More Support 

Jan. 1 - Scorched Earth in the Tropics Linked to Europe's Storms 

Rainforest Relief -  Good News on wood campaigns

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